Friday, June 10, 2016

Sunset, Sunrise, Space ships

I may not have been up in time to see yesterday's sunrise but I sure saw yesterday's sunset. WOW I just happened to look out the front window at the right time. Even Bill came outside to see this. Looking west from the front of the house. 

 Small sliver of moon above the tree.

This morning I did get up in time to see the sunrise (about an hour before it), it wasn't spectacular but it was nice. This is looking east from the backyard out over the Wetlands - see the three spaceships? Two are double decker ones. 
 A better look at one. 
 Interesting formations.  
It is so hot here we are seeing things!
Couldn't not take pictures of these - in bakery - all are white or chocolate cakes. Reminds me of Mexican bakeries. How about a slice of chocolate watermelon ?
Corn and watermelon any one? 
 A big bug.
 A cherry pie cake
 A hamburger with lettuce, tomatoes and sesame seeds on the top.
Kind of makes me want to have a party. 


  1. Love your sky pics. The cake ones are also very clever
    Hope the weather cools down for you soon, but I'm guessing it will hang on til about Sept.

    1. Today it didn't reach 100 - only 99.9 degrees out. Just kidding it was a tiny bit cooler than that.

  2. The party sounds great. Are we invited? LOL

    1. Sure you're invited. I'll let you know when and where.