Thursday, October 6, 2016

Can't wait to make a stained glass piece.

Gosh it is already Thursday - time flies when you are having fun. And I've been having fun - well kind of. I finally got out in the garage and started unpacking all my stained glass supplies. Took most of yesterday morning and almost finished up this morning. 
First I had to clean a bunch of crap off the shelving. Then started unpacking boxes. Boxes and plastic tubs all over the place. No organization yet.
 Hard to get things done - as my car was close to where I had to work. Why didn't I take it out of the garage you ask? Well because the garage door opener quit working. I know it can be opened manually but Bill wasn't feeling good and I didn't want to bother him.
 Luckily the repair person for the garage door got here early this morning and fixed it. One of the sensor wires had broken - rotted - so it was a quick fix. Car got moved out of the way. And I went to work. Here it is kind of getting set up. 
 Spent a lot of time sorting the glass pieces by colors and discovering more were broken than we thought. The one space is empty because the brace needed to be reglued. That is a big light box on the floor under the shelving. 
 So did a little more rearranging and am almost ready to use the area. I found a couple of things I'd started in Indiana so will finish and repair them. Spent quite a bit of time just going through all my patterns and sorting them by type i.e. butterflies, birds, and flowers etc. etc. All  my tools are hung up and easy to get to. Can't wait to get out there and do something. Still have some glass to sort but had to buy new gloves before doing that as they are all broken [sharp] pieces. My old gloves had holes in the fingers - not good. 
The ladies who clean came this morning, thank you son. So we went out on errands. Got my gloves and found a pair of tennis shoes that I like in my size! Among other things. Also stopped at CVS pharmacy and now have all our prescriptions in order. More on that another day. And also got a shingles vaccination. When we checked in Indiana they wanted $250 over and above the insurance. Today it cost $30. Don't know why but didn't turn it down. Bill claims he never had chicken pox. I hope he is right. 
Then returned to a spick and span and nice smelling house. Lots of NASCAR practice on today so I bit the bullet and started working on the quilt. 
It had to be pinned first. Got smart and used the cutting table to pin it on, instead of crawling around on the floor. Because it is not a full sized quilt that worked. Used a zillion and a half pins. Fingers hurt by the time I got done. Also go started on the actual quilting. Using a transparent thread - between the hole in the needle being so small, no light on my sewing machine - it will be going in the shop in the spring when we get home - and thread that you can't see or feel cause it is so fine, I put together some new phrases.
Bill put some greenery in one of the window boxes - looks really neat but forgot to take a picture of it. 
Still collecting stuff for the garage sale too. Sure hope most of it goes. Tomorrow have a doc appointment - it was a year ago today I had my surgery. One year without pain - marvelous! Why didn't I do it sooner?
After that we are going to go to a big indoor flea market to see if we can find any inexpensive greenery for other window box. 

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