Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ideling in Idaho

We haven't been doing much the past few days. Mainly staying out of the heat. Today is first under 100 day - it is only 98. But it did rain last night. Just enough to get the vehicles muddy. 
Went to Walmart for a few things. Surprised to see Craft Brewery inside WalMart. You can get your bottles refilled here. 
 We are staying with friends here. Have a great spot under the trees in the shade with full hook ups. Only the trees block the satellite signal. We can get a few channels from town but not too many.
This is the view of their front driveway. Full of flowers. They are on around 8 acres.
A Koi pond with a bridge to walk out over the pond and a waterfall. You can see our RV behind it. 
 The waterfall, sounds really neat. 
 Just one of the big  beautiful  Koi swimming around. 
On both sides and behind the house are pastures. They keep goats and sheep out there. They are all pretty much pets.
 And a whole flock of chickens, each one has a name. They are funny to watch. 
 looking towards one of the pastures from the door of our RV
We are mostly relaxing and visiting and eating while waiting to hear from the insurance adjuster. Not a bad place to spend time. 
Bill has told me in certain terms I cannot name the RV Jinx. So guess I'll have to come up with something else. 


  1. Pretty camp spot. I think you should name your new RV home a more positive name. That way you will be happier with it.