Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Quiet times.

Not much to write about the last few days. Got out for a short walk this morning, but waited too long and it was just too hot with the sun up already. But better than nothing I guess. Yesterday I got in 3000 steps just walking around in the house. Around, around, and around.
The sunset from a couple of days ago, not real pretty, but mostly from the smoke from CA fire. Looking kind of northeast.
Got a little brighter out front - looking south west. It continues to be warm. But we are cooling off some - only 104 today, then a 101 day coming. 
I tried another meal in the air fryer. Fresh corn on cob and Parmesan crusted tilapia. The broccoli I used the microwave for. Turned out very good. Though I feel the fish breading was a little dry. Learning curve. Will keep trying. I think it puts out almost as much heat as the regular oven. 
Trying to get the park manager to come down here and verify that all the repairs are done so they will release the money to the contractor. He keeps saying he'll call me back but doesn't.
Ah ha! got a hold of him and he was just here. Took all the pictures and will send them to "corporate" and everyone will get paid. Not holding breath. 
Working on my third puzzle this one 500 pieces, but it is going together fast. Have no other projects I feel like doing. Working on the wool latch hook rug is too hot. 

Monday, August 3, 2020

Peaceful weekend.

It is going to be a little cooler today - thank heavens - ONLY 108! But heading down to 104 in a few days. Looked out the door to back yard and was greeted by two bunnies and three hummingbirds. Smile to start the day. 
It was nice to have everything done and everyone out of here. I managed to vacuum, mop and dust everything so it looks good in here. Also got all the rest of the stuff put back where it belongs.  Watched the astronauts land yesterday. Actually was watching them and missed the first part of the NASCAR race. When I turned the race on, the #18 was not racing??? He hit the wall a couple of minutes after the race started - blew a tire and that finished his day. Just not his year. Champion last year and no wins in 20 races so far this year. Oh well. 
I got brave and tried the air fryer again. This time to do eggplant pieces. I want to know how to cut things into same size pieces; that seems to be the hardest part for me.  
We keep the fryer stored under the cabinets but to use it I have to pull it completely out and turn it sideways to keep the exhaust from heating the cabinet up. I'm thinking this won't work in the RV.
They turned out okay, but think they needed a dipping sauce or something. Just don't taste the same as FRIED ones. 
I opened my box of 12 puzzles and have done two of the 300 piece ones.  It relaxes me to just listen to music and work a puzzle. 
Got out and took a walk this morning - got a longer walk in yesterday morning. But had to do it a little after five. This morning it was quite a bit cooler out so waited until around six. Guess this place just moved in. At first I thought it was getting ready to be moved out but then took a better look and could see a lot of new pieces and patching on  it. I like the windows. 
The "dog walking" area around the club house and tennis courts. 
The sun was up but there is so much smoke from California's Apple fire it was not boiling hot. 
The contractor is here with the new ceiling fan. The old one was so dirty - don't think it ever got cleaned since it was put up. Even if I'd been brave enough to go up a ladder I don't think I could have got it clean.
He is also going to replace the yellowed plastic over the ceiling lights in the kitchen. Well this is nuts. 
Who ever last changed the tubes or the plastic put them back up with NAILS through the wood frame AND the plastic. So contractor told us when one of the tubes goes out to call him and he'll change the whole mess. 
On Saturday I had to pick up a prescription so we both also got the first shingles shot. Except for sore, warm  muscle no reactions to it. Will get the second one in October. 
Wow the AC didn't come on until after 9 a.m.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

They are finished

Finally finished the ladies this morning. Now I have to figure out where to put them. Decided to use black ribbon rather than waiting for red ribbon to get stocked at Walmart. 
I actually got up and got out for a walk this morning.  The sun was just coming up. 
The only almost cool part of the day. Already 85. One and a half miles. Didn't plan on going so long but half way through my walk two police cars and two ambulances came screaming into the park. Have not heard what happened, but don't think it was good.
When we were at the doctor's yesterday my blood pressure was way up. Either all the stress around the repairs and house arrest is driving it up. Or my meds aren't working any more. I prefer to think it is the being cooped up - so will try getting up early and walking. Also have to lose some weight. I hate going to doctor, I always feel fine going in and crappy coming out. Maybe the walking will improve my mood, feeling angry all the time. Poor Bill. Just one of the social areas where we live. There is a club house, gym, pool and all kinds of courts there. The club house and gym are still closed, but the pool is open for residents only. 
In the last couple of weeks all the palm trees have been scalped. Look so funny.
This is what our poor little bush will look like when it grows up. It has five flowers on it now. So doing well. 
Hum...workers said they would be here about five. Not here when I left nor when I came back from walk. Showed up about 7:30. Oh well, as long as they are here. Working pretty quickly today. Most of the doors are on and some of the hardware. Microwave is back up.
It now has a plug instead of just wires taped together. 
The hardware is a kind of bronze. 
And the kitchen is finished too. They were done, cleaned up and gone by noon. So now all the repair work is done. First call to insurance company was June 22 - so just over a month to complete. 
I still have to do some cleaning and rearranging. 
They sure look nice. 

A better view.  I know too many magnets on fridge. Too bad.
The laundry room with new floor and cupboards
The hallway cupboard and new flooring. Hardware matches kitchen. 
So now we have to take pictures and send to insurance company and mortgage company. That will keep till next week.