Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Bill where are you going?

Just thought I'd post a picture worth a 1000 words. 
We had just returned from visiting the doctor. Doctor says he is doing fine, everything progressing the way it should. Go see him Saturday to have stitches removed.
Here is a video from the Plazuela Machado from a week ago Sunday. A group was line dancing - it took them about half way through the song to get it together. The guy in the gray shirt looked like the only one who knew what he was doing. When my computer crashed a few weeks ago I lost my video editing program - so had to PURCHASE a new one. Not sure I like it but will keep practicing with it. I did this video with the new software. Took me forever. Wish I could give it back...too late now.
Well nuts I should have waited another day! A wonderful young man who works with the RV repair person had told me he had Movie Maker - the program I lost - on disk and he would give it to me. That was a while ago and I know they are very busy and he probably forgot. A knock on the door late yesterday afternoon and there he stood with his flash drive. Helped me install it on my laptop. I wanted to hug him and tell him I loved him - but controlled myself. Thanked him profusely. He didn't want any payment for it. Another reason why we love Mexico.
Another rather pretty sunrise yesterday. I'm seeing a lot of them lately. See the jet trail.

 Went out for a very short walk yesterday afternoon. Passed these Chakalakas . They are one of the loudest birds I've ever heard. And they love to make noise. Not real good in flight but they sure can run and chase each other. Since all of the construction a whole bunch of them have made the RV park their home. 
 I walked up to the street to see the front of the construction site on our north side. A year and a half ago it was thick jungle. Guess this is going to be the entrance road. Way back in the middle of the picture is where the homes are being built. I "heard" the houses will sell from US $100,000 to 150,000. "Heard"
 A few of the trees are still around at the front of the property. 
 This is what it kind of looked like, big trees but now all the smaller stuff and brush has been removed.
Back by our place. That cement wall is 6 feet tall, that is how much dirt has been brought in. When Bill gets feeling better hopefully he'll take the drone up again. Amazing what has been done there. 
Yesterday the base of the microwave tower came down. Knocked it over with a bulldozer then dumped the blocks into a dump truck. Sounded like a bowling alley most of the day. 
I want his job that is all he has done for two days. Sit on the wall with his cell phone. Guess he is supervising the clean up of the microwave tower's base...???
All of this crap. Dump truck after dump truck being loaded.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Found something to write about.

Ah yes! Monday and the machines are back. And this one is right up next to the wall. I thought they were done here. Earth was compacted and he is digging it up. I'm keeping a watch on our Internet wire. See the wires looping along the wall, one of them is our now working Internet. 
Beautiful blue sky today and humidity of 83% - ugly out. Temps only in high 70's feels like high 80's.
 See nice and compacted and then he tears it up right next to the wall. Maybe it had a bump there. At least there is no wind so no dirt blowing around.
Yesterday a caravan of 9 to 10 Airstreams came in. Some from US and some from Canada. Haven't seen this many Airstreams together since 1978 when we were in Mazatlan and there was a big caravan of them here then.

 Interesting configuration on the front of this one. 
 The hibiscus are blooming again. Lots of buds 
 And this guy is growing like crazy - hope he will still fit in cupboard to take him home. Speaking of home - winds up to 50 mph there today. 
More from construction site. See the wire looped up  over the wheel barrel handle - I check - not ours. Also using a hand compactor here now - loud! 
 Needed lettuce so got some from the vegetable truck. Nice big solid head of iceburg. The vegies on the truck smell so good. He also has some  bread and today home made flan. 
Bill has been up quite a bit so far today and eating a little more than yesterday. Each day is better. Yesterday early evening he sat outside for a while. Got lots of company from the different RV guys. We both appreciate so much all the concern and help we've gotten from every one here in the park. 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunrise, sunset and construction in between.

Don't know how often I'll be blogging for the next week or so. How many times can I say Bill is doing better. He came home yesterday about noon. Was glad to be home but still feeling crappy. Just worn out and weak. I had to remind him he hadn't eaten much since Monday. 
This was the sunrise Saturday morning. Just stood outside and watched it for a while. 

 Construction continues all around us. This is what was left of the microwave tower yesterday around noon. Two guys up on tower, another one to guided the pieces down a rope to the ground. 
Last nights moon - wish I'd gotten a better picture of it. But just happened to notice it when neighbors mentioned it.  

