Saturday, March 28, 2020

Another day in the life of a captive

We are getting two meals a day now. Bill cooked breakfast and I cooked dinner. So much for getting rid of the 10 pounds I gained over the winter.  
I wish I could sleep later in the morning. Wake up around 5:30 but try and snooze until at least 6:30. Even going to bed at midnight doesn't help. It just makes the days so long...
Yesterday I drug out the vacuum cleaner and vacd the whole house. Also dusted all the knickknack shelves. Amazing what you'll do when you are bored. I haven't opened up my sewing machine yet but thinking about how to make my curtains with the materiel I bought in Mexico, for that room. 
Also worked on ordering refills of prescriptions. Some need to be ordered so can't get them until next week. 
Our Dish remote developed a mind of its own - had to call them. Felt kind of silly as it was my fault it wasn't working right. I had accidentally pushed the wrong button. Felt really stupid. But if it ever happens again I know how to fix it. 
Going to the bank the other day we passed one of the many closed casinos. 

the missing words are open - back and soon. 
We got our Hello Fresh delivery. Two chicken dishes and one pork. The pictures of how they should look when finished. 
The back of the card has the directions. Including what you need that isn't included  pots, pans, salt, pepper and oil. Step by step. 
Been working on this puzzle for a few days. Finally finished it this morning. I get real serious when working on one. Didn't even realize Bill took this picture. I'm actually happier then I look here. 
So cooked the pork dish last night. the instructions and the ingredients. 
Here is how it should look.   Took about 25 minutes from getting out of refrigerator to sitting down and eating. 
This is how it looked. Turned out very tasty. No left overs but both of us were full. 
This morning it was bright and clear out over the desert. Supposed to maybe rain this evening. Still pretty cool - for Vegas - out. In the 60's.

Still no baby chickens. 
Of the five new houses and one older home that were for sale all of them now have owners.  People are just moving into the one on the right today. 
Well now we are going to try grocery delivery from Smith's. Put in the order today, cannot get it delivered until afternoon on Tuesday the 31st. And they charge 9:95 for delivery and add a 3 dollar tip to bill. Be interesting to see how it works. Supposedly they have a few things that Walmart doesn't.
Another day has almost passed. I'm watching DVD episodes of The Closure. Forgot how funny it was. 

Friday, March 27, 2020

Winter in Mexico

This past winter in Mexico was one of the best winters we have had there. And to think that when we left last year we said,"Never going to Mexico again!" But then we decided we didn't want last years dust, dirt, noise, and surgery to be our memories of Mexico. So we went back. No one got sick, not even a cold. Except for a few hammer bangs no construction noise or dirt. The weather was mostly perfect - cool nights and days around high 70 low 80's. Except for the one rain storm where I thought we'd float away. 

The water is risin' Mama and it got deeper then this!
Alien being turning off electricity.
And that's when we discovered one of our leak proof windows let in more water than the shower put out. That got fixed and no longer leaks.
We had both the RV and Jeep repainted. So they are really spiffy looking now. A matched pair. 

Both with their bankies covering the hood murals. So handsome now. 
Also some much needed repair work on the Jeep. We now have AC and no more clunks when driving. 
Pablo mechanic and his helper working on AC.
We had great friends to spend time with. Great places to visit and found several new restaurants and an amazing bakery. 
The reason I gained 10 pounds over the winter.

The bakery where the rolls are made in Centro
Met some new wonderful people. And spent time with several of our Mazatlan friends. 
Friend Roberto and his family checking out the Jeep as he had just bought on himself. 
For the most part our Dish Anywhere TV system worked. Got our Internet set up the first week we were there and it worked great until the last day we were there when it started acting up. Good timing.
As always there were amazing sunrises 
and sunsets. 
We were in Huatabampito when the Virus was taking hold and people north of the border were going crazy. So we bought paper goods and sanitizer there. Good thing, haven't found any yet in  the US.
The roads down and back for the most part were good. Just a couple of places still need work. The two new bypasses are great. And even spent less on tolls due to booths not collecting money. 
Got our deposit on the Jeep back within four days after leaving Mexico. 
We were gone 139 days door to door. Put 2522 miles on the RV and another 2300 on the Jeep. Yep, we do a lot of running around.  Our biggest expense - not counting work on vehicles, was eating out. 
Fat Fish Ribs the first night in Mazatlan 
Delicious Puntas de Res
We love to eat out. Groceries next biggest. I take that back campgrounds were the biggest expense. Las Jaibas was about USD 15 a day. And we were there 105 days. Bill went to the dentist there and got some teeth fixed for the price of just a visit to a dentist here in the US. 
Fuel for both vehicles totaled USD 1776. All in all with everything except work on vehicles included we averaged $78 a day.
We were out and about almost every day. Love the Carnaval Puppets this year - found all but one of them. 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Doesn't take much to make me happy

