Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Why is the RV in front of the house?

The heat continues here in Vegas, except for yesterday and today. Yesterday it was only 95 and today only100. However tomorrow it starts going up again up, up to 110 plus for at least until the end of the month. Thank goodness for the last two days...

So why is the RV in front of the house. Had to have our son come over and put the piece back in the engine so it would start and of course jump it again. And he drove it to the house. That was all early yesterday morning. 

And why am I sitting in the driver's seat looking frozen...Well because I bit the bullet and hired a trainer to come over and teach me how to drive the RV.  Yes, a professional RV teacher. Why, cause I didn't want a divorce or to do bodily harm to my son. Both Bill and Gil offered to teach me. NOPE!  Needed someone with no feelings in the game. 
All ready to go. First he had me drive around in our community to get used to turning right and left without any traffic around. Oly just barely ran over a curb with back wheels once. Then he took me out on the roads more or less around where we live. Busy roads!!! Little by little I got less nervous and felt more confident.  But one time when I changed lanes there was a little  "OOO!OOO" from the instructor. Very nicely he reminded me that I had a lot of long vehicle out on my right side and I needed to be a little further away from vehicle I was going around. Managed to get home in one piece. End of lesson for day. But then Bill and I did have to take Jeep out and buy new battery for RV as once stopped it didn't want to start again. 
Second lesson was today. Got a little more daring. Drove down Boulder Highway a ways, busy street then got on Freeway and drove into Arizona. Crossing over the Colorado River. At end of first half of journey we had to stop and get gas. Yes I pulled it up to the pump and even had to back up a little. Then on home same way. About 113 miles round trip. I do tend to go into the rumble strip a bit more than I should. Need to work on that. I feel that is better than drifting into the left lane where there is traffic. Changed lanes to pass a truck - going uphill. Heart in throat all the time. But did it. 
Home safe and sound. End of lessons.  It took me a lot of time to finally decide to do it. Was really unsure if I could. But I did! Kind of proud of this old broad. So now have to take the RV back to the storage lot and park it between two other RVs. Piece of cake - Can I close my eyes while I do it? Of course I have not driven it while towing the jeep. Will eventually have to try that. Then maybe we can take a short trip somewhere. Emphases on SHORT! and MAYBE
So that is my excitement for a few days. The way I felt (and probably looked) 
getting behind the wheel. 
Tomorrow back to normal events. Starting a new "fall" pillow cover. More on that later.

Monday, June 17, 2024

Heat wave continues for rest of month.

 Still not doing any walking - way to hot even at 7 o'clock. And looks like it isn't going to let up. Except for tomorrow, it is only supposed to be 95 - wow, need to get a sweater out. Humidity is in single digits. Yesterday it was 7%.  I am not looking forward to getting our electricity bill, might have to take a loan out to pay it. 

Needless to say we are not going outside much. Had to go to cartologist office for yearly tests a couple of days ago. Luckily our appointment was at 8 a.m. But still when we got back in car around 9 the steering wheel was too hot to hold on to. We went to breakfast and store on the way home. Our big excursion for the week. 

Yesterday, Father's Day, we went out to breakfast at 8 o'clock and to grocery store then spent rest of day home. Our son came over and spent part of the day with us. So it was a nice day. Heard from our other two sons. They are doing fine.

Have some visiting wildlife in backyard. Lots of bunnies and a strange bird. I'm glad to see the bunnies back, had none for a while after the flood. 

The bunnie and the bird checking each other out. 
Haven't seen this guy before, looks like a pigeon but doesn't hang out with the other regular looking pigeon. So not sure what he is. 
Finished my "fall" rooster pillow. turned out to be more work then I'd planned on. But was fun. Here I have the background done and have cut out most of the material for the rooster and have started to just lay the pieces on the background. 
Have most of it laid out but haven't attached the pieces yet. I have to iron them in place as they have a sticky back to them. Added the tree and fall leaves to ad the "fall" flavor look to it. 
After ironing them down I also then stitch over everything to make sure it all stays attached when using it. 
The finished pillow. Oh, nuts, realized I only stitched down one leg and foot. So had to very carefully move the backing and do the other leg /foot. Also forgot to do the small yellow middle piece of the wing so carefully did that too. Need to pay more attention I guess. 

Already have figured out what I am going to do next, need to keep busy some how. 

And that is all the excitement in our life here in  Sin City. 

Monday, June 10, 2024


93 at 8:03  UGH  A full week of triple digit temps. Up to 111 one day. And another week of the same to come. The wind picks up in the afternoon and it is worse than a blow dryer. No walking as it never gets below 80 even at night.  AC runs most of day. I did walk up to mail box, three blocks away. And not thinking I wore my slippers. Note to self do NOT walk on asphalt streets in slippers when it has been over 110 out all day. Their soles do not keep the heat out. 

Lovely we have another water leak out front of our house - called the office they are sending someone down to check it. Well that was Thursday. Water still leaking and running down the street. Surprised I haven't heard anything from our neighbors yet. The water bill for the whole community is divided up and each home pays the same portion regardless of how much water they use. No real grass allowed, must use desert landscaping. So every one pays for the water leaks running down the street.  So every one gets testy when so much water gets wasted. 

My three summer pillow covers waiting for summer. They all fit 18" pillows. 

I'm starting on a fall themed throw pillow.  More in the thinking stage still, but it will be a rooster with lots of applique on it.The pattern for the rooster. 

Starting to find and cut the fabric - a long way to go.  Should be fun -. will be lots of applicate   work. The the rooster will be put on a background. 
 Also got a new diamond painting - this one of sunset in Monument Valley. Didn't realize it was so dark, looked lighter in the picture. I have done a little bit along the right hand edge. 
Our son sent maids the other day. So glad as I had bits of sewing thread all over the sewing room carpet. I wear socks in the house and they pick up the thread and drag it all around house. ( I did vacuum in there between projects - wow when did I get so old that vacuuming wears me out!)
Had a big Walmart order delivered this morning at 8 o'clock. Realized when putting it away I didn't order the one item I made the order for! Maybe I should start taking prevagen. Stocked up on lots of paper goods we were getting low on and laundry soap etc. We go to regular supermarket for produce, but it is too expensive for staples.
Bill is using his stationary bike, once or twice a day.