Thursday, October 22, 2020

Scenes from Las Vegas

Things did not go well with the two different doctors yesterday. We are both on antibiotics so all should turn out well. 

Just some pictures I took on the way - way across town - to the doctor's office. The reflection in the building is a new hotel being built. It is going to be really big. 

This is the new hotel, it will be a Resort World hotel.
I always do a double take when we pass this building. They sell manikins. 
This wall has had the American Flag painted on it for at least 17 years. Some one must be keeping it up. No peeling or faded paint on it. 
And here is what I managed to catch of this mornings sunset. Was up at 5:03 - ugh way too early. 
Across town again today to visit our youngest son at his business. New metal plants in the center divider. They look real until you look really close at them. Sure saves on the watering and maintenance while looking great. 
The High Roller was s l o w l y revolving. Little by little things are opening up. 
Found our son's business. Was surprised at this mask holder. What a good idea. A napkin holder! His business is a cleaning service for homes and offices and industrial businesses. 
This is how the ladies leave the towels in the bathrooms. On display in one of the offices. 
Stopped at the Argentine market and restaurant to get some empanada dough. Will make chicken empanadas sometime in the next couple of days. 
The reflection of the same new hotel in another building. It sure is red.
The RV is still at the RV doctor - seems to be a lot of doctoring going on. Waiting for a couple of batteries to be delivered. Stopped at Pharmacy to pick up Bill's antibiotics. Only three days worth. Pharmacist says it is pretty powerful. A powder that has to be dissolved in water then immediately drank. He was pleasantly surprised at the taste, said it was an orange flavor. 
Then on home. I fixed one of Bill's favorite meals for his birthday dinner - chicken Paella. Turned out really good. 
And on to  another day. No errands tomorrow, no chores that need to be done, no doctors that need to be talked to. Whew - hopefully quiet day. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Drastic change in weather

Oh my gosh, I knew it was finally going to get cooler, but this is a whole lot cooler. Bill is going to freeze. And we might get rain Sunday night and Monday. 

Had an emotional melt down the other evening. I think everything is just catching up with me. I complained loudly about how warm it was in the house, so Bill took pity on me and turned the thermostat down. Then he was cold. Ended up wearing long pants and a sweat shirt! I continued my sulking - got out a 300 piece puzzle and did it while listening to old sad country music. 

Heard, kind of, from doctor after many calls to them. They made Bill an appointment for Wednesday to see the doctor again. Think it is just an infection, but then they added, "If his symptoms get worse go to emergency." Now that is scary. What symptoms??? He feels fine - he says.  My results weren't back yet so have to call again today. [After another phone call found out my results were in doctors office last Thursday.] So  many changes since I started this yesterday. This morning Bill has an appointment clear across town with an infectious disease doctor and I now have to see our primary doctor this afternoon - I will be getting the appointment that was originally for Bill. What a mess. And still no real answers. When we get home in the spring will be looking for another primary doctor!

We got our second shingles shot two days ago, boy is my arm swollen and sore, even ran a slight fever yesterday. Feels okay today. 

I decided I like to be able to hang my mask around my neck when going between errands so made another beaded strap. The one on the mask I'd made when I was making the beaded necklace, so just starting the new one. 

Got it done, remember the necklace? The new strap is the top one. So now I have two just in case one breaks. They are so light weight can't even feel it on my neck. 
I can change them from mask to mask. Not making one for Bill, think he'd feel a little silly with flowers around his neck. 
Went over to the RV yesterday and it wouldn't start so called FMCA Roadside Assistance to get a jump start. They told me our account had expired. I was sure I'd paid it but didn't argue and after hanging up went on line and to check it out. Oops - maybe I didn't renew it in May. Then we went back to the RV and I looked for the paper work, sure enough I'd renewed it in May. After checking both cards I realized they had different membership numbers on them. So guess a phone call is in order later today. Finally got it started and right now it is at RV doctor being checked, belts, batteries, tires etc. Don't need any problems while on the road.  PS - called them and got my money back for duplicate membership. 
I would like just one day with no drama. 
AAARRRGGG! Home from one doctor on way to another.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Waiting game

