Sunday, November 19, 2017

Much nicer weather

OMG - Saturday was a gorgeous day. Low humidity, bearable temperatures and a good cool breeze.
A nice day to sit outside and enjoy life. We even got some birds visiting our tree in the morning. Two or three different kinds. And who knew – the butterflies and bees love the apples and oranges.
And I was wrong yesterday – there was more work to do on Willie. Didn’t know it until Pablo, the mechanic, turned up this morning. When we had the radiator changed in Vegas the guy managed to screw up the wiring to Bill’s PIA spotlights. So they got rewired and now work and the windshield washer and wipers also now work. And new back up lights. Willie should be so happy.
After Pablo finished we went across the street to have a late lunch. Had the outdoor restaurant almost to ourselves. Excellent food and great view. Watched someone parasailing and another guy windsurfing.
Then home where Bill took out another one of his drones.
Another couple who are regulars here came in yesterday afternoon. Always good to see everyone again.
Today our friends from Idaho get here. He is going to get his truck painted so they’ll be here for a while. So there will be lots of running around taking them to see everything in the area.
And the final race of NASCAR is today. Going to try to find a TV somewhere so I can watch it –

Weather is finally cooling down and hopefully humidity will continue to drop. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Short post as we didn't do much all day.
Another hot humid day. Even the birds are hot.
We watched these clouds build, turn black and then move away. Wish they’d drop a little rain here might cool it down.
We spent most of the day at home. The mechanic came back to change all the brakes on Willie. And turn the rotors. So that is now done. We brought the ceramic brakes from home. All jacked up waiting for new shoes.
Bill getting ready to play with the drone.
A couple of pictures of the campground taken by the drone. Notice how empty the front part is. Most of the people here are Canadian.
 Looking back at us in the back part of the campground.
Friends of ours from Prescott, AZ are down here now, at a different campground, but they came over to visit for a while. Always fun.
I kind of kept track of the NASCAR qualifying for the last race of the year. My favorite driver is one of the four who can run for the championship. He qualified 3rd.
Stayed home until it cooled down a little around sunset. Then took the Jeep out to check the brakes. All seems fine. We watched some of the vendors coming up off the beach. There is a man behind all of these.
Then on home. Even more lights around us. 
No plans for today so far. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Got several errands done!

Busy and productive day on Thursday. We were out of the campground by 8:00. First stop was Nashas Restaurant, where we ate last night, for breakfast. I enjoyed my French Toast but Bill wasn’t impressed with his omelet and under cooked hash browns [there was no brown about them.]
Then clear across town to pick my cameras up from the repair man. We had called him the night before and said we’d be there at 9:00. We got there a little before 9:00 and he was waiting for us out on the curb. He commented about how dirty my good camera was, just shook his head and tut tutted. Cost 400 pesos to clean both cameras. US$21. Worth the price.
Then into the Centro Historico where we parked and set out on our next errands. While parked Willie got a bath inside and out. Our first stop was to drop off my beige sandals with one of the many shoe repair men in the central plaza. I wanted the shoes dyed black as the shoe company doesn’t make black ones any more. And I had three pairs of beige ones. He said it would take about an hour. Before
And after.
The ones I got dyed last year are starting to get loose on my foot. Don't want to repeat the fall I took last year. 
Then we had to go to the TelMex office to pay for our Internet service. Had to laugh this electrical pole was across the street. Spaghetti anyone?
 It was much easier than we thought it would be to set up the Internet. And we were able to pay for it for four months. We had to do that because if they sent us a monthly bill we’d never get it. Everyone in there was very helpful. Except the security guard – no pictures – so had to sneak this one. Very nice modern office.
Then back to the car to leave the Internet box – just liked the colors of these buildings.
Then we went to the watch makers to leave Bill’s watches to be cleaned and batteries changed. His shop was closed but the man in the business across the street told us that he lived right next door and to just knock. Sure enough he answered and then opened his shop. The watches will be ready in a couple of days.
Next stop optician – not open. We had time to waste so we walked up to the central market to walk around and see everyone we know there. It was still early so the market was almost empty. 
That and the fact the street in front of the market is still under repair and is closed to traffic. One of these days I’ll take some pictures of all the improvements downtown. All new sidewalks and streets and curbs – looks great and makes walking a lot easier.
Picked up my shoes and we headed home. Already too hot to be out.
The “bread/fruit” tree with some bread and fruit on it. But haven’t seen any bird yet. One dove did show up later in the day.
Didn’t want to cook or eat salad so we went to a pizza place La Mona in the marina for dinner. The water was very still. Lots and lots of boats.
 La Mona – we sat outside. Enough of a breeze for it to be comfortable.
The sun was starting to set as we ate.
 Just some color left in the sky as we headed back to the car.
This morning the mechanic will be back to do the brakes on the Jeep. Bill brought ceramic pads from home.  Except to change a fuse – we hope – to the windshield wipers that will be the end of the work on the Jeep.

Still waiting for upholster to come back. Gave him a call and left a message last night. 
A couple of birds showed up this a.m. and took a few pecks of food. 
By Sunday the heat is supposed to go down to 85 and humidity will drop about 25% - sure hope so. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

We manage to pass the time.

