Thursday, February 7, 2019

Out for breakfast and a drive

Yesterday morning we had to get out for a while. Went across the street to Torres for breakfast. Just enjoy looking at the ocean and the people. A couple of the vendors getting ready for the day. The guy in blue sells shrimp. 
The ocean was pretty calm. This is one of the biggest waves we saw. 
Just low ripples on the water. Peaceful. 
Off he goes to sell his wares. 
A tropical postcard. Blue skies, palm trees and  little white clouds. 
The landscaping at the Torres is amazing. All kinds of trees, shrubs and flowers. 
Got in the car and headed towards town and the Malecon. What is this guy doing up in the tree? getting coconuts maybe.
A new condo being built. It is all built on landfill. And it one of the skinniest buildings we've ever seen. Tall, skinny flimsy looking and on landfill. I don't think I'd even want to go visit anyone in there. Maybe it will look sturdier when it is finished. 
I love these flowers, they look like little trumpets.
Driving along the Malecon - one way to explore the city. I wonder if they use the bike path when there is one?
I always liked this water park, but this year there has been no water in it. Wonder why. The kids used to fill it with laughter. 
Cleaning out the bottom of the fountain. Is there money in it? Who gets the money if there is? 
This is a new thing. In several places along the Malecon there are bikes for rent. This is all I can find out about them.
Sustainable Development Secretary of Mazatlan announced the start this weekend of the Bike Share service.
Director Carlos Gandarilla, said that the campaign “Muevete Chilo, Sinaloa” (Move you cool Sinaloa) will present the first phase of bicycles that will be installed in Mazatlan.
The program is coordinated by City Hall and starts with 11 stations and 100 bicycles that are tracked by GPS.
The bicycles can be rented through the app “Vbike“. Subscriptions can be annual, bi-quarterly or monthly.
The plan for the first phase of the program is to have 50 stations and 350 bicycles.
Well this is special, green long horns on a motorcycle just cruising along. 
Just because I like the looks of the building. The red truck and car adds to the over all effect. 
A little closer look at the bike rentals. Need to find out how it works, don't see anyone around them. 
I just liked the green curtains blowing in the wind. 
More colors to bring smiles to everyone. 
Oops, this place got caught without a license or there was a health violation. It looked open though. 
Got home from our ride and relaxed. Suddenly around 4:00 it started getting very dark inside and out. Also the wind really picked up. Bill had to go out and secure parts of the canopy for the Jeep again. It was really blowing around. In fact he move the jeep out of it. Looking to the south you can see sunny blue sky. Over us it was almost black. 
Looking east behind us it was moving east.
Looking towards the west and north - that is where this was coming from. Expected rain any minute but never got any. 
Reminded me of pictures I'd seen from Kansas during tornado season. Sure got dark quick. The wind didn't let up until really late. 
And that was our day. Wednesday. 


  1. Love reading your blog and the great photos! Oh how I wish I could be there.

    1. Glad you enjoy the photos. This is a beautiful city and country.