 I tried this recipe in the air fryer. Didn't take pictures of my attempt - sure didn't look like their picture. They say to cut eggplant in 1" slices...well I cut it into about 3/4" slices and there is no way in heck you can roll up a 3/4" slice of cooked eggplant. It is just too thick. Before I go further though, it was very good when put together. I made a couple of changes used Italian flavored hummus and mozzarella cheese. Next time I'm going to cut the slices less than 1/2" thick. 

Just a picture from my walk yesterday. Liked the colors. 

Also another home really decorated for Halloween. 
This morning we went to the market, mainly just to get out and about and then to the pharmacy where we got our 2nd Shingles shot. We are now all done with shots - thank goodness. Also trying to get my prescriptions in order for our winter trip ... Hopefully they are all straightened out now.
We are still waiting to hear from our primary doctor with the results  of last weeks tests. Some of which might or might now put a damper on our plans to leave in a couple of weeks. 
There is also some concern about being able to drive into Mexico. We know of several people who have done it lately but just to check we got in touch of a friend in San Carlos and asked if any Americans in RVs had stopped at his campground lately. The answer was yes, of course. There is no problem on driving into Mexico. I finished another 500 piece puzzle. Very pretty and took some time.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Walking and walking.

And a few more days pass. We still have not heard from our primary doctor about the results of the tests he had us take last Monday. Nothing like wondering and worrying for a week or so. Hope we do hear from him tomorrow or the next day. 

Made another outing to WalMart, again spent an obscene amount of money on things for the winter. From now on shopping on line, a lot cheaper. 

Thursday I heard big trucks outside, looked out the window and saw this large hunk of machinery - FROM THE GAS COMPANY! Lots of other trucks, pickups and men swarming out. What the heck?

Now that is a lot of machinery. Finally got close enough to one of the men to ask what was going on. He said, nothing to worry about [his opinion] Just a small gas leak. Why the huge pieces of machinery? We always bring them in case things are worse then reported. Oh Goody! But guess it was JUST a small leak as they were gone in less than a half hour. It was behind a neighbors house. 
Went for a walk yesterday morning. At 8:30 it was still cool enough to go outside. Thank goodness - though today and for the next few days the highs will be in the low 90's. Is summer never going to end?
Back to walk. 55 minutes, 5920 steps equals 2.3 miles. My goal is 3 miles in 60 minutes. Guess I'll have to pick it up a bit. Some of the homes here really go out for Halloween decorations. 
Just a pretty bush and the blue sky. These yellow bushes bloom most of the summer. 
Another really decorated home. Lots and lots of spiders and shadows of the web and big spider on the front of the house. 
As I continued walking I started to notice the smoke from the California fires starting to creep into our beautiful blue sky. 
The oleanders are outdoing themselves this year. Maybe they like the dry weather. No rain here for over 180 days. And none in the forecast. 
Getting heavier and browner.
Going to turn the air purifier back up on high for a few days I guess. 
Just returned from today's walk. Didn't do quite as good. Guess my enthusiasm didn't match my capabilities. only 4500 steps, 1.75 miles in 35 minutes. Slowing down. Not quite so much smoke in the air today. 
NASCAR race on today to take up some of my time. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Lots going on

Been an interesting few days again. I've been keeping busy still making masks. And finishing the lion puzzle - the one in the header. It is my favorite so far. Took about four days to finish it. Each piece had from two to five colors on it.  Finished these masks a couple of days ago. My goal was to have enough masks we could wear them once - like you are supposed to - then put them in laundry and get a clean one for next outing. 

Bill has been working on a charging station for all of his drone equipment, batteries, tablets, etc. He is setting it up in the case he had left after the drone crash the other week. 
When not in use it closes up and takes up very little space. 
This is what he used last winter - it took up a quarter of the sofa! Big improvement. 
The sunrise Monday morning, not spectacular but colorful. Always starts the day out good. 

