Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Return to sender.

Egad! It is only 8:30 a.m. I got up just before 6 a.m. and it was already 100 out. Been doing stuff on computer and now just want to go back to sleep.
Been on Ancestry.com  Working fine for my family side, but cannot get any information on Bill's family. I'm going to cancel it before I have to pay for it. Not enough info to keep going. 
Yesterday the contractor came by and looked at what needs to be done and came back today with floor samples and tentative estimate today.  He has done some work for us before - and did very good job. He also has all the paperwork the mortgage company needs, all kinds of licenses and certifications for working on manufactured homes. And the community office already has copies of it. Now we are waiting -with our fingers crossed - for the check that "is in the mail." Fingers crossed because we have a new mailman who is really messing up the mail. Can't figure out what box to put things in...Also waiting for check from warranty company that is also "in the mail." PS - the contractor is coming back tomorrow to take up rest of flooring. He is willing to start right away. 
A little excitement around here yesterday - a couple of homes up front by the gates were on fire. Don't know how much  damage was or wasn't done. Hopefully not too much. No more info then that. 
Vacuumed yesterday and dusted some - hardly worth it but it gave me something to do and made me feel useful and less mess the better my mood. Which is getting worse every day. 
Unrolled the latch hook rug and did a few pieces of yarn. Glad that I have the instructions 'cause I couldn't remember how to hook the yarn...Also have the samples of yarn along side the symbols for which color goes where. What did I ever buy a bright fish rug for??? Only about 1/3 of it left to do. 
Any one want a brightly colored fish rug, or wall hanging or very big pillow? Looks like hunks are missing at the bottom but it is just a light colored yarn there. 
Bill just got an Iphone to use with one of his drones. Has no sim card in it so can't be used for phone calls. But my old Samsung with the two cracks in its glass face is starting to really act up. Won't dial until it feels like it - maybe the 2nd or 3rd time I try. And then it goes ding ding and hangs up right in the middle of a conversation! So might be forced into going to a Verizon place  and having them set up the Iphone for me. Really don't want to but...
Cooked a Hello Fresh meal last night. Pretty good, but their portions of chicken are getting smaller and smaller so added a breast I had in the freezer. Mashed potatoes, oven roasted carrots and a creamy mushroom gravy. 
I mentioned he got the phone to use with one of his drones - one he doesn't have yet! He has been tracking it all the way from China, Japan, Alaska, Kansas??, and here to Las Vegas. Friday afternoon it said it was delivered. NOPE. Then FedEx said it was not delivered as address was wrong. And what a nightmare that has been. Called FedEx they said they couldn't help us because the dealer specifically said "If not deliverable it had to be returned to them." Long phone conversation - didn't get anywhere. Return to sender. China? So we called the drone company here in US. No one working to answer phone due to Covid, use on line.  Went on line several times, finally got in line for support. Their answer - call FedEx, explained that would not work. Well go to PayPal and get money back. So he did that. Their answer - work it out with seller. More on line with DJI Drones.  Gave up.  Happened to look at my phone, the one that works when it wants to. There was a voice mail from FedEx "Please call me back and give me right unit number so can redeliver package." No name to ask for. So I called back, a Las Vegas number. Ended up talking to a person who the only thing I understood from entire 20 minute conversation was "OKAY"  But he did get the tracking number and our name and phone number and correct address. Last thing I understood sounded like they would call us back OKAY. That was yesterday.Today back on line with DJI - send us order number and we will try to find out what is going on. Then called FedEx again at Las Vegas number - got two people I could not understand AT ALL.
No idea what they told me. I gave up.  About two hours later I answer the phone, yep it actually rang, and it was the FedEx guy who called yesterday. He has the package, gave him correct unit number and are now waiting for delivery. Today? Tomorrow? 
We moved all the rest of the little stuff out of the rooms where they will be taking out the flooring tomorrow. I then took a nap. My thoughts as I laid down - when did I get so old?


Sunday, July 12, 2020

We live in a blow dryer

We had this for lunch yesterday. As always very good. Mine looked almost exactly like the picture, but forgot to take a pic of it. Chicken, rice and salad. 
 Taken out the kitchen window, it is in the shade, about 6 p.m.
But last nights sunset was pretty. I only had on socks when I went out to take the picture about 8:10 - wasn't long before I had to get back on the sidewalk off the HOT asphalt. 

