Friday, July 28, 2017

Sewing, working on window and flying.

Another warm day here. Bill got out bright and early this morning, 5:30 a.m., to go to the radio control airfield to fly his airplanes. The only time of day it is cool enough and not windy. By 7:30 he was home and hot. Going to try to go again tomorrow morning. He has a fighter plane he is learning to fly. I get up about the time he gets home.  Well no, not really - when he got home I was out in the garage working on my window. After putting the foil on all the pieces the foil has to be pressed down on to the glass. Use that white plastic thing to press it down smooth. Need to make sure the foil sticks to the glass before soldering. This is just one flower. My hands cramp after a while so I have to stop. When done the foil looks smooth not crinkly. 
 All the pieces I have done are now tack soldered together. I have to make the patterns for the background pieces. You can see I have a couple drawn and cut. With arrows pointing up so I put them on the glass right. 
I brought one piece of the background glass inside so I could start tracing the patterns on it. Have to cut it in the garage, maybe tomorrow morning. 
Beside that I've been doing more sewing. Working on my sunflower - table runner - or maybe a wall hanging. Haven't decided yet. Still have to buy the border material. I've finished two blocks. More of the Elizabeth's Studio material from Mexico. 
And I finished the butterfly quilt. I ended up quilting around each butterfly to give it more depth.
I was sitting quietly in the dining room this afternoon working on my puzzle. This is one of the cheap boxed puzzles. The pieces are about the size of a dime. And very thin. If you just look at them they come apart. Suddenly I heard a loud buzzing. 
The buzzing got louder, when I looked up I saw a couple of red lights sneaking around the corner looking at me. 
And here comes the big kid! Ah, boys and their toys. He is practicing flying it in close quarters. Didn't hear a crash or swearing so guess the flight turned out okay. 
And that was our exciting day. Oh that and watching NASCAR practice. More like listening to practice as I sew while it is on. 
Tomorrow is a full day of NASCAR and a soccer game later in the day. I'm going to have to start another project...


  1. Looks like Captain Bill is getting the hang of flying the drone, your glass work is looking great. You are very talented with your hobbies....

    1. thank you - maybe by when you get to Maz he'll really have the drones figured out.