Sunday, May 7, 2017

Weird weather

Thursday was hot. Friday we had our first 100 degree day of the year. Yesterday the wind returned in force - shook the house, poor plants were leaning sideways - blew most of the flowers off the Palo Verde At about 10 p.m. thunder was roaring over our part of the valley, lots of lightening and then a sudden cloud burst. I thought it was hailing at first. Lasted about 15 minutes then gone. But we got a whole lot of rain during that 15 minutes. Today the high is supposed to be 68.!  That is lower than the night lows we've been having. This morning no wind so Bill is at the RC field playing with his planes. The group he flies with like to get there early before it gets crowded. In fact I slept in and when I got up he was gone. 
So now we're supposed to have a week of maybe showers and cooler temperatures. Goody.
I finally got my utensil container painted and out in the kitchen. It is just a wood cylinder, pretty in itself but I wanted to add some color to it. I had these old stencils so...Getting it ready to paint. 
 There are four roosters painted on it - One, the first one I did, is so ugly - my paints were not working well - just because they were over 10 years old - so had to buy new. This was the last one I did. I like him so he is turned out to see. Everything is handy now, don't have to dig through the drawers when cooking. 
Speaking of cooking - I'm on a spree - we had chicken cacciatore for dinner last night. I had enough sauce left to freeze it for some later day. I think today I'll cook a pork roast with potatoes and apples. It is probably the last really cool day we'll have. 
We bought some solar lights to put in the yard to light up the plants. Looks nice. The Palo Verde.
 The little yard between the front door and the wetlands. It was always so dark there. Also put some in front but didn't get decent pictures of them. 
I've put some of my stained glass sun catchers in the window in my sewing room as I like to keep the blinds pulled up for the light. You can see my ocotillo outside. Its flowers already look happier. It has a mister at the top of it. 
I really should get out and walk this a.m. but going to watch NASCAR instead. I don't like the destruction derby at Talladaga - it is just a crap shoot. But I imagine Dale Jr will win, he is good there and after all this is his final year. 
While out shopping the other day we heard a musical horn blowing in the parking lot so stopped to check this out. There were religious says on the car. Never know what you'll see here. 
Going to get roast out of freezer and watch TV. 

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