Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Another busy day

How about those golden Knights! Beat the LA Kings in 4. On to the 2nd stage of the playoffs!!!!!
Another busy day today. The wind has finally quit blowing for a while, supposed to start up again tonight, but not so strong.
Just a picture of our view as the sun gets low in the sky. The mountains really light up. 
Was out walking around in the back yard. Lots of things blooming. Lots of orange bell shaped flowers on this bush. Its brother? though has not started to bloom yet and is not as big. 
The Palo Verde tree has started to get blooms. It is such a pretty tree when full of bright yellow flowers. 
Don't remember what kind of plant this is but it is interesting looking. Kind of like a spider with legs going in all directions. 
The orange and yellow lantana are blooming like crazy. 
The jasmine is really blooming now, can smell it in the house. 

But back in the house. This is the main material I am going to use for the quilt for new great granddaughter due in summer. Have not decided on a design or other colors for sure yet. 
Both had family doctor appointments this morning. Bill got a doing good and I got stuck with more labs and more appointments. Should learn to keep my mouth shut. After we got home we got the last two new Direct TV receivers up and working in the RV. Now just have to wait for labels and mail two boxes back. 
Bill spent part of the afternoon cooking up a batch of milanese - delicious. 

Packaged some up and will freeze them for a day when we don't want to cook. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Good, Bad and Ugly - Win, Window, Wind

Yesterday started out good with #18 Kyle Busch winning the rain delayed Bristol race. 26 hours after it started it finished. Kyle had the pole and got the trophy. !!!
And then things turned bad...Not earth shaking bad more like "I can't believe I did that" bad. I had finally finished my window the day before so Bill went to the garage to get it and install it. We do not replace the regular window, we just put the stained glass over the regular window. Here is the bathroom window where it will go. Next to the one I did a couple of years ago.
Bill with the new window, setting it in place. He is standing in the bathtub.
I mentioned I changed the colors of some of the flowers, so it isn't exactly the same as the first one. Thinking on what he will need to secure it. 
OH SH!T - See the problem? In all the years I've been making stained glass I've never made a major mistake like this. The window is too small for the space!. When printing out the pattern I must have put the dimensions into the program wrong. It is about 2 inches too short and 1: inch to narrow. Silence...Only way to fix it would be to redo almost all of it. Not going to happen. I'll learn to live with it. Bill suggested some kind of valance over the window...will have to think on it a bit. 
So it is done and it is installed. With the plant hanging there in front of it it isn't too noticeable. Probably will put something up there to cover it up don't know yet. 
The winds picked up around here late last evening. Really picked up. Enough that one of our window awnings broke. Thank goodness it didn't blow away. Looks like Bill will be able to fix it. So tired of this wind. 
 Just a look at the back yard - plants are all happy and healthy and view is great. 
Bill had appointment with eye doctor this afternoon. He will be having cataract surgery. But first has to see another doctor as he has water in his retina.
There is absolutely no wind tonight, not even a little breeze.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Is TV worth it?

On Friday we found five boxes on the front porch. My first comment was to Bill, "What have you bought now? And five of it?" He gave me a blank look, shaking his head no. Took a closer look it was the Direct TV receivers. That was quick I'd only talked to the the day before. Impressed.
Both of these go in the RV. Haven't wanted to deal with them yet.
We did not even open the boxes Friday. So Saturday morning early we opened three of the boxes. We have three TVs in the house. One - the new one - in the living room, one in the master bedroom - we bought it when we moved to Vegas and didn't get our furniture for a month, and one in the guest/sewing room. Came with furniture from Indiana. So started with the one in the sewing room easiest to get to. Got it connected then it had to be activated. So called Direct TV. Thank goodness I got a representative, a woman, who was an angel. And she spoke English as her language. When I'd called DTV a couple of days before to order the boxes, I could barely understand the person I was talking to.  I know Not PC - but I'm old! and cranky. She walked me through every step of setting it up and getting the remote to work with that TV. Then we went to the bedroom TV. Bill had already connected it. Walked me through setting it up.  Last was the living room TV. Luckily the lady knew her business and told me, "You already have a new receiver on that TV. You don't have to change it." Then silence from her for a minute or two. "The one we just set up in your bedroom, it didn't need to be changed either. It was a recent box." OMG. "Why did they send me five boxes then", I asked. "They shouldn't have," was the reply. Great.
Then the problem became what to do with the new one still in the box and the old new one that had been already changed. The old old one from sewing room could just be thrown out after removing the card. The cards were the only things that needed to be returned. BUT...The one we didn't take out of the box has to be returned to a special place, so it needs a special mailing label that will come in the mail within 5 - 7 days. The one we replaced that didn't need to be replaced need the card put back in it and I would receive a mailing label in an email - still haven't received it. But I'll probably need to call DTV again while setting up the two in the RV. They are both old, old, old so just need to take cards out of them and then throw them out.
We were getting ready to go get it and plug into the house and change them when the new owners of the house next door showed up with a moving truck. Oh well, don't feel like fooling with the receivers anyway. The ones in the RV are hard to get to.
So they are still sitting in their boxes waiting.
With all the wind and spring pollen Bill has not felt very good the last few days, allergies taking his breath away. We went to pharmacy and got some pills recommended by pharmacist but didn't think to ask if they were non drowsy. Good night Bill.
I went to lunch with friends from Canada whom we met in Mexico, they are here for a couple of days on their way home. Left Bill sleeping. This rose was at the restaurant.
Yesterday was NASCAR race day. But will watch the end of the race today. Raining in Tennessee so postponed. Here the weather was warmer but by afternoon the wind had picked up again. And dark black clouds covered the sky. Made for an interesting sunset.

