Monday, February 4, 2019

Counting down to take off

So excited - today is Constitution Day here so it is a holiday. No construction noise. Hooray! Well except for the guys building the houses, they are working. But other then hearing them talk and a few hammer sounds it is quiet. 
Starting to think about what needs to be done before we hit the highway towards home. Lots of re arranging of the cupboards. Things moved so they don't get broken etc. Make sure we have enough pesos for the toll booths etc. Also there are a few things at the grocery store we want to stock up on as we can't get them at home. Like 8oz boxes of shelf stable whole milk and a brand of saltine crackers that are packed by serving size in foil. They last forever and are really good. And another case of water for traveling. Found most of what we wanted at WalMart this afternoon. Still have to get the milk as they didn't have any.
Speaking of going home. Here is the weather forecast for Vegas for this week. Lovely isn't it. Maybe snow in the valley on Wed or Thursday. 
Here is the weather forecast for Mazatlan. It is finally warming up from the high 70's. 

We didn't watch the Super Bowl game yesterday - guess we didn't
miss anything! Instead we watched a Hallmark movie. 
Went to start to make dinner - I went out and picked a lemon of the tree by us and brought it inside to wash it off - NO WATER. Well sure not going to cook if I can't do dishes...Took a walk through the park and discovered the manager of the park sitting over a muddy hole in the ground with lots of PVC pipe around him. Glad he got it fixed in short order. So did end up fixing dinner. Had tuna steak, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. I've cooked more in the last two weeks then I'd cooked for the whole trip up to then. We have some chicken in the freezer that we need to use up, can't take it into US and some fresh potatoes. 
Getting the RV washed Thursday - it has so much dirt on it it looks like it has been painted a rust color. Also going to try to hose some of the dirt off our outdoor chairs and tables. 
Bill felt like getting out so we went across the street for lunch with our friends who are staying there. Then on to get gasoline in the Jeep and to WalMart where we started stocking up on things we want to take home. It was a beautiful day weather wise today. And felt good to get out. 


  1. Happy Bill is continuing (albeit slowly) to feel better. Now, the chore will be to hold him back from driving too much on the way home!! Still missing you guys!!!

    1. He promises we won't leave until he feels well enough to make the trip. We can always stay a couple of days where ever we overnight.