Saturday, September 19, 2020

Exciting times

 It is pretty bad when "exciting times" are trips to doctor's offices. Two in the last two days. Had to wear a heart monitor, so got it Wednesday and had to return it yesterday. There is something exciting about it - I drove both days - by myself. It is very seldom that I go any where alone so Bill is usually the driver. 

The smoke has been so bad here that it is really bothering Bill. One of his lungs was damaged badly when he was in his early 20's, so if there are a lot of pollutants in the air he has problems. He was laying down and I got thinking about getting an air purifier. So went to WalMart web site and found one that had great reviews. Its a Honeywell HPA series 200. Thought about it for a few minutes then ordered it. It was delivered within the hour. Bill was up so we got it set up and running. Within 40 minutes he was breathing better and feeling much better. Why did we wait so long to get one? We can set it to run all the time or in hour increments. Right now it is running all the time. It is also very quiet. Lots of smoke here again and will be for a few more days. Also going back up into the low 100's for a few days. 

Bored yesterday morning so fixed breakfast. A scrambled egg, ham, green onion, mild salsa and cheese mixture in pie crust. I made it before but messed it up first time. Can't put hot eggs on pie crust they dissolve the crust. Al;so have to let the pie crust sit a room temperature for a bit. And this time I put in more of the salsa. Was very good.  Oh, I cooked it in the air fryer [cooked eggs in pan first]

We were both full for hours. Again I drove myself to the doctor. Forgot how much I enjoy driving my mustang. In and out and home in just a few minutes over an hour. 
Another puzzle from same box. This one 300 pieces. Sure is a pretty looking place. Coast of Italy.

I thought about going out for a walk this morning, but after looking at the air  smoke decided not to. Also it was warming up quickly this morning. 
Not much else going on. Watched a couple of NASCAR races on TV. Today is one of the big races for the cup cars in Bristol. Four of the drivers will be eliminated from the championship run after this race. 
Hope the #18 gets to move on. Tomorrow soccer begins again. 
Thinking about cooking an early dinner in the air fryer - potatoes and breaded chicken. Just thinking about it...

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Bill's fancy drone.

 A few things going on the last few days. Bill got the wrap for one of his drones, so it is now pretty fancy.

The entire drone is wrapped. Here it is up in the air out back of our house. 
I've been trying to get out mornings for walks now that it is a little cooler. Came around the corner and saw this guy. Not one of the bunnies I usually see - my what long ears it has. When he took off the long back legs gave him away. First time I've seen a jack rabbit around here.
As I walk by the storage area I always check the RV. Here it is with its new wheel lock and also a steering wheel lock. I think I mentioned an RV was stolen from the other lot here in  the community a couple of weeks ago. It was recovered but had been stripped. So taking no chances. The bankie is covering the mural on the hood. It really is getting faded, the blanket not the mural. 
Got started in the new box of puzzles - already finished one - took about 35 minutes to do. Only 100 pieces. I have to pace myself or will soon be out of puzzles again. Of the 8 puzzles in box four are only 100 pieces.
Yesterday I didn't get out to walk. Bill had to go to eye doctor for laser surgery on his one eye. Since the cataract surgery it had become hazy and blurry. The laser didn't take long and SHOULD have taken care of the problem. But today Bill says it is as bad as it was before laser. So will call doctor's office as soon as they open to see what now?
This morning's sunrise. Again lots of smoke in the air. And more on the way.
I managed to do 1.4 miles in 33 minutes today. Used to be able to do 3 miles in an hour. But these old legs and feet are complaining about just sitting around for four months. Little by little I'll go further and faster - I hope. 
Just got off phone with eye doctor, will see him next Monday. But it might be another problem, won't know till then. 
Just got our grocery order from WalMart - Every week I try to order a couple of things that haven't been available for months and today we got a couple of them. A softsoap refill and YEAST! Hooray. But now I don't want/need it cause we can buy all kinds of bread. 
I have two doctor appointments this week, one to get a heart monitor to wear, for a day, I guess. That should be annoying. 
Fixed an empanada for breakfast this morning. Scrambled eggs cooked with ham, let cool. Put on pie dough add salsa and Mexican blend cheeses - fold over dough to make empanada then put in air fryer for 10 minutes. Sprinkle with cheese for last two minutes. Very good and VERY filling. Wow it is 12:30 and the air conditioning JUST came on. 

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Fall is almost here.

Got to love these temperatures. Maybe? Thursday will be our last 100+ day for the year. But probably not. At least it is cooling down at night, that makes a big difference. And we aren't going to have any winds for a few days. Maybe Bill can get his new drone up in the air - after he gets his eye fixed. 

