Thursday, December 14, 2017

Vendors and decorating the Plaza Republica

I've changed my setting for comments on my blog as a couple people have told me that they can't post. Now I'm wondering if they will be able too and if the people who have posted will still be able to comment. Please let me know. 
Didn't do much yesterday, rained off and on. Picked up our laundry and went to store to get bread and fruit for the birds. And took a too long nap during the afternoon. Very gray out this morning with rain forecast off and on for next couple of days.
Some more on our visit to Centro on The Virgin of Guadalupe Day. The traffic in Centro was very congested. Several streets around the Cathedral were closed adding to the grid lock. And people on the way to the Cathedral were crossing the streets where ever they wanted. A young couple their dressed up baby to church. 
 One of the reasons for the street closures. Trinket and food vendors everywhere. 
 I love Gorditas but the stand wasn't open yet and we forgot to go back by it before we left. These are thick ones that can be split open and all kinds of yummy sweet things put in them. 
 You could get whole meals if you wanted to. 
 Souvenirs on the right. The first booth had little stuffed lambs and Christmas hats. 

This little girl was feeding the pigeons. Of course there were bags of pigeon seed for sale. 

The municipal building was being decorated. Saturday one of this was up. 

 Decorations and lights being put up in the big trees in the Plaza Republica. 
 Two men up the tree, one in a very small cherry picker type thing.

 Two Christmas trees in the Plaza - on opposing corners.
 It was a pretty day for taking pictures. The Cathedral, gazebo and some decorations.
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  1. I’m one of your loyal readers that reads every post… But hardly ever leaves a comment. I very much enjoy following you and Bill’s adventures. The settings you had worked for me in the past and the settings you now have appear to be working for me as well. By the way, you asked a few posts back about the number of pictures. I really do enjoy seeing all the pictures. And also following your links to go back and look at them from earlier posts. Enjoy your day.

    Joe from the Hoosier State

  2. Some great picture in this post - it is looking very much like Christmas in Plaza Republica. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. I made a limited blogger profile and it worked.

    2. thank you - will leave it like this and see how it goes. Maybe that's why I don't get many comments...

  4. I had to go to a different format.
    Tapped and the blog reopened in a traditional format.
    Also, I do not suffer from photo overload.
    It is your blog. Do what feels right.
    Thanks for the MZT area news.

  5. thank you for taking time to comment

  6. We were there showing friends about on Tuesday and I think I got a photo of the same little girl feeding the pigeons except front the front in one of the photo set ups.

    Okay enough of the rain. We have puddles in the RV Park and we have already pulled up things as we are at the low end of the park and expect to get flooded.

    1. I ended up taking 163 pictures! Need to sort them out. Wish we'd seen you. We are sitting in a big puddle of mud!

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    1. I had to re-enter my Google account address and password....but here I am!