 This was this morning about 7:30 - It is now almost 11 a.m. and we are over the 100. Bill just said it is even hot for him...
Spent part of this morning getting some of the STUFF put where we can't see it.  My sewing room. It had stuff under the cutting table and piled on the futon and behind the chair. Found places for all of it. 
 While making room for STUFF I found two more unfinished projects. So will try to remember how to do the needlepoint and hooking for the rug. 
 I started by cleaning the STU FF out of the laundry room. Did a couple of loads of laundry and had fits trying to fold it with no open space. Done deal - of course we probably won't be able to find anything ever again. 
 Bill preparing chicken to make milanesa. He makes it in big batches that we freeze. He likes it in sandwiches. The cupboard and high chair [which is 61 years old] are moved back where they belong for now.  
 I found my cooling towel - so here I am ready for anything. 
Except for borders or framing the ladies are completely done. She has her flowers and some beads I bought in China. Her tuna can earrings and I finished the fan and tassel.   
And she now also has her flowers and corset type thing done. I finished them because I found my glue guns. Too bad I didn't remember how HOT the darn glue got. Now have a couple of tender end fingers. There are also some beads sewn on the corset corners. I didn't think I'd finish them so fast. But when you have nothing else to do...
Another bad race for the #18 - Champion last year, terrible this year. 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Running out of things to do.

Before I forget - the header is new, Bill wanted me to put up the FINISHED face. He added more color and a base to it.
Ah yes! Las Vegas in the summer. Looks like we are in for a hot time in the old town this week. Not even really cooling down at night.
 I have been spending a lot of my time working on my ladies. This one is done except for the edges or framing. Or what ever.
 Her earrings and flowers.
This one is almost done, I just want to do something to the fan to improve its looks. Not sure what yet. She has her flowers and earrings and is hold the tassel of her fan. 
 The fan really needs something to give it oomph.  Also going to do some hand embroidery on the flowers.
 She has the most work left.
 Need to figure out what I want to do for the flowers. And finish up the decorative obe type thing. Going to do some bead work on it.
 We will eat good for a few days again, here is Bill in the garage sanitizing the three meals from Hello Fresh.
This is what we'll have for dinner tonight. Everything goes on one pan in the oven. 
 We are still waiting to hear from the Home Owners insurance about getting the repairs done. So no idea what it will cost or when it will be done yet.
I did hear from the Home Warranty people. We will be getting our copay of $75 back for when their plumber wanted to redo all our just fine pipes. So things move slowly along.
Continue to get groceries delivered from Walmart. Might never go back to in store shopping. Today we didn't get about four items that were out of stock and three items were substituted.
Dinner was delicious and everything was cooked on one cookie sheet - so very little clean up - my kind of meal. 

Monday, July 6, 2020

The MESS and other things

We had a visitor this morning. They are so cute. Going up to 108 today and 109 tomorrow. No going anywhere.

We should hear from the insurance company sometime this week then we'll be able to get the work done - I hope. Meantime THE MESS is driving me crazy. Just looking for stuff - finally found the plastic gloves box in my bathroom in the bathtub along with Kleenex, paper towels and toidy paper. {I use the freestanding shower.}
When ever I want something from the fridge I still head to the kitchen instead of the living room. Actually, except for the floor the kitchen is the only unmessy room in the house. 
 In the living room is a curio cabinet from small room, refrigerator from kitchen. A wooden trunk belongs where the fridge is and a small cabinet that goes up against the wall in the dining room. All the stuff on top is from the big free standing cabinet that was in the laundry room. 
Cabinet is full of cook books - even a 1956 edition of Betty Crocker red plaid cook book. 
 The little room.  Back of cabinet from laundry room. On the table some beading stuff still and things removed from said cabinet. 
My sewing room is full too. Things from hall cabinet that was removed and lots of things that were on the beading table. 
 Under the sewing table are boxes of beads and beading magazines. 
Even the laundry room is piled high. 
 All the knick knacks from the living and dining room have been removed and are filling our bedroom closet and tops of dressers. Other than that it is livable. 
 It is like a scavenger hunt to finds things. 
The full moon over the desert. Lots of smoke in air from fireworks and fire on mountain. 
 My bathroom window from outside at night. No lights on in bathroom...
 Still working on the ladies. This is the last one, but still have lots of work to do on all of them.  Her kimono looks strange but will look better when all stitching is done. 
Here is something to occupy some of your time. And no I don't know the answers for sure. But I think I got them all, not real sure about #4 though.  A friend posted it on Facebook - I'm hoping she has the titles. 
And that is it for the last few days. 