And from there the day went downhill. We had our - we thought - final doctor appointment with our primary doctor. Well we walked in feeling great and left feeling overwhelmed and horrid. He didn't like some of the findings on the tests we took. So had to have more lab work done - yes both of us. And waiting to get results. But he doesn't have time for an office appointment so he will let us know what is going on in a telemed conference. HUH? No idea how that will work out. Office girl told to me check my laptop for a camera??? [When I said I didn't think it had one, their answer was to go buy a new one!!!] She told me what to look for and luckily it has one. Scared myself silly when I pushed the right button and my face popped up on the screen. She is supposed to call sometime this week to walk me through setting up whatever program I need and to give us a time for the conference. Of course they bill just like an office visit! Thank goodness for insurance. 
Finally finished up all the masks I'd started. Making no more. Put sewing machine to bed until Spring. 
After the doctor's appointment we went to the WalMart we used to go to on the south west side of town. Little nicer area we thought. Had to get some more OTC meds for the trip. Almost everything we wanted was in locked cases. Had to find someone to unlock them - plural. That was a surprise. I asked why and he told me things were being stolen at an alarming rate. Stuff like allergy meds and vitamins??? 
Thinking about bringing the RV over here to the house one day this week to start loading some of the stuff in it. Just extra supplies for the winter. 
Then a few more trip related errands to run. 

Friday, October 9, 2020

Lots of good news

Thursday night we had another experimental air fryer dinner to celebrate good news. We had salmon and stuffed Portabello mushrooms fixed in air fryer along with salad and cauliflower rice flavored with garlic and herbs. Turned out pretty good. Took this picture before putting the rice on the plate. So disgusting, we are eating healthy. 

Now for the good/great news.  Bill's visit with the cardiologist went very well. Doctor was very happy with Bill's test results. Says his heart is the strongest it has been. No change in medications or any thing. Just go to Mexico and have fun. 
This was Thursday mornings sunrise. Another pretty one. 

Today I had an appointment with the allergy doctor about my chronic hives. He has changed my medication from five pills a day to two and so far no hives. Hopefully I stay that way. 
And after that appointment I visited with my girlfriend who lives by the doctor and picked up a four pack of - DRUM ROLL - Lysol Spray Disinfectant! We had been talking about not being able to buy any any where - then she happened to be in Costco and they had some, she called me and asked if I wanted some. YES. The clerk who was stocking the shelves told her to buy them right then as in 30 minutes they would all be gone. So now I have more than I'll probably ever use. 
We also went out to get our Flu shots, one more thing off the to do list. 
Also been keeping busy making more masks, did four yesterday, none today but will finish the ones I've got started tomorrow - probably.  
Monday we have our, hopefully, last doctor's appointment with our primary doctor. I already know he has news for me. Called to tell me I had a mild infection that will need to be treated. Lovely.
Road racing in NASCAR this weekend, probably in the rain. Should be fun to watch. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Like kids in a candy store

Yesterday was a big deal kind of day. We actually went to WalMart. [first time inside WalMart since we went in Arizona in March.] I wanted to get 2021 desk calendars for our desks. And frankly just wanted to get out. Pleasantly surprised at how well set up they were with directional aisles, sanitizer everywhere and everyone in masks. Spent about an hour just wandering around in there. 

Was surprised to see so many empty shelves, especially in paper supplies sections. This was supposed to have paper plates. Paper towels and toilet paper aisles were kind of bare too. 

Of course, no alcohol or Lysol Spray Disinfectant, the girl stocking shelves says they get it and it is gone in 20 minutes.  I did find a box of three puzzles for $10, good sized ones of Kincaid pictures.
And we found A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER STUFF. Mostly stuff for taking to Mazatlan. Always get the vehicles serviced there so lots of oil, wax, and additives for fuel. Also Christmas lights. Bill found some tennis shoes and we got a few groceries I didn't know we needed. Any way about choked when the checker told me the total. No more in store shopping for us for a while. And they didn't have calendars! So will have to go to find some some where [okay, Bill ordered them from Amazon.]
Have put up our Halloween decorations.  The place mats are all on one side of the table, cause I use the other side for my puzzles. 
Some stained glass in the kitchen window. 

