Thursday, July 7, 2016

Westward Ho! On to Oregon

Sorry I can't write right now - I'm watching the Trucks qualifying. 
Okay I'm back. KBM truck has the pole with Daniel Suarez driving it. Race later tonight. 
Here we are hooking up in the street in front of our friend's house. We left Boise at 9:15 mountain time. Stopped just on the outskirts of town for breakfast at Flying J for 1/2 hour. Did 189 miles on mostly good road. Much of it two lane and a lot of it curvy with wind. Got to Burns, OR - Burns RV Park - at 12:30 pacific time. 
 A whole lot of the road was like this. Fascinating scenery - not. Between the bugs on the windshield and the fuzz - again - on the camera lens a lot of my pictures today were out of focus. 
 And much of the way we followed a little river.
 Going into Oregon. 
 Just a picture of a barn that I liked. Lots and lots of farming country around that area.
 Looks like a grain field that is about to be harvested.
 Entering the small town of Vale - sign says "Vale or Bust"
There were at least four murals that I saw. Only managed to get blurry pictures of two of them. If you ever go through there check them out.

More country road. Good road though. Some ups and downs lots of rights and lefts. 
 The life of America  - our farmers. Looks like he has been out there awhile and has a lot longer to go.
 The little river we've been following. At least it added some scenery. Lots of barren hills. 
 Glad I don't live here in winter. Second one of these signs we've passed. 
 OH NO!!!! It is July! 
 Just kidding it was just white rock. 
Oregon traffic jam - six cars behind a tractor. 
Yesterday the insurance adjuster came about 10:30. By 12:00 the whole awning assembly was off and gone. He decided the whole thing needed to be replaced, including the awning. It comes as a whole assembly - arms, struts and awning. He called a local RV repair shop who sent out a couple of guys to take it off and dispose of it. We will get it replaced when we get home. In fact he said a check made out to us and the RV dealer should be waiting for us when we get home. If the repair comes to more than the check they will pay it. We have Progressive Insurance and have always had good luck with them. 
Parked at Burns RV in town of Burns. 36.90 a night. 30/50 amp and good WiFi. Full hook ups, about 5 pull throughs. Nice grass area with picnic table. 
All that is left of awning - four of these. Two on each side, top and bottom. 
We'll call the dealer before we get home to set up a date to get everything fixed. 
Oh, Bill has come up with a name for this. "Gitano" it means gypsy in Spanish. pronounced kind of like heetano. I think.


  1. Gitano is a better name than Jinx. Hope it describes your future travels better too. I recognized the murals in Vale from when I came through there.

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