Also been watching the Las Vegas Knights hockey team playing Los Angeles. So far Knights have won the three games played. Great team.
I also finished the window yesterday. All ready to be put up.
Talk about that later...

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ugh technology - I hate it

From toys to telephones to tv's This week I've hated them all. First off when I went to take the pictures off my camera using the memory card slot in my computer IT WOULDN'T WORK! Actually that is not correct when I went to download the pictures from the micro SD card from this little new drone It didn't work. I thought it was the drones problem, because I'd just used the memory card slot earlier in the day. So we fooled around with the drone for over an hour. Tweaking settings, taking pictures trying something else. Nothing worked - the computer just would not recognize the drones SD card. Then I got to wondering and took a couple of pics with my camera and put the card into the computer - NOTHING - Not the cards it was the computer slot not working. Called Best Buy and made an appointment to take computer in. Geek suggested I just buy an USB multi card reader as he didn't think they could repair the PC. Made the appointment anyway. For today at noon. Have since cancelled it.
But anyway, this is Bill's newest drone. It is smaller than the others and the camera is better. The wind finally let up enough for a few minutes that he could get it up in the air just outside our door.
 Having to learn a new controller, but he is doing fine. The pictures were good but I didn't see them - 'cause MY card slot wasn't working.
 Also got the goggles working, but they work with one of the other drones. So that was done.
I took a break from electronics and worked on my window some. The front is completely soldered except for the edges. A strip of metal goes all around the outside edges to hold it together. Bill cut the metal for me.
Then we got a letter in the mail from Direct TV - all of our TV receivers have to be replaced by THE 16th of this month! So had to call them. No problem they would send them to us. Why did I need so many. Well I have a lot of TV's in my house and RV. Okay no problem, but they needed the last four numbers of the serial numbers so they could deactivate them. It was lots of fun getting the numbers. Finally got the ones in the house but not the RV, so they told me to call back today with those. And of course those boxes were secured for traveling. Finally got them unstuck and pulled out enough to read the tiny numbers. Called them back - 45 minutes on the phone. 30 of those minutes she was trying to sell me new program services, fancier boxes and change my internet and cell service. What part of "I don't want to make any changes" don't they understand. Finally I told her "I'm a little old lady of 80 and I can't handle changes or figure these new things out." Silence......"Oh, okay. Do you have any more questions?" Nope, good bye. So when the new boxes come it should be another fun day. Think I'll chill the chocolate wine.
It continues to be very windy, gusts up to 65mph the west valley and today it is below 70 degrees after a couple of 90 degree days. Our yard plants are loving it I guess. My ocotillo is finally getting leaves, lots of leaves.
 And a bunch of new branches coming up.
 Bill's jasmine is blooming like crazy. Sure smells good.
 The bushes are getting more orange bell flowers and the palo verde is almost blooming.
 So this morning we went to WalMart to get my USB Multi-card reader. Only $10. Works great. While there I noticed these piggy heads with ears and all in the meat section. Have never seen pig heads any where except Mexico.
 Came home downloaded my pictures using my new USB card reader. Then went out to the garage to work on the window. Got the metal pieces attached with solder to the edges, flipped it to the back side and did enough soldering to stabilize the window. Now I have to finish the soldering of the back - the side that is in this picture. Getting closer to being done. the whole interior of the window - sky, flowers, etc. still needs solder. Then cleaning and putting on the patina.
We did get the RV smogged and sent in the money for the registration. One more thing off the to do list. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I'm a fan and he is a hobbyist.

