Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Came home from going out and my laptop was DEAD. Would not turn on. Tried and tried and tried. Finally found something that looked promising. However it removed all my programs and bookmarks and browsers. So far have managed to reinstall AOL for mail and Chrome for my blog. IE was reinstalled when I did the Refresh.  I think all My Documents and Pictures are still here but have to install a bunch of programs.
So may not be here for a few days until all is up and running and my blood pressure has returned to normal. 


  1. Well Carol You did a good job of holding back the stress level tonight at dinner and the great trip up the Malacon. Has a great time today with you two, as always.. Fingers crossed that you get things sorted out with as little stress as possible.

    1. it quit working again today - downloaded new display driver - hope that is it.