Saturday, July 9, 2016

Albert Lake and Albret Rim and Perpetual Geyser

Today turned out to be a beautiful day. So we took advantage of that and took a ride. First we went to breakfast in town. Ate at Jerry's again. Good meal.
Then we decided to head back north to take another look at Albert Lake and Albert Rim. First we went through a really forested area. Lots of sunshine and blue sky.  
This is the Albert Rim. One side of the road is flat the east side raises almost straight up. 

Here is a shot of both Albert Lake and Rim. 
A couple of panoramic shots of the lake. 

I just liked this shot. The green bushes,  the tan and gray lake and the interesting clouds. 
Some information about the Rim - hopefully it will enlarge big enough to be read. 

Another picture just because I like it. Clouds are reflected in the water

 Oh look what Bill and Willie found. A trail down to the lake. 
 Enjoying the scenery. 

 Birds like the brine shrimp. 
 The wind was blowing hard enough to make some waves. 
The rocks seem to be white, but it is the salt coating them. 
 The red part was under ground. the white part exposed to the air. 
 Just more pictures of the lake and surrounding area. 

 Interesting cloud formations 
 Amber waves of grain. 
 Some more information about the Abert Rim. 
 A purple bush in the golden grain. 
 Some information about the area. 
While studying the sign I noticed the Old Perpetual Geyser and remembered reading about it. It is the only one in Oregon. It used to be continual but the water table has dropped so now it erupts every so many minutes. 
 Back at the campground I did decide to do laundry. The owner has decorated an area near the laundry room. She collected old tires, small and large, and then painted them in bright colors. Really cute. I also asked her if she knew where the geyser was she said "Sure, you can see it from here."
So we walked out behind the laundry room, stood there a few minutes and sure enough there it went. 
 And there goes the geyser. I actually saw it twice. 
It goes off every 5 to 10 minutes. With the wind blowing so hard today a lot of it was going sideways instead of straight up. 
IF the weather is nice tomorrow - no 40mph wind - we will leave for California.

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