Friday, July 29, 2016

Sewing problems

Not a whole lot to write about today. The heat is still with us. Last night tied the record for the highest low ever. Never got below 93 degrees. But today there was a lot of cloud cover so it didn't look so hot out. Last night there was a lot of lightening around in the mountains.
Still going on about the weather - I was watching the national weather channel and they were talking about some states in the east where the temperatures were going up to 100 - 103. How people needed to be careful of the heat etc. etc. Then I turned on a local channel and the weather person was talking about our weather really cooling down - to 101 - 103 in the next few days. For us that's a cool down!
And it will only be in the mid 80's at night. Maybe the AC will get to shut of for a while. We might get rain Sunday...that would be nice.
While watching NASCAR I finished making my Christmas pot holders. Made six of them. Also made a skillet handle pot holder for Bill. His new NEVER stick frying pan has a metal handle. What genius thought up that?
My sewing machine is a Hasqvarna embroidery machine. Also does regular sewing but it needs a digital card to do anything, including straight stitching. Something happened to my card - age probably and lots of use. The machine no longer reads the chip on the card. Lovely. I sent an email to Hasqvarna asking how to order a new card and got a reply. This is their reply, "In our efforts to "Keep the World Sewing we have developed new machines that keep up with the fast growing pace of technology to bring you the most user friendly, technologically advanced sewing and embroidery machines on the market." [so how does that help me?] email continued, "Due to the age of this machine we no longer have anymore available parts. We regret that our resources have been depleted, but it is nearly impossible to maintain inventory on all parts for all the machines that have been produced over the years. You can check with your dealer to see if they have any left over."
Well that wasn't a whole lot of help. So I went on line - nothing on Amazon or any sewing machine site. Finally found one, used, on eBay - for a small fortune - I hate to buy anything from eBay but didn't have much choice. Sure hope it works.
Also got a text from BestBuy saying the delivery of my new camera would be delayed but I would get it by 8/25/16. Oh well, no great need. Then about 10 minutes later I got another text saying my order had been shipped. So...will I get it next week? or not until 8/25? We shall wait and see.
Our only excursion today was a trip to a restaurant for dinner. We haven't seen our favorite waitress since before we took our trips so wanted to go say "Hi." and get out of cooking. Good food and pleasant company.
Tomorrow I need to be up by 6:00 to watch NASCAR truck qualifying. And the truck race will be on the same time as the Barcelona soccer game. So I'll watch both. I can see most of the soccer game during the race commercials. How sad. But anything is better than the Hillary and Donald show.

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