These were taken this morning. The  big construction work shuts down around noon Saturday and they stay home until Monday morning. So it is usually quiet here over the weekend. However this weekend the guys on the tower are still working. Not much of it left now.  
 At last the dirt is level with the cement wall so hopefully some of the noise around us will stop. No more dump trucks right here. But still dumping behind us. Ugh. 
 The work on the pigeon holes continues, they are going up fast. Windows in front and back only. About 1 1/2 foot between units. 
 All the compacted dirt next to us. Cant put any more dirt there or it will come over wall. 
Bill is doing much better today after a kind of good nights sleep. He's been up and eating. Thank goodness for chicken noodle soup and fresh fruit. Will get him up again in a little bit to watch a soccer game and get more food in him. Luckily he has had no pain at all. Just feels achy and uncomfortable. I went to WalMart this morning to get a couple of packs of water and fresh fruit and whatever I could find that he might like. He slept the whole time I was gone. 
The TelMex technician came by yesterday and rewired the junction box for the Internet so hopefully it will continue to work. So right now we have two sources for Internet, but only the TelMex works with Dish Anywhere for TV.
He stayed up for the whole soccer game, Barcelona won 3 - 1 it was a good game. 
Not much else to say, will write if have something to say. Otherwise all is well. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

I have to stop and think - what day is today. This week has kind of just run together. So my laptop is telling me it is Friday. This was the sunrise this morning. Yep up early enough to watch again. I've been going to sleep around 9:00 so up early. Plus that was the only time the TelMex Internet worked.
Though I have to say that it is now 9 p.m. and the Internet was working when I got home an hour ago and is still working???
The work next door continues full force. Notice how high the truck is Almost as high as the over 6 foot cement wall. Sure will be glad when all the filling in is done. 
 They are moving right along on building the houses too. Be interesting to see how they look when finished. 
 This is the base of the tower they are taking down. Wonder what they plan on doing to it. Jackhammers??NO NO  The dirt is almost to the top of the wall on this side too. In fact they were grading and compacting part of it when I left for the hospital this afternoon. 
 The guys working on taking the tower down. The pieces are tied to the rope and lowered to the ground. I don't see any safety harnesses. They are up there with wrenches and screw drivers!
 Getting ready to take the triangle piece down. 
Spent part of this morning and some of the afternoon in the hospital with Bill. Saw several different doctors. They finally decided he will be able to come home tomorrow. I feel it is too soon as there isn't an easy way to get into the bed in this RV. Might have to open the sofa bed for him. But don't think he will like that. We was up walking several times today and the drain tube was not leaking quite as bad as it was yesterday. His chest is still quite congested but doctors said as soon as he is up and about more it will start to clear up. He finally got a little hungry too. Had some melon and chicken soup. He hadn't eaten since Tuesday noon. No wonder he feels weak. So Saturday should be interesting. 
I have to tell on myself. When I left the hospital this early evening I called our Canadian friend Mark who is staying in a condo right across just down the street from us and asked him if he'd go to dinner with me. Then I at least would have a decent meal. He said sure and we'd meet at the Torres restaurant. Well our friends who went to the plaza on Sunday night are staying in the Torres hotel so I sent them a text. It said, "Going to meet Mark at your restaurant in 20 minutes." Off it went. Got a text back FROM MY SON "Not me."   Crap I sent to the wrong person. So I sent back to son, "No not u."  I wonder if he is wondering who Mark is and why I was meeting him for dinner while his dad is in the hospital. Maybe I should call him.
The Internet is still working...the handyman, Rafael was checking the line and connections from the RV to the pole. He also called for a technician - be here in 3 to 5 days. It wasn't working when I left for hospital. So don't know what happened. fingers crossed as we need that line to watch TV.  So now I have two Internets. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

And the construction continues.

So here is the Marina Hospital where we've been spending our days. At least I can come home at night. 
Not far at all.