Can't believe I've let this many days go by without posting, only excuse - lazy. We are having some whirlwind weather. Today the west side of the valley is supposed to have sustained winds around 55 mph with higher gusts. Over here on the east side they will not be quite as strong ONLY 30 - 40 mph. And the temperatures yesterday and today in the low 90's. Tomorrow still windy most of the day but temperatures down to low 70's for the high. Guess weather is weird all over the country. 
I enjoyed Sunday's NASCAR race at the #18 Kyle Busch won. Do you think I'm a fan? Bill took these pictures. Usually Kyle drives for M&M's. My computer desk.
My M & M's.
I have managed to do a few things around the house. Cooking again, made a quiche - turned out pretty good. The pan it is sitting on - we bought that when we were in Argentina in 1978! Still have it, it travels with us and moves with us. I like it for roasts.
And here is Bill's side of the computer room. Or maybe I should call it his drone port. In this picture there are five different drones. The big white one on the top shelf, three on the L of the table and one on the end table - it is a brand new one. His goggles are the big white lump between the two monitor screens. He uses the screens to play with his flight simulator game. The cases each are set up for a specific drone with extra batteries etc., etc.
His charging stations for the drone batteries and controllers and the tablets he uses with them. 
He has been very frustrated with all the wind, no chance to play with his new toys. Did manage to get his little new one up for about 20 minutes yesterday when the wind let up. AND we finally managed to get the goggles set up. This is what they look like on. What they do is ... When he is wearing them it is like he is sitting in the drone. He sees what the drone sees. The only problem is he needs someone with him as he can't see his surroundings. Unless he flips the goggles up off his eyes. It is very hard to see what the drone is seeing when using a tablet or phone - Unless you can find good shade to be in. That's why he is usually standing by the car or next to a building - for the shade. With the goggles the picture is very good. BUT it is a challenge to use the controls on the goggles - see the lighter white square on the side of them? That is a VERY sensitive touch control. So guess he will use the regular controller and I'll tell him where to fly. But I put the goggles on yesterday and first thing I did was accidentally touch the touch control and got all kinds of messages.  This are toys for young people. Also they made me a little dizzy - dizzier. 
After flying the little new drone we came in and took the memory card out to see how the pictures and video turned out. Discovered the slot in my computer for the card quit working. So tomorrow a trip to the Geek Squad. 
Went over to pick up the RV yesterday and it wasn't ready, so will get it today hopefully as we have to register it and to do that it has to be smogged first. We'll bring it home and vacuum some of the sand out. I had planned on giving it a good cleaning but not when it is over 90 degrees outside. The RV will have to go back to dealer anyway to get the nav/camera system fixed when they get the parts.
Jayco worked with them to finally make the system act up and stop we'll see how long it works next time we use it. 
I did some work on my window yesterday. Getting closer to being done. 
For you technocrats out there here is some info about the goggles. 
First-person view (FPV), also known as remote-person view (RPV), or simply video piloting, is a method used to control a radio-controlled vehicle from the driver or pilot's view point.

The DJI Goggles are comfortable goggles designed for seamless FPV flying with DJI products. [1] They combine a pair of large ultra-high quality screens, long-range, low lag wireless connectivity, and direct control of photo and video capture.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

One of those days.

Yesterday began with an okay sunrise, too many clouds to make it beautiful. 
Bill has two new toys. One is another smaller better etc. etc. drone. He spend some time charging batteries and looking at it. The wind was so bad he couldn't take it out and play with it and after a few dirty looks from me he didn't use it inside. But then he also has another toy. Goggles to use with the drones. Talk about pulling hair time. We've read the directions, watched the YouTube videos and downloaded the manual and still couldn't get them up and running. With both of us frustrated we gave up for then.
Jumped in the car and headed for WalMart to get a few things. Almost there sitting at a red light the car died! No way was it going to start again. Out of gas? Indicator said full, problem with new fuel pump? No idea so called AAA. Almost immediately a pick up with a guy and gal in it stopped to ask if we needed help to get out of the middle of the road. Yep. So they parked and jumped out and helped to push the car to the curb. So now we weren't in the middle of the road but were in the right turn lane. It has been so long since we have had to use the hazard lights we couldn't figure out where they were for a while. Finally found them. Just after they left another pickup stopped to ask if we needed help.  WOW in Las Vegas? Here we sit waiting. Because we were in a traffic lane we got bumped up to first on list for AAA.
And still another person stopped to ask if they could do any thing to help us. Very impressed with the people of Vegas. About a half hour later the truck pulled up behind us. Yep, out of gas. Guess the sensor has quit working. He had gas but couldn't get the nozzle on his can into the fill hole, need a funnel which neither of us had. So he called another truck with a funnel to come. Another 15 minutes. Got one gallon of gas, cost us $3.00 plus tip. And we were on our way. A thirty minute trip took over two hours. One way to waste a day. You really feel stupid when you run out of gas and don't know it. We have only used the Mustangs a couple of times since we've been home and couldn't remember if  we left it with a tank of gas or not. So guess we better watch the gage and the mileage now.
 Noticed these UFOs while sitting waiting for AAA truck. Yesterday was a 90 degree day, but with the "breeze" 30 to 40 mph winds it didn't seem that hot. 
 Got home in time to watch the end of a Barcelona soccer game, they won. So far this year they have not LOST a game. Have tied a few but not lost. Then I watched the NASCAR Xfinity race. Happened to look out the window and saw another UFO - in our back yard. WOW. Actually it is part of the balloon display in the house for sale, now sold, next to up. 
Picked it up and put it back where it belongs and found it in our yard again this morning. Likes us I guess. Bill taped it to its stand so maybe it will stay there. Winds aren't supposed to be as bad today. 
Later on we worked on the goggles for a couple of hours, still haven't got them working right - but then again maybe we do...we need a kid to help us. I just asked Bill a question about them and he said, "I'm not fooling around with them today!" Well that is almost what he said. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Lazy day Friday

