Monday, May 16, 2022

A few different things.

 John Richard Sirimarco
May 16, 1965 - December 29, 2006

Friday was probably my last morning walk in The Wetlands as the weather has decided it is now summer. Already 80 by 8:00 this morning. Talked with a few of the other walkers and hoping to maybe change starting time to around 7 a.m. It will still be warm but the sun won't be up as high and beating down on us. We'll see. I will miss it. Even after the sun goes down in the evening it stays pretty warm.

So here are some pictures from Friday's walk. Really like all the signs they have put up explaining about the flora and fauna out there. Didn't know there were foxes out there. I know these are hard to make out but include them any way. 

About some of the different plants growing out there. 
I took this because of the very still water and the neat reflections in it. 
Same with this one. Didn't realize the Koi was in it until I looked at it at home. 
Liked the shadows in this one. And the burnt trees with all the green growth coming back. 
Pretty flowers on one of the trees. There are several of these trees out there and a few of them have the same flowers except they are light pink on them. 
We were surprised to find this turtle in the middle of one of the paths laying her eggs. 
More signs and info. 

From next to the river in the park we can look across the town to see The Strip from downtown to the southern most casino. I bet no one in the hotels know we were standing next to a river. 
A lot of water in it.
Hum...haven't seen any bobcats, but did see some paw prints that resembled the bobcats paw. 
A glimpse of a road runner. This past week we've seen more wildlife in our back yard then in the Wetlands. We were visited by two road runners and a coyote. And a pair of quail. Didn't get the camera fast enough to take pictures.
Another pond we hadn't seen before. 
This is in our backyard. They are quick, hard to get pictures of. 

Last nights sunset. With clouds there are usually pretty sunsets. 
But the clouds made the eclipse hard to see. Did catch the beginning. 

But soon it was behind the heavy clouds. The small light is an airliner on its way to land. 
It did peak out again a while later. 
But that was the last we saw of it as more clouds rolled in.
Liked the finish of the NASCAR race yesterday the Busch brothers were 1st and 3rd. They are from Vegas. 

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Catching Up a Bit

Going back a while. We've had a couple of doctor visits. I went to the foot doctor. Between the the ankle/arch cloth brace and the metatarsal pads my foot is not bothering me as much. In fact hasn't been hurting for a while. Still a little bother now and then. Can live with that. Still need to look into the shoes he recommended for me. More info on shoes - they are expensive to me any way - Oofos sandals. Found some on line I thought from Oofo web page, ordered them and discovered the order went somewhere else. Haven't heard any more about it. I did check stores here in Vegas but none any where in my size. Sure hope I get the ones I ordered. 

We both went to heart doctor. Both are fine, though he wants to run yearly stress and echo tests on both of us. Scheduled for first of next month. And I went to cataract doctor. Have decided not to do it yet. He says they are about a 5.5 in scale of 0 to 10. I'd still have to wear glasses for close - right now that is all I wear them for anyway. We went there on April 21, Bill is still waiting for his glasses! When making the lenses they forgot the prism. So have to redo them. We are into the 4th week of waiting. Last time we go there. 

I finally finished the last puzzle I was working on. 1000 pieces, it took me 12 days!!! Actually In about six days I finished every thing but the part on the bottom that I put the line around. Just that part took another six days alone. It was one of those puzzles where pieces that don't belong there fit any way. So until you realize the next piece won't fit and find the right piece....

Our AC is on the blink, repair person is supposed to come this afternoon. Luckily for the last couple of days it has been pretty cool here in Vegas. Only in low 70's. But by end of this week it will be in the low 100's. So hope it is an easy fix. Adding today. AC guy came, quick fix and all is well. Good thing it is supposed to hit 100 today. 

Had a very nice Mother's day. Heard from all sons. Youngest who lives here in Vegas came by for a visit. Bill cooked a great dinner. I took pictures of it but then discover I didn't have a memory card in the camera. First time I've ever forgot to put it back after cleaning it off. I made Shepherds Pie one night using ground turkey, and a variety of vegetables. It was pretty good. First time I've peeled potatoes in a long time. Last night for dinner I fixed a vegetarian, kind of meal. A salad with three kinds of low sodium canned beans and corn, cucumber - had to go to two grocery stores to find one - and it looked like it had been frozen when I cut into it. Cherry tomatoes, diced red onion and red pepper, cooked turkey bacon and two kinds of chopped lettuce. Also made the dressing. Pretty looking and good too. 

And welcome to reality. Both our very old toaster and coffee pot are only half working so decided to get new ones. I want only white, OMGosh! I think we only paid around $15/20 when we bought the old ones. Not fancy ones, just four slice toaster with wide slots and simple programmable coffee pot. New ones both cost $45/50. Ended up getting them on line - none in store - from Walmart. (The ones in the store were stainless or black or red and fancy do all kinds of things I wouldn't use.) Got free shipping and what I wanted. 40 - 50 dollars for simple items each!

Sunset last night and the almost full moon. Hope I remember the eclipse tonight.

Still working on catching up. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2022


Guess it has been a while since I posted, no reason except I didn't feel like posting. Will try to catch up a little now. Just took some peanut butter cookies out of the oven and put most of them in the freezer before I eat them all. Been working on losing weight since we got home. So far ten pounds. Enough that my clothes are getting big on me. 
This was a week or so ago. Bill working on cutting the zinc framing for the window. Yes it is done.

He helped me to put it on. Always scary to lift the glass without the frame.
Here is the finished window, it is actually in front of the regular window. Took the picture when the sun was coming in through it. Behind it you can see our wooden slat awnings outside. And no it actually is not crooked, just the only way to take a picture of it. 
The two windows together. I made the one on the right when we lived in Indiana. For any of you who have been in Mazatlan in the Panama restaurant you might recognize them. That is where I got the idea for them. 
The older window. Looking at them together I realize I have the horn off center, it should have been a tad higher. Oh well. See the two leaves and butterflies? The new one only has one butterfly.
The other day I was digging around in my sewing room looking for something when I came across these. This was my Mother's button box. When she was a very young woman she worked in Woolworth'.
Just for the heck of it I went on line to see what I could find about it. 

Oval Woolco Creamy Mints 1930’s Candy Tin from F.W Woolworth co New York – Candy Tins – Vintage Tins This is a fantastic candy tin from the 1930’s! The color is beautiful and the design is fantastic! This marvelous tin is a Woolco Creamy Mints Tin from the F W Woolworth Company in New York. 

Also checked about this little wooden needle holder that was inside the tin. 

Looked it up too. Interesting. 
Boye Needle was founded in 1906 when James H Boye and two businessmen from the sewing machine business joined forces. Boye Needle Co was launched with a patented, revolving cabinet called the "Rotary Case" which housed sewing machine needles, shuttles and bobbins suitable for a variety of home sewing machines. 
All the cacti are blooming now. Such pretty flowers. 
Even our cactus out front. This flower has a bee in it.Can just see his legs. 

Have continued to walk three times a week, been getting in over ten thousands steps those day. But soon it will be too hot for me to walk as late as the group walks. On last Friday it was a very warm day, only made about half the walk before I had to break off and come home. 
Will work on catching up.