Been as busy week. I had a doctor appointment Wednesday - which has lead to 3 more appointments for tests and heart monitor. Well actually four more appts, cause of course have to go back for all results. For now just increased dosage of one of my meds. Bill had two tests on Friday. Still has to go back for results. At least he got in and out of office in record time.
On Monday he goes in for laser work on one of his eyes. Not a minute too soon as he says has lost almost all sight out of that eye. Seems like our doctor dance card gets fuller each year. 
I did manage to get some fall decorations up. Forgot I had them, happened to open a cupboard and there they were. Stained glass in the kitchen window. 
Made them when we were in Indiana. 
Made these place mats in Indiana too. Used embroidery machine for the center sections. And the fruit basket we bought at a craft fair some where in the mid west a long time ago. 
Still playing with the air fryer. These turned out pretty good. Wonton wrappers lined the silicone muffin cups. Inside was canned albacore tuna in water, minced shallots and garlic and chopped artichoke hearts [in water drained] cream cheese, white wine vinegar - never knew there was such a thing. Lemon juice, coriander and nutmeg. Very good. Will make them again. 
The last puzzle in the box - 750 pieces, took a couple of days. Now on to my new box of 8 - but three of them are only 100 pieces.
The temperatures have been down but the smoke from all the fires in surrounding states continues. The gray above the lighter sky is all smoke. 
Again a smoke red sunset. 
Finally it was cool enough when I got up to take a walk. Did almost two miles in 45 minutes. Used to be faster than that but...I've only seen these flowers growing wild but these were in a front yard. 
I always feel so much better after a walk. Just being outside and saying Hi and smiling at neighbors. Besides I've got to get rid of some of the pandemic laziness and weight. 
We heard from our friend Rafael, the singer, who we always love to listen to in Mazatlan. He is playing in the Plazuela Machado again. Doing fine, no problems with the virus. 
Did some house cleaning and watching two NASCAR races today. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Heard the coyote and saw the road runner

 At last! Tolerable weather, but only for three days. Today's high is supposed to be 81 degrees. My kind of weather, but we still have some of the wind. By Friday it will be back up to 100+ again. 

This is on my desk calendar. Took me a few days before I noticed it. 

Went for a walk this morning, such a pleasure with the breeze and cool temperatures. This is our little bush in the side yard. It has really grown this year. For a couple of years we didn't think it would make it. I like it because it blooms all summer. 
On the walk we passed The Road Runner. Heard the coyotes howling last night so hope he is being careful. This is the first one I've seen here. 
Not as much smoke in the air today but a lot of dust. So didn't go too far. 
Still playing with the air fryer. This was yesterday. Stuffed mushrooms. Stuffed with Brie and sprinkled with breadcrumbs and a little cheese and olive oil. Pretty good. Didn't remember to take a picture until we eaten most of them. 
Well nuts - I had a 4:10 appointment with the cardiologist and they called me at 2 and asked if I could come in sooner. You bet! So it is now 4:10 and we are home already. Saw doctor and went to lab to have blood drawn. And now I have three more appointments with that doctor's office. My blood pressure is UP - I think it's because of all the hiding in the house we've been doing. He didn't seem too worried, just changing one of my meds. Just for this month we have six more doctor's appointments between us. So fun to get older.
Hopefully for the next few days it will be cool enough to get out and about some.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

As seen on TV

 This will be kind of a rambling post. Mostly about the weather and weekend.On Sunday I made French Toast sticks in the air fryer. They turned out okay, but learned a few lessons. First cut off the side crusts, they get to chewy when cooked. Let the bread soak in the egg/milk mixture longer so the whole piece is saturated and use less cinnamon. Also don't cook them so long. Otherwise...

