Saturday, August 18, 2018

Doesn't take much to entertain us.

We actually had a day under 100 - my first thought was boy it is cooler out maybe I'll fix that roast in the freezer. Then more sane thoughts took over. 99 isn't cool!
According to the news this has been the  worst monsoon season since 1989 especially for destructive winds. Hopefully only a month to go before it stops. 
Heard some engines rumbling out front and look what I saw. Another new house coming in. You can see the other half of it waiting down the street. That makes four in the last year on our short eight house block. I like the back of his truck. These guys make this look so easy!
One half in. To the right is the house that came in a week or so ago. 
Had to drive up over the corner of the yard to make this turn up our street.
Hello there, are you coming in? He even managed to stay off the curb. 
In it goes. Notice the gray skies. We didn't get but a very few drops of rain but some of the valley got pounded. 
That evening, the sun reflecting off the clouds out over the desert east of us. 
Boy I finally managed to up in time to see the sunrise. Not spectacular but nice. 
The house on the left end got put in last year. Already has someone living in it as does the one right next door to us [not in this picture] The house on the right was brought over last week. They have been working on it full time. 
Oh my gosh, another new one coming in, just down the street from us. Where our street turns west. Notice the blue dumpster in the house next to it. That house is empty, owner to assisted living a couple of months ago. So guess they are cleaning it out to get ready to sell or...
Lots of trucks out front. This one is double parked. Workers on both houses.
Notice anything about all of these houses? They are basically the same color except for the porch size and color of the trim. Talk about cookie cutters. And their back and side yards are about 4 feet wide!!

This is one one right next to us, It has people living in it we think. See a car there off and on. Same color, same porch.
This is why we keep the Jeep in the back. The driveway isn't long enough to park facing the garage, so we have to pull in sideways to stay off the street.
How I'm keeping occupied during this hot spell. Bought a box of 12 different sized puzzles. From 150 pieces to 500 pieces. This is a 500 - it was a challenge but fun. 
Also today was the first soccer game of the Spanish league season and the Bristol NASCAR race. Easier to stay inside under the fans when it is 109.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Mother of all storms

We shouldn't have cleaned our patio! We've been looking at all the tree/leaf/garbage debris on the patio for a couple of weeks. Finally Saturday afternoon I swept a lot of it up then Bill brought out the blower. In no time it looked nice again. 
Well about 8:30 I heard a big WHOOSH and thumping and banging. Another storm had arrived - in force. Before I got to the door to look out the rug was rolled up, one of the chairs had blown across the patio and the rockers were moved back. 
 And what was left of the cover on the Jeep was in pieces and most of it gone. 
Lots of lightening, horrid winds and a dust storm. Then rain and flooding. Over 63,000 people were without electricity. Ours stayed on thank goodness, some are still without as I write this Monday afternoon. Lots of trees and power poles down. We live not to far from, Nellis - both of us backing right up against the desert.  
I was trying to get some of the lightening but it always happened in the area I wasn't filming. Glad our patio roof is fixed down tight. 
Sunday Morning we went out to the market, their cart racks were blown over and a couple of trees in the parking lot were down. 

We are not supposed to get any bad weather for a week or so. And it isn't even boiling hot - in the low 100's which is livable. Especially with the humidity in the teens or less.
To change the subject, just grabbed this picture off their mom's page. Great grand children, kindergarten and 2nd grade first day of school. He is almost as big as his sister. (Our oldest son's daughter is their mother. She just had the new baby girl.)
 With the cover off the Jeep Bill thought he would clean it up a little and start it. Well the Jeep had different thoughts. Would not start, not even a sound. So Bill put his handy dandy battery quick charger on it and when he got it going we headed out to get a new battery. Here he is talking to the scheduler. Yes he is wearing his glasses. Bifocals for reading and prism to correct double vision. He looks like himself now. He is really enjoying how clear and colorful life is now days. Windshield wasn't too clean. 
We still are getting a lot of smoke over the valley. Makes you not want to be out very long. 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Too much wind this week

As you can see by the pictures below we've had more storms. The one that did this did not drop any rain on us. Just 40/50 miles an hour winds. 
Today it is a little cooler and rain is forecast for next couple of days. 

We still have not got the wind turbine on the garage replaced. All contractors are busy with other bigger jobs. Lots of roofs, car ports and patio covers have gone down in the last month. 
A friend mentioned some furniture she and her husband had bought many years ago and how well it has lasted. Made me think of our bedroom set. We bought it from Sears in 1965. It is solid maple. And still works and looks great. [the pillows on the floor are the shams that go with our bedspread, made them same time I did the bedspread. The candle holder on the right was made by one of our kids in school - many, many years ago.]
 The second dresser.
The head board, it works with all sizes of beds from full to our size California King. Notice the lamp sitting on the doily, it is there for a reason. This top piece is a solid over one inch thick piece of maple. 
During the Northridge earthquake in 94 this happened. Next to the bed were big bookcases. One fell over and hit the headboard. Cracked the wood. Good thing it didn't hit Bill. It is cracked all the way through. 
All the toys and too hot or windy to go out and play with them. 

