Friday, July 17, 2020

Another interesting day.

Lady Liberty wearing her face mask. It is five feet high and eight feet wide.
Again up early enough to see the sunrise, such as it was. 
Well my phone finally died enough that I was forced into getting a new one. Which involved trip to the Verizon Store. Clerk was masked and had hand sanitizer he was using a lot. Got an inexpensive Samsung. Does what I need it to do. He transferred everything from old phone to new phone.  But to do that he needed the password to the Gmail account that is set up with the phone. Oh, oh - I gave him what I thought MIGHT be it. Guess it wasn't 'cause he said Nope, no problem I'll just change the password. I'm glad we have Samsung phones. A couple of other older people came in while we were there with their Apple phones with problems. Verizon clerks could not solve them, they would have to go to an Apple store. But according to one of the customers - there are NO Apple stores open in Vegas. Not happy campers. That done we next door to the Smith's grocery. Big sign out front, if you are sick go home. If you don't have a mask, do not come in. Much to our surprise every person in the store had on a mask. So they must be enforcing it. Last time we were there maybe half the people wore masks. 
On to something pretty,. Our flowers out front are taking off, getting so big. This bush has four different colors of flowers on it. 
Our poor little bush that has such struggles is finally growing great. I love the flowers on it. [Yes, we are that close to our neighbor, that is why we nver use front door.]
Interloper growing here. A small palm tree right in the middle of the lantana plant. 
Out front - the gardener trimmed all the dead branches off the ocotillo. Sure looks funny. He says it eventually will grow back - 5 or 10 years from now. 
The workers came by 7:30 and were hard at work all day. He is painting the baseboard. So much nicer than the old stuff. Their saw is set up where the car is usually parked. Hope no one from the front office goes by and sees the Jeep in the backyard. 
Bath tub gin - everything you need during these stressful times, in one place. I remember my mother telling me that her parents made beer in their bathtub when she was little. We are just storing it here. I think we should just put it on the curb with sign  FREE BOOZE. Neither of us will drink it. It was in a cupboard in Indiana and now in a cupboard here. 
So here we are with the construction. Part of kitchen done. All of small room has flooring. 
Laundry room flooring in, needs baseboard and cabinets. 
Hallway from computer room, up through small room into living room. 
Because bottoms of cabinets in kitchen were damaged by the water there will be work done on them too. And somehow they will fix the space in these two cupboards. No way can I get to anything way back in the far corners. 
Looking into it - no idea what the red thing is???
And if I seen a little garbled it is because of hard contact between my head and corner - in circle. The trash can usually sits where the arrow goes. That keeps my head away from the upper cupboards. Couldn't find my frozen peas so sat for a while with frozen shredded cheese on my bump. Very little lump today, just sore. 
And they were back at 7 a.m. hard at work in kitchen. Need to clean the back of that stove before it gets put away. 

Remember I mentioned the Verizon guy changed my password. Could not get into my phone last night to make some changes. Google based. Had to come up with a new password. Tried several - nope, you've used them before. Finally figured out one that would work. So played with phone last night. Well this morning went to Blogger to do this blog. Had to sign in. No problem I knew bloggers password. NOPE! - it had been changed. And, of course, I couldn't remember what I used for the phone. So spent about 30 minutes trying to come up with something they would accept. Finally got one and wrote it down right away. Now all my google based accounts will have to be changed as I use them - or maybe not. Google sent me a message that all affiliated accounts would by synced to new password. We'll see. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Wow...what a day. We are Android people. Android and Apple..kind of like Republicans and Democrats LOL! Glad to see all the mask requirements. No Covid here right now and only a few masks but we are never safe from it and masks are the best protection along with hand washing. The house is looking better and better.

Jackie McGuinness said...

We'll be moving everything when we settle on a contractor for our floors. I'll find all kinds of dirt behind stuff!
Need to start decluttering before we start any of this.

We use Samsumg for our phones and tablets.

Janet said...

Looking good, will be amazing when finished!

Anonymous said...

We have same box of booze lol occasionally use a liquer on ice cream that’s about it.Brought home a chocolate and a licorice liquer from Mexico this spring to add to the mix.

Love your lantana!Think the pretty flower one might be mimosa.

Your new floor looks great.

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - don't think I'd ever switch to Apple, I'm too set in my ways to learn new ways. The floors and baseboards in main rooms are all finished. Nice to have furniture where it belongs.
Jackie - I love the new floors, but would not have done it on purpose.
It was surprising how much stuff we had to move out of the rooms so workers could move the furniture. Oh well, will clean it all before I put it back.
Janet - I can't wait to see the kitchen. New bases and doors. Except not looking forward to emptying all cupboards. Probably will find lots of stuff didn't know I had.
Heather - I sure don't want to put the booze back in the cupboard. But don't want to drink it either. Bill frowned when I said put it on curb with free sign. sounds good to me though.