Friday, March 3, 2017

Another visit to La Noria and Puerta de Canoas

Yesterday morning several of us took the short ride to La Noria again. The arch is so nice now I had to take another picture of it. 
 And the new bridge is completely finished so we didn't have to go through the dirt road. And didn't meet and big bulls this time. 
 Looks like more of the homes and buildings have been painted. The blacksmith was open so we stopped to check out his shop and talk to him for a while. 
 The blacksmith and his wife. He was working on some horse shoes. Taping the nail holes in them. 
 The shop and tools have been used by his relatives for many generations. 
For Adults Only!
Noticed this little statue of a friar standing on the band saw. Hum he looks interested in something. 
 Next time I looked at him, he was no longer interested!  I think the blacksmith's wife noticed us looking at it and removed a piece. 
 An old well used anvil sitting on a tree stump that is slowly rotting away. 
 Lots of horse and burro shoes. 
The forge.
 Heading back u the street to Roberto's leather shop. 

 Roberto's shop
 The registry building across the street. She is taking her tiny new baby in to register it's birth. 
Inside the leather shop.  Lots of pieces of leather and stains and tools.
 Some really colorful sling shots. Haven't seen them here before. On the back they say La Noria. 
 A couple of new saddles waiting to be picked up. 
 A well used one in for repair.
One of our fellow travelers, waiting for his shoes to be fixed. 
 Working on pieces for a saddle. 
 Another building on the main corner. A museum but have never been able to catch it open.

Across the street to check out the old (1910) army barracks behind the other leather shops. Old adobe bricks that have lost their protective plaster. 
 The exterior a couple of the buildings. 

 Forms used to stamp out the sole of sandals. The sizes written on them. 
 The gazebo in La Noria. Very intricate. 
 Back down the road to Puerta de Canoas to the candy maker.
The candy just after it has been made. 

Lots and lots of it hardening before packaging. The little kiss shapes are squeezed out from a pastry bag with the tip cut off. 
 This batch of candy will be rolled into balls and then rolled in the nuts. 
 Candy waiting to be shipped

Later in the day we had lunch at the time share where our friends John and Jackie are staying. 
Then stayed home and read. Today will be busy. The Jeep and RV are getting their oil changed. Bill brings the oil and filters from the states and has it done here .Tne we have to go to the mall as we are out of GBs again. Will get enough to last us till back in the states. And tonight is the Art Walk and we are going out to dinner. 

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