Thursday, November 15, 2018

Favorite town of El Quelite

Wednesday morning John came over and asked us if we wanted to go to breakfast. Silly question, of course. So we all piled in the car and off we went. Instead of making the turn to go across the street the Jeep went straight ahead - we were going to El Quelite, about 25 miles away for breakfast. We go there a lot and I've written about it many times. And taken so many pictures of it it is hard to photograph something new. But the colors! The people! The restaurant! What else can I say. Here is a post from the first time we visited El Quelite.
The drive there was beautiful, so much green. And the pothole on one of the roads have been fixed.
Guess we are almost there. 
The bougainvilleas that were planted about six years ago really grew over the summer. All colors lining the road into El Quelite. 
There was even water in the river. Many different crops are grown in this area. 
A crew cleaning up the brush and weeds along the sides of the road. All done with machetes. 
The colors of El Quelite. You can't help but feel good and smile when you enter town. 
Daniels Restaurant. Famous for their banana cream pie. 
Willie's parking spot. The building in front of him across the street is over 120 years old and now is a bed and breakfast.
This is where we are going. The front arch has been painted since we were here in the spring. They had just finished building it then. El Meson de Los Laureanos is the official name of the restaurant.
Bill, John and Shirley enjoying their food. Love the whole experience of the restaurant. Colors, food, service and even the animals and birds. 
Chickens all over the place. And, of course, Bill was feeding them.
My breakfast - scrambled eggs with ham and chilaquiles - fried tortilla chips cooked with eggs, salsa, and cheese. Also get if you want them fresh squeezed orange juice, a small bowl of fresh fruit, cheese made in the town and coffee - before the meal. After the meal you get four choices of sweet puddings. 
Bill talking to Dora [on the right] and Marci [on the left.] They were the waitresses who help me clean up years ago when the iguana pooped on my head. Now they always make sure we are sitting under some kind of cover. This time a big umbrella. Here is a link to that post.
A yellow butterfly. Some of the plantings outside the restaurant. 
 One of the rooms in the restaurant. 
 Looking out towards the street from inside. The air conditioners will soon be put away until next summer. Want to ride a horse around town?
 Out front. Don Quixote and a wagon.
The veranda out front. Lots of rockers to rest on. 
 This is the ladies restroom. the faucets turn on using the keys, the water comes out of the horns.
 The men's restroom sinks
 The urinal. No I didn't take the picture Bill did.
 Just riding down the street. 
 A couple of years ago this one block long street was closed to traffic and the center plantings and lights put in. The building on the left was supposed to be turned into a hotel.
 Looking inside, they still have a long way to go to finish it. 
 The same building looking the other way. Sure would be neat if they finished it.
 Just liked the colors. 
 Same with this picture. The colors. 
 Isn't that bougainvillea amazing.
Heading back towards Mazatlan. Lunch break for the clean crew. 
The day continued to be fun with another meal out and seeing old friends. Another blog. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Breakfast at the beach

Oops forgot to post yesterday.
Almost perfect weather just a little less humidity and it would be perfect. We had breakfast at the beach, the Torres hotel across the street. Nice way to start a day.  
 All those windows open to let in the ocean breeze. Some really high waves yesterday. 
 A little later in the day we took a drive a ways north of the RV Park to an area called Cerritos. It is where we watch the fishermen come in with their catch. We were too late to see any boats come in, but it was pretty out there. The waves crashing over the rocks. Lots of people in the water.

 From there we went to pickup our laundry. Then to the grocery store to get a case of water and some Pesos from the ATM. Outside of the store is a nursery so we stopped to look at the plants. Ended up buying some. Need to get some cheap plastic planters for them though as the wind keeps blowing them over. [The ones we bought last year are home in the shed - duh.] An excuse to get out today. 
Watched some TV and read until time to go out to dinner with John and Shirley. We went to Panchos. This is next door at Michael's a home decorating store. 
My meal. Sirloin tips with onions, tomatoes and peppers. Very, very good. Everyone enjoyed their meal. Then took a short ride through the Golden Zone. Quite busy for a Tuesday night.  
Going out to dinner tonight with friends who live here. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Busy Day

We had a really busy day today. Busy getting things done and busy spending money! 
Around 10:00 the dump truck showed up with a load of gravel for our site here. Notice the side of the truck comes down and the gravel is shoveled out. No the park doesn't pay for it we do. It cost US$21 for a cubic meter. Keeps the dust and stickers down. 
And the mechanic was here too. Ended up having another sensor replaced. This time the camshaft sensor about half the price as we paid in Arizona. 
The apprentice made sure we got every last rock out of the bed of the truck. 
So rocks were here and car was running. Needed to do some errands. Guys sweeping the street. I took a lot of pictures of stuff but thought I'd save them for a day we do nothing. 
AGAIN - the main road  - the Malecon - from our side of town to the Centro Historico WAS CLOSED. So ended up in horrific traffic crossing town. It was supposed to open one lane last Saturday. Now they are saying by Dec 1 for the marathon. We'll see. It spent most of last winter tore up too. Now they are tearing out what they did last year. Next time we will leave the car home and take public transportation. 
Parked in favorite parking lot right down town Centro. Bill is happy about it. Lots of joking going on between him and manager and kid that washes the car. 
First stop was the optometrist. Bill had lost one of the nose pieces off his glasses and he wanted all his older - before cataract surgery - glasses updated with his new prescription.  Left four pair of glasses to have lenses replaced. US$70. Also got my sun glasses bent/fixed so they don't fall off my face if I look down. The optometrist said I just needed a bigger nose to hold them up. We've known him for a long time. But now my glasses stay on. 
Next stop TelMex to get our Internet turned back on. In there about 10 minutes. Paid up until the end of March. With reinstatement and monthly fee came to about US$30 a month. When we got home it was up and running. And boy does it work good. I got to watch a couple of NASCAR related programs with our DishAnywhere system. Yipee. I'll get to watch next weeks race. 
Then up a couple of blocks to the Central Market for some fresh fruit. It all looks and smells so good. Got tangerines and pears. 
 Ready made salad or stir fry. All cut up and ready to go. 
 Just a couple of buildings that have been painted. We were on our way walking to the Plazuela Machado to maybe have lunch. 
Forgot it was Monday and most of the restaurants there are closed. Looked deserted. So on a couple blocks more to the little outdoor restaurant we like. It is part of the bakery that does the wonderful cinnamon rolls - to late in day to get one of them though. Any way we sat outside and enjoyed the breeze. 
 My lasagna, salad and bread. Very, very good. Won't have to eat until tomorrow.
 Bill's pizza.
After stuffing ourselves we walked  back to the car and headed home. Again horrid traffic. Stopped on the way home and dropped our laundry off, it will be ready tomorrow. All clean, folded and ready to put away. 
Not as humid today, temps around 85 and a nice breeze. What more could we ask for.