Found a whole new can of Lysol Spray under the kitchen sink and our Hello Fresh meals will come today. - woowoo!  
Have refrig full of groceries. 
Working on a jigsaw puzzle that is going to take a while to do. The problem is it is a 500 piece puzzle and 400 of the pieces are the same color and seem to be interchangeable with the shapes. 
Someday it will look like this. 
Weather here is very cool - snowing in the mountains. High of maybe 60 today. But a week from now it is supposed to be 80 or above. Bills kind of weather. 
I am really missing NASCAR - now I have to figure out something else to do on Saturdays and Sundays. My growing collection of M & M stuff. The #18 car is sponsored by M&M's - until I was looking at the picture I didn't realize my Furby was sitting up there. 
Aren't they cute.
Also have a full season of the TV show "The Cowboy Way" on the DVR. 
This morning about 11:00 we made a trip to our bank, had lots of pesos to convert into dollars. Could not go in the bank so knew we'd have to go to the drive up window. I figured the line of cars would be around the block. Was surprised to find only four cars in front of us. And two employees who were going to each car to ask what we needed then took our paper work to the window. In about five minutes we had our receipt and were on our way home. Interaction with only one employee who kept his distance and wore gloves. Sanitized our hands before getting back on road. So one more thing off our list. 
Our Hello Fresh meals came - so for the next three nights we will eat good. 
The wind is supposed to quit blowing sometime tonight so tomorrow maybe we'll be able to take a walk with out rocks in our pockets to hold us down. 
Sure if different staying home because you want to and staying home because you have to. Makes the days seem A W F U L long.
And I've been walking up before dawn - so I think it is 4:00 in the afternoon and it isn't even noon yet!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Changes, changes, changes

Spent half of the morning on the phone changing doctor's appointments. No way we want to sit in a waiting room with a bunch of sick people. They had already as much as cancelled them any way. So now go end of July. Maybe. So got that done. 
Called the bank to see if we could exchange our Pesos for dollars. No problem but has to be done through the drive up window. I am guessing there will be a long line for that. 
Also will hopefully be picking up our groceries at Walmart this afternoon between 4 and 5 o'clock. Wonder if we'll get everything we ordered and if there will be weird substitutions. 
Also finally got a hold of someone in the office of the community we live in to see if we had any problems with the last inspection. Yep we do. Need to replace a trim board and paint the skirting under it, and have to replace a vent cover - see picture below! Replace it? Just bend it up and glue it - replace it for one little slat...
The skirting is about 4 inches wide. Needs to be fixed and painted. 
The manager said not to worry about it they have suspended inspection repairs until later in the year. 
About our Walmart grocery pick up. Our pick up hours were between 4 -5. At about 15 to 4 I got an email telling me my order was ready. So we jumped in the car and headed over. On the way there I was downloading their app to the phone so I could tell them we were on our way. Followed the orange signs to the big orange covered parking area. In less than 5 minutes the groceries were being loaded in the trunk. Got here a little after 4 - like 4:05
 Trunk up waiting. 
 Another persons order heading towards their car. 
 Parking area.
By 4:12 we were pulling out of parking lot. Home by 4:25. I ordered 25 items. 3 items were out of stock and no substitutions - nothing important. 4 items I got substitutes - I could accept them or refuse. Three were just about the same, different brand. One was an upgrade for same price. Accepted all four. 
Produce was in good shape. Frozen food all still frozen. All in all a great experience. Will do it again next week. Now that I've figured out what to do and what to expect. 
I remembered I had bought two multi packs of jigsaw puzzles before we left for Mexico - so I am set for a while 
 Should keep me busy. 
In the near future [when I have nothing else to write about] I am going to write a probably two piece blog on Tico the potter from La Noria. Got lots of pictures and a couple of videos. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Learning new things.