And the embroidered window hanging. 
Spent part of the day making more masks, I want to be able to just use them once and put them in laundry. So figured we needed a few more. Did remember to buy elastic for the masks at WalMart. Still have some more to make. 

Finally human temperatures. Going to love it. 
This morning's sunrise over the desert. 

Managed to g
et out for a walk this a.m. Forty minutes 2.14 miles. I always feel so much better when I get out and move. 
Another doctor's appointment this afternoon for Bill with the cardiologist. Then we are almost done. 

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Mostly good things.

 Well where to begin? Just noticed the date. Today would have been my Mom and Dad's 83rd anniversary. 

Back to last week. The eye doctor's office never returned our calls. Finally went on line for a doctor to get a prescription for antibiotic eye drops. After the shot in the eye for macular degeneration Bill's eye hurt like the devil for several days. Called the eye doctors office, they said they would call right back. Never heard from them. By Saturday his eye was oozing a yellow discharge. Still could not get a hold of  eye doctor. Anyway got a prescription for eye drops and he is much better now. Discharge has gone away and eye has finally stopped hurting. 

As for me - I went to the cardiologist and was given the thumbs up. All my tests came back fine. My heart and veins are fine. No medical reason for higher blood pressure. Am on a new stronger pill. And will see him again in the spring. A relief. Personally I think it is the stress of being stuck at home inside. The weather has finally cooled down some, at least at night and in the mornings. And for a few days the air has been without smoke. This morning I took a 2.4 mile walk in 40 minutes. I know that isn't record breaking, but I'm happy with it. Also we've gone out to stores a couple of times. 

I love Smucker's Strawberry Jelly [lot of jam out there, but don't like it, nor do I like other brands of jelly] and it is impossible to find in the grocery stores any more. Bill spent a lot of time on the Internet and found these last 12 jars in existence and ordered them for me. Gotta love that!

I didn't know he'd ordered them so imagine my surprise when he called me out to the kitchen to see them. 
And - on the way back from the doctor's office we stopped at Little Caesars Pizza for a couple of pies. Haven't had any since we had Little Caesars in Huatabampo. It was better there!
Also got a new box of puzzles in the mail. Again Bill ordered them for me. Good thing it came as I was down to the last puzzle in the last box.
This is the last puzzle, just started it yesterday. Not as easy as I thought it would be. See the picture in the upper right corner.
After wearing our masks this week I decided I wanted to be able to take the mask off and let it hang around my neck while we were in the car and between indoors places. So took a beaded string I'd done when making the necklace, it was extra, and put some alligator clips on it. 
Yep - that will work. And I can change it from mask to mask. 
Speaking of masks, I was also bored enough that I drug out some sewing. Thought I make a different style mask. 
How it turned out. Actually fits pretty good and I thought it was easy to make. But when I tried to make a couple more, they ended up in the trash. Did not fit at all. Don't know what I did different but not going to waste any more material. 
Now you know I was really bored. Made some banana bread and muffins from scratch. Good old Betty Crocker recipe, some how, some where, I lost my Mother's wonderful recipe for banana bread. This one was good but not near as good as her recipe.
So back to the mask making. There was a lot of NASCAR racing on this weekend so I sat and sewed while watching/listening to the races. Again not a good weekend for the #18. But the masks turned out really good. Just want to make sure we have enough to keep changing them between wearings/washings. I know we can buy some, but I have the material and the time so...
Other than that not much going on. This week two doctor visits, one for Bill and one for me. Hopefully except for one next week too, for both of us, we will be done with that nonsense. Just need to get flu shot but the pharmacy was out of the old fart shot last week. 
Until next time...