Monday, January 23, 2017

Trip to town yesterday.

A quick post this morning as we'll soon be on the road heading about 200 miles south to El Chaco RV park near Aticama.
Yesterday we spent part of the day using up the few remaining megabits of our data so we could go to the Mall and renew it. 
First we went to breakfast at our favorite restaurant across the street. They have real problems with the birds. Because the restaurant is open the birds come in and steal fool. Nothing except the salt and pepper can be left on the tables. But the darn birds are smart. This table has all the dishes of condiments on it. Sugar, cream, jelly etc. The tablecloth is put over everything. Here is a bird quietly and carefully picking the table cloth off of the food. He finally got it far enough up he could grab a jelly packet and take off with it. 
 It was cool enough here in the morning that the big heaters were out. 
 Heading downtown we passed a police car. Here in Mazatlan all the police vehicles cruise the streets with their light continually going. During the day it isn't bad but at night they are blinding if you get behind one. If they want you to stop they Whoop their siren. 
 We went to the yardage store again to get more polar fleece. Bill wants me to make him a snuggy when we get home. These are a couple of pictures of just a few of the different rolls of oil cloth. Some are really pretty. 

 Then we went into the mall to renew the TelCel data. Passed this "good' deal on a car. Only 86 pesos a day! 2580 a month - 130 US dollars. Didn't say how many months. We were told interest rate is near 14%.
 Finished the reloading of data and as we were leaving I noticed that the mall has an ice rink. Never saw it before. 
 They also have a brand new Starbucks Coffee right next to the Radio Shack. 
On to the grocery store to pick up a few things that are easier to find in Mazatlan than in Aticama or San Blas. Then home for the rest of the day. 
Spent some time making Arvi ready to hit the road. Putting things into moving mode instead of living mode. 
We'll leave here about nine, after all the go to work traffic is over. Probably get there about 1 or 2. So tomorrows post should have something interesting to say. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Morning

We are doing a weird thing this morning. Trying to use up our data so we can go to the TelCel place and buy another 4GBs which will last us as we travel. We have used up 94% of our data so not too much to go. They cannot refill the data until it is ALL GONE.
Yesterday I spent half the day fooling with my laptop trying to get AOL running again. Restored to a different date, uninstalled AOL, downloaded it again, installed it again. Nothing. The problem is with Windows 8.1 - I have to be able to run it as administrator and I can't figure out how to do it. So will leave it alone until another day. I tried a couple of suggestions I found on line and just made a bigger mess for myself.
Because I use AOL as my mail it made me upset, even though I know I can get to my mail through IE and even through Chrome. So that's what I'm doing. I could even use Bill's laptop. So really no big deal. Just irritates me.
Didn't do much yesterday either, even with the car - it looks great - here. Went to breakfast and to the market for the ATM to get pesos - 21.42 to 1 dollar. Then to Sam's Club and WalMart to get a few things that are harder to find in San Blas.
I went to bed early for me before 10 and slept late this morning almost 8 when I got up. Bill keeps asking me if I feel okay. I do, just needed the sleep I guess.
We'll straighten things out in here today, ready for moving and leave tomorrow for San Blas/Aticama area. Plans still in jello stage - waiting to hear from friend in Aticama about spaces in RV park.
It is only about 170 miles there, mostly on toll road - expensive toll road - US$55.
We had the RV washed yesterday. And will need it washed again when we get back as we'll be right on the ocean there. The manager here will make sure no one parks in our place while we are gone. Good thing to have friends in high places.
So that's it for now. Might add more later if plans change

Friday, January 20, 2017

Not much to write about...

Let's see what is there to write about? Hum...not much. They took the Jeep Wednesday and we just got it back today. So now we are planning on leaving Mazatlán for a while. More on that later.
A few of the guys from the park discussing the worlds problems. Well maybe not. Probably talking about the 5th wheel that came in with its frame busted. Lots of work going on around it.

Weather remains nice here - very cool evenings. Some nice sunsets lately.

Strange watching the inauguration in Spanish.
Finished one of my throws and barely started on the other one. Been reading and napping.