Friday, February 8, 2019

We'll be here longer!

Well this is one way of doing it. Lifting the wheelbarrow off of one roof 
 and putting it down on another. 
 This guy is getting a work out -- using a hand compactor. Of course right behind us. 
 He is working at the wall and dump truck after dump truck comes barreling backwards just a few inches from him. And he doesn't even look up. 
 Out to the market. Street cleaners. A barrel, a broom, a shovel and a bag.
 At the market - she is cleaning cactus leaves.
 More weird weather this morning. Looking north east. Front moving through I guess. Had lots of wind again last night. 
 Looking south west. 
We keep thinking they have put enough dirt along the north wall that they should be finished dumping. But notice the concrete wall - at arrow - without the pile next to wall the compacted part is still about six inches below top of wall. NOOOOOOOOOO! Maybe they will leave it that way. 
 Doesn't this look like a little bear sitting here?   Just a piece of rotted tree trunk, but reminds me of a chain saw figure.
 Arms growing on this cactus? 
 The cactus - a saguaro. 
We will be staying here in Mazatlan for a while longer. Going to pay rent for two more weeks. Bill got back results from test and he still has major infection. Secondary infection is cleared up. So now he will be getting injections for at least five days. Then another test. The pill antibiotics really messed with his stomach so hoping the injection won't bother him as much. Interesting the way it is done here. Doctor gives us the prescription, we go to pharmacy and buy the five separate doses of the antibiotic. Go to the hospital and doctor injects it. By some fate of strange luck the antibiotics were on sale - instead of paying  2852pesos for the five doses we only paid 275 pesos! Quite a savings and no charge for the doctor to give the injection. Just so they work.
Ugh the noise from the compactor behind us is LOUD!


  1. Sorry to hear about the infection and antibiotics. I do have extra acidophilus with me that I am happy to pass along if you like.

  2. Sheesh!! Talk about the year of strange happenings!! Our daughter-in-law had the same surgery and she also had a few set-backs in the few weeks following surgery. Probably same type of things. She was frustrated as so many people have the surgery and skip-a-doodle along fine with no problems. Took her a month or so to feel back to normal. Have faith Bill. You will get there. At least you can enjoy the warmth. It's below freezing here in the Vancouver area and they even mentioned the "S" word. NOOOOOOOOOO!!Anyway, take care of each other. Miss you both.

  3. One step forward. Two back. But good news.