Tuesday, October 16, 2018

You know you're in Vegas when...

Yep, you for sure know you're in Las Vegas when you see Elvis standing on the corner waiting for a bus. Didn't think fast enough to get my camera out.
We were going north on Boulder Highway to pick up the Jeep from the mechanic. Another new part for Willie - I didn't think there were any old parts left. This time he got new front lower ball joints and upper control arms. [Hum...wish I could get new upper arms.]
I saw something in WalMart the other day that surprised me - a bread box. Didn't know they were still being used. I remember them from when I was a kid. Bill asked why keep bread in a box when you can keep it in the refrigerator. Couldn't answer him, don't know. Except maybe refrigerators were smaller then. I know we had an ice box - yep, with real ice and the drip pan you better remember top empty.
 Also saw something else that reminded me of being a little girl. We used to cut a patch out of side of an oatmeal box leaving on the ends and then make them into cradles for our dolls. Much simpler times then. A  child now would think you were crazy if you suggested that. I wonder if there is an app telling you how to make a box cradle.
It is quite COLD here today, only 42 this morning and the counties north of us had freeze warnings! Early in the year for that. Bill is freezing. We're going to have to turn the furnace on in here by tonight. I'm making empanadas to warm up the kitchen a little. Actually I had the dough and they make good snacks when traveling so trying to use up things from the freezer. In fact we had corned beef and cabbage a couple of nights ago when I discovered the corned beef in the back of the freezer.
Made the filling for the empanadas and ended up making five dozen, but still have more filling. Hope when we go to WalMart tomorrow they have some of the frozen pre cut packages of the dough. We use Goya brand for the oven. Very good dough. We also used our handy dandy empanada "Dough Press Set" - Bill bought it on line. The green one is the perfect size.
Sure makes it easier. The dough on the press.
 Getting the filling.
Pressing it shut to crimp the edges.
 My job was putting the egg wash on them. See how nice the edges look.
A few of the finished product. The rest are already in the freezer.  The one piece about 11:00 was crimped by hand.
And the house is warm from the 400 degree oven. Everyone is happy.
I discovered something with our new Dish TV. The On Demand feature. I've been pigging out on Ice Road Truckers. So far have watched seasons 1, 2 and part of 3. I've also managed to get the Dish Anywhere feature to work on both our laptops. Supposedly it should work in Mexico. But to use it I have to leave both the Dish and Cox Internet accounts running. I usually put the TV and Internet on vacation suspension when gone. We'll see what happens.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Mother Nature at her finest

Not much to say, mostly pictures.
I just happened to go outside Thursday evening and saw this. This picture was taken at 5:31 looking south east over the desert. 
 Then I noticed it was a double rainbow, can barely see the second one.
 Just more pictures of it with different zoom. 
 I turned around and saw this scene out front. Look almost due west. 
 More of the rainbow.

 Moving the camera to look a little more north east. See the blue sky. Still in our back yard overlooking the Wetlands and the mountains. 
 Back at rainbow.
 It is now 5:41 - the rainbow has been there for 10 minutes and is still bright.
 Walked out front to check on sunset. 

 Out back the rainbow is gone now 5:48. And the rain is moving more north.
 Strange sky out front, partly yellow and partly blue. 
 Looking right at the horizon, some colors

 And no another rainbow, this one is faint but there, right above the garage. 
 Back out back to check it out. 
The last of the sunset. We got just enough rain drops to dirty the windshield of the Jeep. Bill was right there with his towel cleaning it off. 
Just a short video I took. The blue sky, the rainbow and the clouds out front. As I pan over the house you can see a jet leaving the Vegas airport/ It must have been a popular departure time as they were going one right after the other. When I ask,"is that an RC plane?" It is because we could hear an RC plane flying over the Wetlands,  the Radio Control airport is right next to us. 

And then about 9:30 we heard the coyotes yipping and howling in the desert. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

We have Dish TV working.

I'll go into the title in a bit. Just wanted to share the last of our Halloween decorations. I did these with my embroidery machine. It is so fun to use. I make up reasons to use it - like these hangings for the patio door. 
 On our way to the store the other day we stopped at an auto restoration place. They had so many beautiful old autos. Good thing we don't have money to throw away. This is called a delivery van. Kind of a station wagon without back windows. It was yummy. The paint was perfect. Like brushed aluminum.
An old Cadillac. Perfect inside and out. Years ago we had one just like it and the hood came up while driving down the freeway.  Exciting to say the least. Bill managed to pull off and tie it down for the rest of the way home. All the air planes are old radio control planes that are just on display now.
 So we continue to check things off the list getting ready for our trip south.
This doesn't have anything to do with the trip but it finally got checked off the list. Our Dish TV is all up and running. Dish sent me a survey - I filled it out. This is when I was extremely unhappy with Dish. And I made my feelings known. The next day I got an email from customer service representative Laura H. She was wonderful - Dish should give her a blue ribbon. We now have a new Hopper with Sling. It gets on the internet and we can talk to it. Also with the Sling feature IF we have decent Internet in Mexico I should be able to watch TV from our house. Laura H. talking me through setting up the Hopper and getting it activated. 
She went above and beyond anything I expected.
So we are now happy Dish customers. And IF I can get it set up to work in MX ...It will go from our receiver at home to an app on our Android tablet that we can connect to our Mexican Internet and we'll be able to watch the important things - soccer and racing. I hope. Today I got it so I could watch live TV on my android phone.
It will be a challenge - we'll see who wins.