We both did a whole bunch of nothing yesterday. I had a doctor appointment at 8:30 in the as.m. clear across town - about 22 miles right through middle of town when everyone else was trying to get to work.
Took an hour to get there. And then of course the 45 minute wait to see the doctor for seven minutes. Bill was smart he took his nook and waited in the car where it was warm. The doctor's office is down right chilly - even for me.
Stopped by the RV service place - they still couldn't get the camera/nav system to act up. And didn't see too interested in trying. So when we got home I called Jayco again and the Customer Service rep. Forrest Mendelshon called the RV service department. Seems like maybe they have now found the problem, but the guy we were dealing with there is not happy with us. Gave us a very curt phone call. We will pick up the RV Monday a.m. as we have to get it smogged and registered. We also will try to get something in writing from either Jayco or the dealer saying if the system quits working within the next year they will fix or replace it at no cost to us. Wish me luck with that.
I got my sewing machine set up and mended a couple of things. And watched some NASCAR. Bill got a couple new toys delivered so he spent most of the day playing with setting them up. This morning he will have to get outside right away to play  with them as we are supposed to get winds sustained at 30 to 40 with gusts up to 60/65. And the temperature for today will hit 90. UGH.
So that was it for yesterday. No pictures of any thing. Will do better for next blog.l

Thursday, April 5, 2018

A longer walk in The Wetlands.

I've been cooking like crazy since we got home. This is the bread I made yesterday - it is all gone.
Today I cooked chicken breast covered with multi-colored tomatoes, artichokes, green onion, rosemary and zucchini all in a wine sauce. Alsop scalloped potatoes. And now I think I've satisfied my craving for home cooked meals. Tomorrow night leftovers or salad or pizza.
Worked a little on the window. Well yesterday I worked a lot on it. Finished the border and got it foiled ready for solder. Went out turned the soldering iron on, did one small seam and decided I wasn't in the mood to do it. Also my hands were shaking a lot today.
Bill and I got out of the house this a.m. and took a longer walk in the Wetlands. Here is a map of it. We live near the lower left hand corner. We didn't go to the waterfall but we saw a couple of the ponds.
Just starting out. That is Sunrise Mountain in the background. Most of my my pictures from our backyard have it in it. Day started out beautiful, no wind! but ended up in the high 80's. By this weekend we might reach 90. Already?!
One of the little creeks. It is amazing how green it is around them.
And how much cooler it is by them.
Just some of the reeds.
We could hear what sounded like a bullfrog to me. He would make a sound and then another one would answer him. Didn't see him though.
We did finally see some bunnies, he started to move just as I noticed him.
We stayed on the paved paths today. There are a lot of crushed rock paths too. Bicycles are only allowed on the big paved path around the outside of the park. We were almost home before we saw any one else.

Guess this was the area where the fire was. Lots of blackened trees.

One of the signs around the park. Most of them are too faded to read, barely could read this one.
A whole big field of reeds. So very green.

One of the ponds. Saw some ducks but no turtles or fish this time.
Another view of same pond. A little waterfall.
Not a ripple on the pond, not a bit of breeze.
Then on home as it was starting to get too hot for me.
Ran a couple of errands and set up my sewing machine so if I get the desire it'll be ready to use.
No word from the RV doc on if they found the problem with the nav/camera system. So maybe it acted up for them and it will be fixed.
My header picture is from the Wetlands, reminds me of a field in the mid-west. Beautiful blue sky.
At least I got my walk in today. Tomorrow early I have a doctors appointment clear across town so probably will be too hot to walk any by time we get back.