WHY when you have nothing to do and all day to do it in do you wake up at 4:30 in the morning and can't go back to sleep. So I decided to see if I could make an appointment to pick up some groceries at WalMart. Lo and behold, we can pick up groceries at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. GOODY So then I had to figure out how to order what I wanted - or more like - what I could get. Remember this is an old brain isn't used to all this newfangled way of doing things.  It took a while but managed to get some basics ordered.  Then I figured out how to add to my order, can do that until noon tomorrow. So will check back to see if any other things I want are available. I wonder if I squirt sanitizer on the person bringing the groceries to the car if they will get upset. Be interesting to see how it is handled. [not the squirting the delivering.]
Next hurdle -  I saw where it said, "We'll send you a message when your order is ready." Oh, oh need the WalMart app on my phone. Hooray got that done too. So guess tomorrow at 4 we'll know if I did every thing right. All we have to do is follow the orange dots to pick up. 
We have a bunch of Pesos we want to change to US dollars - called the bank. Can only do it at drive through window - should be fun. Thought about keeping them for next winter - but - will there be a next winter???
Also Bill has a drone that needs fixing - no way - stores and repair shop are closed.
I'm going to cook again tonight Tuna tetrazzini. Sounds good for a cool day. Might cook some biscuits too. And green beans with slivered roasted almonds. Last night we had Au Gratin potatoes, lemon chicken breast and mixed vegetables.  I have to be careful or he is going to get spoiled. 'Cause I cooked breakfast too yesterday.  Did manage to order 18 eggs from Walmart - I think, hopefully.
Some one made a really nasty attacking comment on yesterdays blog - I already deleted it. Who ever it is is posting the same thing to several blogs. What a jerk - why waste his/her time?
Ugh took a nap and now I don't feel like doing anything. Went out to take a walk but the wind was blowing hard and cold. Lost my enthusiasm quickly. So dusted some furniture instead. 
It is only 4:00 but at least the local news is on. And it is almost time to start cooking. 
Just a pretty picture from El Quelite. 

Monday, March 23, 2020

Pretty sunsets still happen.

Day three. What happens if you have to go to the market? Start counting all over again? I just looked at WalMart pick up and delivery times - basically said HA HA - today and tomorrow no times available, check back in the morning. Yah, sure.
Just want to start out with something pretty. This was taken the Saturday before we left Huatabampito. They have pretty sunsets there. [Aarrgg - have to get used to the keyboard on my PC - some keys are in different places from laptop.]
 We were happy to see that all of our plants survived the winter, even the bougainvillea. Everything seems to be getting new leaves.
Even the ocotillo has one branch with leaves. See the arrow. One whole branch out of 20 with signs of life.
The Palo Verde has really leafed out. 
The RV and car out front. Between Monday when we got here and yesterday we got everything out of the RV. And put it back in storage. Of course it was a couple of hours later that I remembered three things I forgot to take out. One of which was sausage! So went over there this a.m. and got the stuff. It is only two blocks away so no big deal. Good thing I remembered.

 Woke up to rain this morning. Glad we got everything done when we did.
At least we managed to get everything out of the RV before this started up.
I've been busy. Did all the piled up laundry from travel, RV things that need to be washed and all my skirts and blouses from the trip - Didn't want to send them to the laundry as the blouses need delicate wash and the skirts and blouses all need ironing - I know - IRON a four letter word. If I didn't quilt I would not have an iron! So ironed this morning while it was raining. All done, all put away.
The stuff from the RV that been cleaned and waiting to go back in it. Will do that when we bring it back for cleaning. I found four dish cloths in the kitchen goods drawer in the RV. So took them out to use instead of paper towels. Remember them? Also had two more in house cupboard. Do they even sell them any more?
The Jeep is already in the back yard and covered. And my car started right up.
I even cooked breakfast this morning. Can't remember the last time I did that. We had fresh fruit, home fries, sourdough toast and each had one egg. I wish we'd bought a couple of dozen when the store in Amado had them. I figured we both needed to get a solid meal into us. I was thinking about baking a cake, but don't want to use three of our few eggs. Going to fix some kind of chicken for dinner. Have to be sparing with our potatoes too - there weren't any in the markets in Amado.
Not much else going on today.
I think I am kind of a rational person, but this thing is creeping me out. Every time Bill or I sneeze, snuffle or cough I want to freak out. We both have mild allergies so we both sneeze and sniffle during the day. Never thought about it before. And suddenly 80 is a bad age...first time I've been aware of our ages.
And here is another sunset from Huatabampito. The night before we left.