This has been how our weather was all weekend. Very warm 114 - and lots and lots of smoke in the air. It seemed like twilight all day long yesterday. Can barely see the mountain back there and by late afternoon couldn't see it at all. All smoke from California fires. 
Not a breath of breeze all day. It looked yellow outside. 
From the TV. All the people returning to California on Monday afternoon. This was 19 miles from the CA border. About 5 miles an hour!
Then I got away from the TV and went outside to check the sun. Photo is not retouched at all. It was 5:00 in the afternoon. 
Back in to watch TV. Notice the drastic change in temperatures for today and tomorrow. Yesterday it was 107 high with no breeze. Today we have low 80's and winds - more on them later. 
Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment and they won't let you inside until your name is called, at least it will be cool to wait outside. 
Back outside at 5:30. The whole sun was the color of the ring around it. Bright red. Best picture I could get. 
More from TV See the big fire plum of smoke. The satellite view showed the smoke rising and rolling. 
Back outside again at 6:50 looks like no sunset, just ash in air. 
But then back outside at 7:20 - the whole sky was red- like the reflection of flames. 
And off of the weather but back to the TV. See the checkerboard. The city is painting these at crosswalks around schools, so the kids know where to cross and parents know where not to park!. Of course no kids are in school. And shouldn't they know where the crosswalk is anyway. 
So got up this morning anticipating a walk as the weather has cooled way down. Looked outside - instead of smoke we now have the air filled with dust. Sustained winds of 30+ - gusts to over 50. Already two areas of town are without power because of trees knocking down power lines and poles. 
But it is cooler. Turn sound on. It got worse after I filmed this!
We had planned on getting out a little today and doing something, but changed our minds. The dust is terrible. We did get out and went to the grocery store thinking we'd find a couple of things Walmart doesn't have. We didn't - it was a Smith's and their shelves were 1/3rd empty. Couldn't even find Graham Crackers or frozen pie crusts...
Boy our awnings are - wooden slats - are acting like they want to take flight. Lots of thumping and banging. 

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Lots of excitement the last couple of days.

 After being cooped up for five months any thing different is exciting. 

Except our weather, it is downright too hot. BUT check out Mon, Tues, and Wed - in the 90's. Hopefully after this weekend the worst of the heat will be gone. 

Friday was a busy day. Bill called his brother about 8:30 in the morning to wish him a happy 92nd birthday. He wasn't home! He was out taking his DAILY FIVE MILE walk. Good for him. We did talk to him later in the day though. 
Then we had an errand at the bank. Have to call and make an appointment to go inside. The doors to the building were opened for us both coming and going. There was one teller and two bank officers and the guy opening the doors. Everyone was masked. So weird, like there was going to be a big robbery by the personnel. 
Then we came home and spent HOURS trying to get this new Mavic Mini drone working. The drone itself was fine it was connecting it to the iphone that drove us nuts. To me, just my opinion, it is a very user unfriendly phone. Any way - here is its maiden flight. Too hot to go outside. 
Up, up, and away. 
Have you ever used any of these - silicone muffin cups. I didn't even know they existed until I was going to make a recipe in the air fryer and it called for silicone muffin cups. So Bill jumped on Amazon and ordered some. They feel really weird. There are also silicone muffin tins, but they were all too big to fit in the fryer.
Boy watched part of the Las Vegas Knights game - the seventh game - it was a nail biter. That Vancouver goalie is something else. 98 straight saves! But the Knights finally won. On to the semi finals. Yeah Knights!
This morning I decided we needed some new potholders as ours were getting kind of icky. And I already had oven proof material for the inside. So why not make them. Now I know why I failed 7th grade sewing class. For some reason I had a terrible time making them. They will do until I find some I want to buy or make some more and spend a little more time planning on how to make them. 
So the silicone muffin cups. I wanted them to make individual quiches for dinner - in the air fryer. They were asparagus, turkey bacon and egg. Bought premade pie crusts but had to roll them out to get enough dough for four cups. Good thing when we had the flood I had to clean out the cupboards cause before that I didn't know we had a rolling pin. They took longer to cook then the recipe said, but turned out pretty good. Next time will add cheese to the mix. Also did the carrots in the air fryer, but ended up having to put them in the microwave to finish cooking them. 
The pest control came on Friday, just sprayed outside, no problems inside at this time. Also got a delivery from WalMart. They substituted antibacterial salve for a bottle of alcohol. Not what I wanted, but can always use it. 
Today watched a NASCAR race, boring until the last five laps. The two lead cars hit the wall and the guy in third ended up winning the race. Also started a new 300 piece puzzle - its of four puppies sitting in a row. All the pieces are shades of brown!
On Friday we found out an RV was stolen from the back RV lot, not the one we park in. So Bill ordered a big old lock to go on the wheel. Have to put it on tomorrow, if it fits...Would hate to go up there and find an empty space. 

Thursday, September 3, 2020

At last, we got out of the house for a bit.

 Getting out a lot this week. First to the eye doctor then Bill had an appointment with the cardiologist. Who of course, set up appointments for two tests for Bill. They are scheduled for next week.  Then of course, the appointment to find out what if anything the tests showed. 

The waiting room at the cardiologist is quite small so they were only letting in the patient, any one with patient had to wait outside until patient went in to exam room. Luckily when we got there there were only two other people waiting. So they let me stay in the waiting room. It was 107  - outside - in the shade. Every one was wearing masks. Someone to open the door and hand sanitizer every where. 

