Friday, February 22, 2019

San Blas

To take up where I left off the other day. Pulling into El Chaco RV Park and Hotel

This was our room. We had hoped that it would have a mini fridge and microwave in it. Not. So we've both agreed on - We will never travel again without the RV. We are just too spoiled by having everything we want available at all times. 
The view out our window,  beautiful park like grounds . This is the swimming pool.

We visited with our friends from Idaho who spend the winter here in their 5th wheel and went out to a late lunch/early dinner.
No clouds in the sky but a kind of pretty sunset. 
The air was kind of cool but guess the water was warm enough for swimming. 

Just liked this picture. To the east the sky was too cloudy to see the full moon. Finally got too cold to stay outside and wait. 
Morning  of a cool day. Do you think they are up to no good? Our friend John and Bill.
Bill and I headed into San Blas. Truck full of something that seems to be having a problem. Maybe the four of them can figure it out. 
The is some kind of creeping plant that has covered all of the trees along the road. Spooky looking.
On the way to into San Blas. Lots of little restaurants.
Oops! One lane of the road is closed - we guess. Not sure. Finally another car went by and went west on the east bound side. So we followed.  
Took some navigating as there are only two lanes and cars and trucks were parked in one of the lanes. They are putting in new paving stones. 
The entrance to the main street of San Blas. We didn't go this way though, Took the road just to the right of this. A two way road only wide enough for one way traffic. 
Up by the plaza. The central market is on the right. Lots of food vendors along the street. 
We had to make our stop at Juan Banana. In 1978 we walked from the campground up there to buy banana bread. New building, same area, same banana bread. Some of the best we've ever eaten. Been in business at this location since 1973.
Yep, it is a tradition for us. 
Inside buying muffins and a couple of loaves of bread. See the shirt hanging on the right, I got one of them, will take picture of it later - the back side is funny. 
A snippet from our book All The Way To Argentina - "Later we all walked the short distance into town. Bought sundia (watermelon) and banana bread. A women of undetermined age, her gray-black hair pulled back and covered with a black scarf, was making tortillas by hand."
The mural on the wall. Look at the bird on the left, very intricate painting. 
And this is Juan handing Bill our purchases. 
Now that is a GREEN building
Needs a little TLC.
If you have a sidewalk set up a little restaurant. 
A little market that sells about everything you'd want. 

Heading back out of town. Here the road is completely blocked. No wondering what to do.
Who ever came up with these colorful letters is getting very rich. Every place has them now. This is the name of the area where the jungle boat ride is. We've taken it several times in the past.
Turning into El Chaco we had to wait for this guy to get out of the way. 
This is their RV area. Our friends 5th wheel is right behind me. He says it has been almost empty most of the winter. Such a pretty place.
The sun was only out for a few hours  but there was a strong wind coming in from the ocean that kept things pretty cool. And kept Bill from flying his drone. This is just a very short fly over of part of the restaurant/hotel/RV park. He did this just after we'd arrived, before the winds picked up. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Moons and trip to San Blas

We are in San Blas. But first I want to post a couple of pictures from the RV park. The hibiscus flower is so interesting to watch opening. 
 This was the moon Sunday nights moon. 
 The hibiscus open. And lots of blooms left to open.
 Monday night's moon. Would you believe no pictures of Tuesday nights moon, too much cloud cover. And Bill even had his drone ready to take pictures. 
We left Las Jaibas and the RV about 830 Tuesday morning driving the Jeep. That was a mistake, we should have  brought the RV!! Not going any where again in just the car to stay in a hotel. There is already rapier construction going on at the fairly new Mazatlan bypass. It is only three or four years old.  Neither of us remembered to clean the windshield and side windows, so some of the pictures have a lot of glare and sports. 
 Hate going over bridges that are being repaired. Are they sure this part is still okay?
 The first toll booth of the day. Price went from 42 to 47 for the car. In the last month all tolls went up. We had four toll booths to go through. Two took tolls, two I'll talk about later. 
 Lots of agriculture south of Mazatlan. This is corn. 
 I hate to pass these double trailers. The road is two lanes with shoulders on both sides. When getting passed the trucks pull way over on the shoulder.
 Blue agave growing. These are small plants. 
 Selling dried shrimp. There were about 10 different vendors set up. 
 There used to be water in these fields. I think they were shrimp farms.  
 Weird looking little hill. 
 Oh now these fields do have water. Pretty reflections. 
Leaving Sinaloa going into Nayarit.  Strange sky all day, for a while I thought we might run into rain. 
Still repairing the road near where the hurricane went through a few months ago. 
Oh, that's okay you can have part of our lane, we'll use the shoulder. 
One lane road ahead. Were stopped for about six minutes. They were putting down new asphalt. 
End of construction. Most of the road was pretty good, just a few miles here and there with pot holes. 
We decided to take the old road into San Blas, The one we took in 1978 in the Pace Arrow. good thing there is a big sign because the semis are parked all the way to the turn off and it is hard to see. 
The road looks the same. Lots of vegetation growing close to the pavement. 
Going through one of the small towns. They seem to be going downhill since the new toll highway opened. Lots of closed stores, no vendors at the topes selling fruit. 
A little restaurant. 
Every day is laundry day. 
This is the river the kids saw the naked women in on our 1978 trip. There wasn't a guard rail then. 
 It is a pretty drive in the Jeep - but in a motorhome you have to be careful not to scratch your sides or take off your AC.
 Another small town. 

 Big fruit vegetable store. 
 See where the trucks and buses have trimmed the tree hanging over the road. 

 Heading off the highway into the turn towards Aticama. Lots of cocos and banana bread for sale. 
All new highway from San Blas to Aticama - well part of the way anyway. 
 This area is an area known for the policia giving speeding tickets. So I changed the GPS to show kilometers instead of mph. Right on the road it says 60  so we were going 58. 

 But then there is a sign that says 80??? Later found out that the signs are new and the real speed limit. 
Pretty fancy truck.  
 And here we are ready to pull into El Chaco Hotel and RV park.  Got here about 12:15. A little over 160 miles. 
We are staying in the hotel. Unpacked and then went out to dinner with our friends who are here in there RV. 
Enough for today. More tomorrow.