And each one has his own case. See them lined up on the floor in the first picture. 
I went to doctor this past week and now have three more appointments to go to. UGH! Next year neither of us is going to a doctor. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


We're beginning to feel like prisoners in our house. It is just too flipping hot to go out any where. And with the monsoons coming back this weekend it will be very humid again. We had another microburst of rain a couple of nights ago night, this one right over us. According to the weatherman we had 1/2 of rain in less than 1/2 hour. Some thunder and lightening but not a lot. At least the plants are getting a lot of water.
I got kind of melodramatic saying we are prisoners. We actually have been out and about  couple of times. Luckily the AC in my Mustang works really well, so by the time we are out on the main street is is already cool. The hard part is getting back in the car after our errands. The exterior is almost too hot to touch. No leaning against it. And the buckles on the seat belts are very hot to latch. Quite complaining right.
One of our trips out we had to get gas and I saw there was a new metal sculpture in front of the gas station. The maintenance manager of the convenience store there does these. I've posted several pictures of older ones. I always enjoy seeing new ones. He makes them out of discarded items. Here is a new butterfly. 
 A plant he put out a while ago. 
After getting gas we went to pick up Bill's new glasses. Yes he is wearing glasses again. He needs them for reading and to correct the slight double vision he has had the last year or so. He doesn't have to wear them around the house, but says it makes him more comfortable when driving. And they used his old frames for the new lenses. 
Do you remember these? The ones in the center are my baby shoes, so they must be about 79 1/2 years old! The other two belonged to our two oldest sons. When they were born 60 and 58 years ago my Mom worked in the baby department of Sears and the bronzing was complimentary for employees. 
Bill gets up really early, then naps in the afternoon, but anyway he has started walking before the sun comes up. Says there are a lot of old folks walking then. The only time of the day it is not boiling out. This morning I was awake and I thought, "Hum, I should get up and walk. My brain said 'okay.' My body said, 'go back to sleep.'" So that's what I did. Shame on me.
Bill took the picture of the sun rising. 
They are really working fast on the new house, driveway and side walk in already. And the material for the carport is there. 
Tomorrow and the next day more doctor appointments. Tomorrow for me at the hottest part of the day 4 o'clock. Ugh. At least the next day it is for 8:30 a.m. for Bill to have a CT Angiography. It will determine if he is going to need stents or not.
Other then that not much going on. Just trying to keep cool. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

What the Heck?!!!

It is hard to believe that these things happen. Does no one have common sense any more. I am sure glad all my children and grand children are beyond the age where they would try something this stupid. Sometimes I think we'd be better off if we went back to paper and pencil and rotary phones and radios only. Our games were jump rope and tag and hide and seek - not violent video games which seem to get more violent every year. All the commercials I see for new movies are violent - the more destruction the better. What happened to Doris Day [btw she is almost 100 and doing well] and Cary Grant movies. Would anyone go to that type of movie any more. Nothing got blown up and no one took off their clothes. Don't get me wrong, I like some action movies - one being the first Lethal Weapon and the Bruce Willis movies, but not as a steady diet. 
What started me on this rant? A couple of posts from the Internet challenges being issued.

"she and her friends decided to try the Kiki Challenge, which involves jumping out of a moving car while dancing to Drake’s “In My Feelings.” she fractured her skull. 

"A 15-year-old is healing from second-degree burns on his back, chest and face after his friend poured boiling water on him for the internet’s so-called "Hot Water Challenge."

Did they think (?) they would just walk away after like in a video game? Had he never stuck his finger in HOT water? Had she never seen an accident? 
Beyond my comprehension. Is on screen or Internet action the new reality?
Bill says we are losing our survival instinct. 

Went to cardiologist yesterday for all test results. Result ... more tests. He might !! need stents if the bypass vessels are starting to degrade. Will know by the end of the month. Not till then 'cause doctor is going to Greece on vacation in a couple of days. So guess he is not too concerned. 
On the way home from the doctor, driving down the road on a bright sunny day - we suddenly got pelted with what sounded like hail, turned out to be just monster raindrops. We got caught in a microburst. Luckily we were near the outer edge of it and soon drove out of it. But where we'd been the streets flooded and trees went down. Today the sky is still hazy with smoke and lots of clouds, probably get rain somewhere over the valley again today and tomorrow. 
A couple of days ago Bill had the cooking urge again. He made what he calls a tortilla. Sliced potatoes, mushrooms, onions. peas and parsley. Then enough eggs to hold it all together. He uses two pans to cook it so he can turn it over to finish cooking. 
 The finished product, it was much browner than it looks in the picture. 
 It turned out bigger then our regular dinner plates so I had to go looking for something big enough to hold it. Remembered that the dishes be bought in Hidalgo, Mexico came with a large platter. We have a set of serving for six with lots of serving pieces. Pretty isn't it? I don't know why we are not using them more often. I'm saving them for...
Each and every piece is signed by the painter. 
Click here to see some pictures from our last visit to Hidalgo and visit to the factory where the dishes were made.  Just click on the first picture then there are little back and forward arrows on the top. Also in the pictures is the dinning room set we almost bought. Still love it.