This morning we took the car out to get gasoline, on the way home we passed Sam Boyd Stadium, where the college football team plays. In the parking lot is a huge testing site for Covid -19. All the orange posts for directing traffic. No charge. I forget how many tests they can do in a day, but it is a whole lot. You can see the tops of the tent like things where the tests are administered. 

The Army National Guard were manning the entrance and registration area. I hope they have some way to keep cool. We are going to be close to 110 today and over 110 until Monday night. Then we have some really cooler weather coming in. ONLY 95!

Signs on all the streets leading to the testing sight. Telling people where to go. 
Going through some old pictures on computer and ran across this one.  Gil and first wife in upper left, Paul and first wife in upper right. Me and Bill in middle. Dennis and his daughter and stepson in lower left and John, Debbie and their three children in lower right. We all had our pictures taken at an old time photo place here in Vegas. Many, many, many years ago. Paul has a grand daughter, Dennis has three grandchildren and John has five grandchildren. Wish he'd lived to see them. Our fifth son, Randy, didn't get his picture taken. 
I got up early enough this morning to get out for a walk before it heated up too much. Got in about one and one half miles. But need to get out earlier, was pretty warm by the time I got home at twenty to eight.
Going to try another meal in the air fryer tonight. Almond crusted tilapia and roasted sesame vegetables [onion, red pepper, sweet potato and carrots.] Well it turned out pretty good, everything was cooked but not over done.

Modified some of the masks that I made. When I made the first ones I didn't put any thing on the top of them so they could be formed to the nose. So finally got some pipe cleaners and added them. So now we can pinch them closed around our noses. Just finished this puzzle. Lots and lots of pieces of pink that looked the same. To put in the last 10 pieces it took me 12 minutes.

Tomorrow we get a grocery delivery and have an errand to run. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Been an interesting week

 Didn't realize so much time has gone by.  A smokey sunrise from one day last week. We are still getting smoke, but now it is from northern California. 

Worked on this 750 piece puzzle for most of the week. The colorful parrots were easy. It was all the blue parts that took a long time. After a while they all looked the same. So would stop and go back later find a couple of pieces and leave again. 
We have about four or five hummingbirds that come all the time. Amazing how much they can consume and how quickly the nectar goes down. 
No that is not a rats nest. Bill cut my hair for me, each time there is a little more gray in it, but mostly still dishwater blond still. My mother still had brown hair at 86. 
Finally finished the puzzle at the end of the week. 
Speaking of the end of the week. I had an appointment with the allergy doctor and it was half way across town and I actually drove there.  Bill wasn't feeling good so off I went. Haven't driven that far in a long time. Forgot how much I enjoy driving my Mustang. Made it there and home with no problems.  Interesting visit. Had to go because one of the three pills, Zantac, that I've been taking for years to control my chronic hives is no longer available. It could be replaced with Pepcid which has an antihistamine, but doctor wants to see if the hives can be controlled by upping one of the other pills to two a day. And he wants me to cut back on the third pill from 2 times a day to once. Come to find out as one ages that pill can cause serious problems with reaction time and coordination. So we'll see what happens, go back in five weeks. Or sooner if hives pop out. 
And then on Sunday Bill comes up to me and tells me he is losing his sight in his left eye. WHAT!?  Thing look wavy and like he is looking through a black veil. Oh boy. So Yesterday morning we called the doctor where he ad his cataracts removed and explained what was going on. They had him come in at 3:00 in the afternoon. 
So some pictures from our ride across town. 
Lady Liberty is still wearing her mask. 
Zoomed in to see what it said. 
Well there are actually people walking around from hotel to hotel.
Also saw this new - to me - mural. Didn't get the front of it. This is the side.
This is the back wall. 
So saw the doctor. Turns out it is quite common after cataract surgery to have this happen. The capsule of the new lens moves towards the lens and the distortion and haze are caused by that.  According to him, easy laser fix. So in two weeks he goes to have that done. 
This is new to me also, on the MGM hotel front. Probably advertising something. 
On the way home we stopped at the market too. Everyone was wearing masks in the store, the carts were sanitized before a customer could take one. Sanitized our hands when we got back in the car. 
But it felt so good to get out and about for a while. 
Today we are having a break from the 100 degrees. It is ONLY going to be 98!!! We had 56 days of  over 100 and many of them were over 110. This weekend again it will be over 110 for several days. And we have had no rain for over 130 days. 
So that is it for now. Going to enjoy the cooler day while I can.