Friday, July 3, 2020

Day by Day Eating good

And another week has gone by. Getting used to living in a mess and am adding to it by trying to use my sewing room. Our brand new coffee pot took a crap - only had it a few weeks. Of course it was after we got our weekly order from Walmart. But that was okay as we have unlimited delivery. So ordered a new one and some ribbon flowers - tiny things for my ladies and a few other things and managed to get them delivered about four hours later. Also ordered a hummingbird feeder, wanted one that had a place for the birds to stand while eating. So that is what I ordered, but guess they were out so sent a similar one without a standing place for the birds. So Bill took it out in the garage and this is how he brought it back to me. Nice little places to stand. So made nectar today for them.
 Been working on my ladies. This is the first one. I got most of the outline stitching on her done today. Actually I thought it was all done, but had to rip some of the obe stitching out. Will do it in the morning when it is cool in that room. Still have to permanently add the earrings, flowers [Bill ordered me the tiny flowers from Amazon, a couple of days later Amazon says they were delivered to our door. Nope - not there. Yep should be. So I ordered some with my Walmart order. Got them and then a neighbor knocked on the door with the Amazon delivery - completely different house number, nice of him to bring it by.] and tassel but this is kind of how they will go.  
 And started to cut the kimono for the last lady, I have to be careful when cutting as my pieces of silk are small, can't waste any. So of course cut the first piece wrong...grrrr. She is going to be more complicated to do. Two pieces of material and one pattern piece in the picture. 
The pest control guy came today, sprayed inside all masked and gloved up. Been seeing some bugs since floor was tore up. 
Also the handyman finally made time for us to take care of the HOA's complaints. So got some new skirting outside and some caulking and painting. So hopefully they will be happy when they come back to check. 
And we got our prescriptions - no problem. CVS mails them priority mail through the Post Office, so got them the next day. 
Well we just used an online doctor - Bill has a heck of a toothache and swollen gum so wanted to get some antibiotics. Went on line made appointment, got call back in about 15 minutes, prescription is on way to drugstore. 
Cooked a delicious dinner last night. Red peppers stuffed with eggplant, green and black olives and capers and marinara sauce. Topped with breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese. Had two huge red peppers so we have enough for dinner tonight. Also baked a Dutch Apple Pie. I've done more cooking in the last three months than in the last three years.
Races and soccer this weekend. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Still working on ladies and house.

This afternoon a gentleman came from the contractor and took measurements and checked all the needs to be done. Says we'll hear from him early next week...then we will have to pick out flooring and what ever else is needed and then schedule getting it installed. Such fun. There goes summer. 
Got all our prescriptions ordered for the next 90 days and the pharmacy will deliver them to us free of charge [the delivery is free not the drugs - I wish] So hopefully their delivery person is very trustworthy and that works out okay. Either this afternoon or tomorrow we'll get them. 
Also got the renewal tags for all three vehicles. So another thing crossed off the list. AND the home warranty company called me about the $1800 of new piping they want to put in, us paying ONLY $1000. In no uncertain terms I told them there was NO LEAK in the pipes so no repair was needed. They asked me to send the video of when the other workmen found the leaking ice maker hose. So I did. Maybe we'll get our $75 copay back. Hope so. 
I've been keeping busy with my ladies. Neither one of them is complete. Lots of work to do still. Mostly using the sewing machine. And I can't get to right now, bunch of stuff piled around it. Maybe tomorrow I'll do some rearranging. Also have to figure out how I'm going to do the fan on the purple one. 
 A little closer look. The now have earrings, made them out of the lids from last nights tuna I used to make tetrazini. Cut them out and hammered them with a meat tenderizer for texture. 
 Can see them better here. Oops I wondered where those flowers had gone, the ones on her sleeve. They belong to the other lady. Still have to do her hair sticks - not sure how I'll do them either. 
I have copied the pattern for the third lady, but she is going to be really hard to do. Quite intricate. Wouldn't they make beautiful stained glass pieces. Hummmm...
Bill is still working on his wood spirits. Especially while it is cool enough to work in the garage, cause he is now using stinky paint. 
We've had three days of under 100 - so nice. But starting tomorrow heat goes up again.
Ordered a cribbage game from Walmart, we used to play a lot but it has been a long time - maybe 30 years since we've played. So hopefully we figure it out and can use up some of our time playing. 