It has been weird here. When we are home Bill is always up way before me, by that I mean usually around 4 a.m.  I roll out around 7/8 o’clock. Here I’m up about 6 and he sleeps in till 7 or 8. He goes to bed much earlier than me. Wonder what it is – the bed? Maybe just the being here.
Different way of doing things – gotta love it. Here is the cable for our Internet. It was run along the fence in the back ground then across the ground to our rig. Think that could be done in the US? NOT.
Eventually it will be buried under the gravel. Someday. Manana.
Mechanics were here early – about 9:00. One finished putting the Jeep back together the other, the main man changed the oil and filters in both the Jeep and the Jayco.
Before leaving home Bill bought all the oil and filters needed. He also bought new struts for the back window in the Jeep. They were installed too.
They finished around noon. Bill figures they worked for about 12 hours to get everything done. Total bill 5300 Pesos – at today’s exchange rate US$ 280. And the AC works wonderful! Better then it has in a long time.
The upholster hasn’t returned yet but here is the hitch cover he made. Will keep the worst of the weather off it. When we store it he usually wraps it with foil a towel and duck tape. Much better look now. 
The fruit/vegetable truck comes every Wednesday morning. Everything on it smells so good. We got 2 beefsteak tomatoes, 6 eggs, 1 avocado, big head of romaine lettuce, basket of strawberries and six tangerines. 170 pesos or US$8.50. There was also a truck selling fresh shrimp and fish.
Later we took the Jeep out to check it out. AC works better than it has in a long time and no rattles or pieces missing. First stop was Home Depot where we got some dowels for the bread/fruit tree and Bill got another “Star Shower” light. Just like home all decked out for Christmas.
Leaving there I noticed the neat letters signage in front of a small business. The letters are smaller then when used for city names.
While sitting at the red light we noticed that the opposing traffic was being entertained by a bunch of young people do acrobatics. She is on the shoulder of a guy. Somersaults and everything.
Then to the market to get some bread for the tree, though I haven’t seen many birds around. 
And stopped at a new, for us, restaurant – Rincon de Nasha.
Bill had fajitas said they were the best he has ever eaten. I had quesadillas. Both of us had soft drinks. About US$15 with tip. They have a good breakfast menu we will have to try. 
Bill putting the bread/fruit tree together when we got home. Will probably change it some if the birds show up.

Today we have an early start for a bunch of errands. Need to geet them done early before its too hot to move around. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

More excitement than necessary

Well Tuesday was an exciting day here at our site. First off the upholsters showed up. They had the windshield wiper covers done and the hitch cover done. Wanted to take more measurements for the mirrors for the RV and Jeep
 The fancy windshield wiper covers, t hey even have a zipper.
Not long after they left the mechanic showed up with his helper, a gentlemen schooled in air conditioners. It was decided that the condenser had gone bad.  And where is the air conditioning unit located in the Jeep. Behind the dashboard, the only way to get to it was to remove the entire dash. OMG. Pieces all over the place.

Glad we aren't paying for this at US prices of $150 an hour. Our mechanic in Vegas told us it would take a minimum of 10 hours labor to pull it all out and replace the condenser! That's why we waited until we got here. We've used this mechanic for years and like and trust him. 

Pieces in the back seat. I stayed inside most of the time, didn't want to see this. New condenser installed time to put things back together. 
They worked until almost dark. Just a few more things to put back together. Checked AC it is working good. Today they will finish and also give Willie an oil change and a couple of other things. 
Also we now have the beginnings of a new "bread/fruit" tree. Just have to go to Home Depot and buy some dowels to stick in it to hold the bread and fruit. Might see if they have a hummingbird feeder too. Raphael "planted" it for us. It is a dead tree he cut down from another area in the park. 
And towards the end of the day the Internet installer showed back up. We now have cable Internet with no data limits. We will have to go downtown to the office to prepay the service for as long as we'll be here. But we have a couple of days to get that done. See the white router up by Bill's head. 
Weather is supposed to cool down some and humidity to drop by Sunday, sure hope so.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nothing exciting going on here in Mazatlan

Monday was a quiet day. We did start the day by going out for breakfast across the street. [You’re right we haven’t cooked since we left home. Just too hot.] Again the waves were really high and crashing on what little is left of the beach. People are complaining that they can’t sleep because of the noise.
 Half of the beach has been washed away.
 It is always so pretty at Torres, just what one would want for a winter vacation.
 After eating we headed to Wal*Mart for a few things. Since we left in the spring the roundabout where we turn to go to Wal*Mart has been landscaped. Now you can’t see over it. I HATE roundabouts.
 And a nice salad bar.
Just like being home. A really nice produce section. Yellow, red and orange peppers are about 45 cents each. Really nice ones.
 The Sam’s Club next door.
 Then on home as we were expecting a few people. The first to show up was the gravel delivery. So now more of our site has gravel instead of dirt and dried weeds.
 Noticed the electric company truck over by the box. A couple of days ago we were all without electricity for an hour or so while they were working on something. No power outage this time.
 The mechanic called, he is supposed to come today, Tuesday, to fix the AC in the Jeep. I hope.
And the upholster came by to take more measurements. We’re looking into getting an awning over the window by the dinette.
During the day Bill was busy putting up light outside. In the tree, around Willie’s canopy and around the RV.
He also set up his “Star Shower” – kind of pretty. Just red and green lights forming different shapes.

Today my cameras will be ready but we’ll see if the car is fixed.

Oops spoke too soon, Bill is cooking breakfast this morning. Diced onions, potatoes, Cantimpalo and eggs scrambled together.