The sunrise this morning - not spectacular but nice.
When I got home this afternoon discovered even more construction going on - or I guess I should say destruction. The big microwave tower right next door is being dismantled. Piece by piece by a couple of guys holding on for dear life. 
They are way up there. And they've taken down the part of the ladder that goes to where they are! 
Like I said way up there, and part of it is gone already.  
See how high the water truck is. the filled in land is even with the 6 foot cement wall.  
Just wish they would finish what they need to do near us. So tired of the dust and diesel smoke and noise. Thinking about that today I am sure glad we didn't leave for parts south when our rent was up on the 9th. I have hated to have Bill get sick in some little town miles from a hospital. 
I have solved our Internet problem. Just went to the rival company TelCel and put 6GBs on my MiFi - the one I used our first few weeks in Mexico. I got 6GBs and 33 days for the price of 4GBs and 30 days. Hopefully by then our cable Internet is fixed. Come on TelMex get someone out here. 
Went to visit with Bill a couple of times today. First early morning, got to talk to the doctor who did the surgery. He has a very good bedside manner. Will answer all questions so we can understand them. Very good English too. Bill is still a little groggy from the anesthetic, which is probably good as he is already complaining about being bored. He got up and walked around the bed a couple of times while I was there. 
I came home around noon and went back around 3 o'clock, got to see the doctor again. He is satisfied with Bill's progress. It had only been 24 hours so he is still pretty sore and uncomfortable. Which is to be expected.  
Tonight I'm staying home and feel guilty about it. Sure hope he is resting and feeling okay. I can't call for an update as the nurses don't always speak English. So that is where we are for Thursday night.

Update on Bill

He is doing well.
Surgery was yesterday early afternoon took longer than expected because of size of gall bladder and the fact it was infected. But every thing went fine. Will know more today after visiting him. Doctor did say the first thing Bill asked him was "when can I drive?" 
I saw him last night but he was still loopy and sounded miserable.
Will go back this morning early to see how he is doing. Will try to post more later if I have Internet.
But so far so good.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sunday Evening in Mazatlan

Finishing up Sunday - in the morning we went to La Noria. In retrospect I realize Bill was not feeling his usual outgoing self that day. 
Anyway that evening we went to the Plazuela Machado for dinner with friends, John and Jackie, and music. Still playing with Google Maps - I'll figure it out yet. It is 15 miles from the RV park to the historic district. The traffic was bumper to bumper, have never seen it like that on a Sunday night.
 More Google Maps - it is pretty up to date, this was last year. 
Our friend John playing around in the parking lot. Angel or Demon?
And the plaza was full of people. We were there kind of early for Mazatlan around 7:00 and the restaurant was full. Have never seen this many people in this restaurant. So good to see - and surprisingly enough we got "OUR' table. The only one no one was at. 
 The Gala Restaurant next door was full too. 
 Lots of people up and dancing to the music. 
 After eating we walked around the plaza. An older woman setting up her wares for sale. 
 Pedro and Lola Restaurant had a blues group playing. They were full too. 
 Just some photos of the plaza. It looks pretty at night. We were hoping the Christmas lights were still up, but they got them down early this year. 

Walking back to the parking lot. This building looks pretty at night. It is empty inside and being used as a parking lot.  
Well now to the elephant in the room. We went across the street Monday morning for breakfast. Bill mentioned his stomach was not feeling good but thought a meal would help. Met Mark there, ate and then went to WalMart. All of sudden Bill wanted to leave the store. We got home in record time. Bill said he wasn't feeling good so just sat down to wait it out. He was looking worse and worse. Finally he said "I want to go to the hospital" - whoa! I said I would drive - nope he drove. By the time we got there he was gray and cold sweating and barely able to walk. We both thought Heart Attack. Got him into emergency. Most doctors spoke English. This is a fairly new hospital and close to the RV park. 
They determined it was NOT a heart attack but had not figured out what it was. They got him into ICU. By now he was in pain around the belly area. He was on pain meds and falling asleep I came home. 
Where I discovered that the canopy over the Jeep had blown half way down and was laying on the Jeep - I'd taken a taxi back and forth as I can't drive at night. Pulled the jeep out from under it and tried to stabilize it. Kind of got it secure and luckily the wind let up. Next morning a couple of guys from the park got it fixed. 
So drove back to hospital where Bill told me they'd diagnosed the problem. His gall bladder was full of stone and inflamed. It had to come out - waiting to drive back to the US. Even a plane wouldn't let him on to fly back. So...because he is on blood thinners they decided to wait until this morning to do surgery. Doctor talked to me and explained everything. One thing they are stressing is his heart is in very good shape. Any way they moved him to a private room. TV - with English channels, recliner and big couch. Bigger than the RV!
Nurses speak both Spanish and English. That way I know what is going on. 
 Surgery will be at 11 this morning. Right now we have Internet but lately by afternoon it is iffy. So will post when I can.
Even here we can't get away from construction. Looking out his window. 
Sunset last night. I swiped this from a friend cause I missed it.