Monday, June 29, 2020

"Wind Event"

Yesterday was an interesting day. The Las Vegas valley had a Wind Event. Bill took his wind meter outside and it measured the wind between 47 - 51 sustained. Gusts higher. A couple of videos I took.
So much dust in the air can hardly see the hills. 
I woke up about 4:00 this morning -it sounded like something was in the house. A loud scratching noise. OMG my thought immediately went to the hole in the kitchen floor. I imagined a raccoon had come inside. So I carefully got up and explored the house. Nothing inside. So opened the door that goes to our "front" yard. I could barely hang on to the screen the wind was so bad. This was taken in the afternoon, but the wind was even worse at 4:00 a.m. - the noise was the bougainvilleas blowing against the side of the house. 
This morning the weather front has blown through and the wind is just a breeze.
And today we will freeze - high temperature is supposed to be below 90! Though the AC just came on and it is only 11:30. It is set at 84...
The owner of the restoration company came by this morning to write up the estimate for the insurance company. We should hear from the adjuster tomorrow afternoon or the next day. Then we'll get an idea of what has to be done. 
This is a picture I nabbed off the TV - it was taken by a professional photographer  yesterday evening - his name is on the photo. Anyway the mountain, Mount Charleston,  is on fire. So far no control. At least the temps are down and so is the wind. So hopefully they will be able to get it taken care of before it spreads too much
I spent most of yesterday watching NASCAR races. Only to stop watching after my driver's car was wrecked. He finally had a fast and good car then SMASH. Oh well. 
Did some more work on my lady. Stopped when I cut the pieces for the obe WRONG THREE times. [Finally got them cut right this morning.] Then there will be a lot of small detail sewing and other work to do.  
 Bill got up early enough to get a photo of the sunrise. There is smoke and dust in the air. 
Have worked off and on on my Lady - she is one of a set of three. Have started to cut the kimono for the second one. [I'm thinking they would make beautiful stained glass pieces.] Took care of some bill paying and other house business. Not much else. It is getting to be very easy to do nothing.

Friday, June 26, 2020

What a difference a day makes.

It is still hot here in Vegas but at least there has been some improvement with the mess. 
I got tired of some of it and did clear off the dining room table. Nothing got put away it is just cluttering up another area. But makes me feel better to see the table. And the trash can is now back in the kitchen. 
 Yesterday afternoon we got a call that we could shut the fans and dehumidifiers off. Oh thank you. Another day and we'd both be deaf. 
 An okay sunset.
 More of same sunset. 
 After shutting the fans off Bill stacked them out of the way. 
OH YES - they came this morning to pick the machines up! And tapped all the raw edges to hopefully prevent one of us from breaking a toe. 
 Covered big hole in kitchen floor. I was wondering if any animals ever got under the house - hate to see a raccoon pop his head up there. 
 The little room. All the flooring has to come up eventually. Monday the adjuster is coming over to inspect and decide what will get done. 
While here they hooked stove back up and shoved the dishwasher back into its hole. We can live with this. The RV is back in its parking spot. 
But we have been keeping busy, more or less. Bill dug out our old light box so I could trace the pattern pieces for my lady without taping her to the patio doors for light. Much easier now. 
This is what she looked like when I pulled her out of a drawer. I'd started working on her a long time ago and had really made a mess. So spent some time pulling off all the old material. I think I used the smallest stitch on the sewing machine to do them. 
Here she is with all the bad stuff taken off. 
 And here she is now. Lots more to do. And several of the red pieces are just laying on the block, not on permanent yet. This time I'm using  a fusing material, not the sewing machine. 
And Bill has been keeping really busy as well.
 The material around the faces is dyed leather. We got the raw leather years ago in Mexico. To mold it around the heads it has to be wet then slowly dried. 
I like this one.  

One of these days we'll have to open a shop or on line store. Or our kids will kill us if we leave all of this stuff to them to sort out. 
And that is about it. This weekend there are four NASCAR races for me to watch and two soccer games for both of us.