Monday, May 18, 2020

A Trip Through the Twilight Zone

Last nights sunset - looks like it wants to gather up Las Vegas and take it away.

And maybe it did. We left home this morning for the first time since March 30th.  
Driving out of the gates!
 And up Tropicana Ave towards Las Vegas Blvd.
Just a couple of pictures from the car along The Strip. No one about. 
 Empty stairs and escalator. Usually full of people 
 Most of the hotels had some kind of Feel Good message. 
Here is a rather long video I took of Las Vegas Blvd.
We had turned around and were driving south starting just north of Desert Inn. Notice the cross walks are empty. Lots and lots of construction on The Strip. It would be a nightmare if there was the usual traffic. New construction of Resort World on the right. Saw a few security people, a couple of people on bikes. And lots of police cars with their light flashing to keep people from turning into the resort driveways. Like something out of a movie, so unreal feeling. And today would have been a perfect day to e walking from hotel to hotel. Not too hot and a breeze. 

To watch it full screen click here  Get the full effect of the emptiness. 


Janet said...

That video is surreal, never would have expected that in Las Vegas. Those poor people, so many of them with no jobs, this really portrays the pandemic and the aftermath.

Carol and Bill said...

Lots and lots of people out of work here.

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