Thursday, May 25, 2017

Metal Plants and Difficult Drones

Hello again from warm and windy Las Vegas. Very warm and very windy. This thermometer is in the shade always. It is about 2:30 - four hours from the hottest part of the day usually. And the wind is back in force - gusting 30 to 40 again. 

Back to Boulder City - I've always wanted to stop at a shop there right on the highway that sells metal yard art. So colorful. So on the way home we stopped. I love the bright colors. Should we have gone with metal instead of real?
Sun flowers, Bird of Paradise, cactus, breaklights etc. etc. All beautiful.
Bronze and green cacti. Some with flowers some without. 
I love him. Maybe next year...
Big animal sculptures too. See them in the background. 
Isn't this a neat idea for a fence.
Colorful cacti.
A flying pig - if I had a place to put him...Maybe hanging in patio?
Daises all in a row. They were about 20 dollars each. 
I've mentioned we've - yes both of us - have been playing with the drones. This time Bill launched it from the street in front of our house looking west. Taken with the camera on the drone. 

Looking east out over the wetlands. We were out just before sunset as it was cooler, not so bright out and no wind - for once. 
We took it up to Red Rock Canyon Park and Bill took lots of movies and snapshots. When we got home we realized they were all in BLACK AND WHITE!!!! So... reset the camera - now it is taking pictures in color again. BUT when I reset the camera it changed the movie format again. Can't use mov files without a lot of fussing. So have to remember to reset the video back to MP4. Someday we'll get some good shots. I did have my little camera with me in Red Rock so will post some pictures from there one of these days. 
Thought this was interesting - Snacks, [can't read] HandWash and Dog Wash.
I am going to make another window for my bathroom, for the big window over the tub.
These are the pattern - one is for cutting the pattern out, the other is to build the window on. Small shot of what window will kind of look like. It will be 45" x 22" when it is done. 

 Stopped at the glass shop today and picked up some green and red glass. Green for the leaves, yellow for 3 of the sunflowers and dark red for one sunflower. I just saw on-line that there are now deep red sunflowers. And the blue for the sky background. Haven't decided on what for the frame yet. It will wait a while though either until we get AC in the garage or the weather cools. 

Our plants are flourishing! Lots of new growth and flowers. 
 We'll see how they do in the heat. 
We got the RV back a day ago and got it all cleaned up, the new mattress in it and things put back in it. Then we asked management here at the park if we could change parking areas. Where it was stored the space was so narrow we barely fit - big RVs on both sides of us. And at an angle...So anyway they said yes so now we are in a space Bill can pull straight into and best of all there are boats on either side. So we have lots of room to open the doors.
The last couple of days we've been planning a road trip. Leaving a week from today. Looking for cooler weather. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More Boulder City

Continuing our walk around Boulder City. If you didn't read the article I linked to in the first part of the Boulder City blog - read it now. It is really interesting.
Didn't go in here so don't know what it is about. There is a statue of an alien next to it and a flying saucer in the back.
 The Boulder City Theater from another angle.
 A Spanish Dancer? Forgot to read the plaque. 
A couple of the many murals around town. 

I just thought he was cute.  
 More sculptures 

I thought this was interesting. Of course there would be women if there were lots of men.working there. 

 They also didn't plan for children. 

 Boulder City Mural

 No matter where we are Bill can find someone to talk to.  
 One of the old gas stations. Part of a park now.
 The lake and the mountain goats. This is in another park. 
And that kind of finishes our tour of Boulder City. Leaving the town heading home we stopped at a shop ;that sells all kinds of metal yard art. That is one of the reasons we went to Boulder, I've always wanted to go there. But will save it until tomorrow. We were busy all day today - in the 100+ heat!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Boulder City etc.....

Finally going to get around to writing about our day in Boulder City. But first....
Yesterday I used my more or less new Copper Chef deep frying pan to bake bread in the oven. The recipe came with the pan - the bread dough I bought frozen. Defrosted it overnight in refrig then put it in the pan and let it raise, topped it with olive oil, sea salt, minced garlic, rosemary and grated parmesan cheese. Yummy - will make it again. We had warm bread and butter for dinner last night! Two loafs fit in the pan. 
So back to Boulder City. This link is very interesting. A lot of history in the town built for the workers on the dam. The city of Los Angeles owned a lot of the property there for years. I wish I'd read the article before we went there. 
Entering the Historic District. Usually we turn left here and head for Arizona. 
 A couple of 40 or 50's era motels still kept up and in use. 
 I think there was an El Rancho in every town on old 66. We've seen a lot of them. 

Getting close to "downtown ." Boulder City, built to house the workers who came to work on the dam, holds national significance as the first fully developed experiment in new town planning in the 20th Century. The town site was on federally owned land and title to all land was retained by the federal government under the Bureau of Reclamation. 
The downtown has many, many statues. A lot depicting the lives of the workers and another bunch of just art.  

 An interesting building.
Beginning in 1931 permits began to be issued by Sims Ely, the City Manager, for commercial buildings in the city. By 1932 the view north on Nevada Way toward the Bureau of Reclamation Building on the hill looked much as it does today.
The Boulder Theater building / 1225 Arizona Street, built in 1932 by Earl Brothers, and the connected Uptown Hardware building (1229 Arizona Street and continuing south on Hotel Plaza), built in 1939, are examples of large single buildings of a common style, housing multiple businesses, with well proportioned matching arcades. 
 Another sculpture of dam workers. The dam was completed in 1936, 22 months ahead of schedule because of the management skills of Frank T. Crowe, one of the most competent construction engineers to work in Reclamation

 In front of one of the cafes.
 Mural on wall. 
 There are wild goats in the hills around Boulder.
 No explanation for this. 
Maybe something to do with this monument right across the street. 
 The building that was Ida Browder’s Café, at 552 Nevada Way, was built in 1931 and had expanded south to the corner of Ash Street and Nevada Way by 1940 to include 554 and 558 Nevada Way. Today, the diner at the corner is the only part of the original complex to remain in business as a café. • The café is the oldest remaining commercial building in the city and Ida Browder was the city’s first businesswoman. Murals on the building. 

Another not sure what it is besides interesting. A group of people visiting I guess. 
 It continues to surprise me what one can find in and around Las Vegas, if they just look.  Another mural.
 Remember these. The flattened penny and the fortune teller.

 The Monumental Professor - an owl, glasses and books. 
 There is a lot of work in this one. Wish there wasn't so much background interference.

 I like this one. 

 Cute and different
 Another tribute to the workers
 Something for everyone - I think that says "Dead cows on sale here." Hummmm?
And I think I'll stop here and leave more of Boulder City for tomorrow. 
We will finally get our RV back from the dealer tomorrow. Then will have to clean it and put our new mattress in it. That should be fun - it is in a big box that weighs 85 pounds! Also leaving my sewing machine off to have the lights on it fixed and get a good cleaning. And every day we practice with the drone and its camera. Here we are in the shade of the garage taking a picture of ourselves with the drone. And that is a whole other story - our adventures with the drone.