Friday, May 14, 2021

Went out to eat today.

Went walking this morning - started at 7:30 while it was still kind of cool. Got in 7500 steps in a little over an hour. It ended up close to 100 today. Guess summer is here early. 

I was looking at this lantana in the backyard this morning. It is one plant with four different colored flowers on it. Yellow, orange, red and some multicolored ones. Nature is amazing.

I continue to waste spend time working puzzles. Just finished this one. It was fairly easy.

There is a certain kind of sandwich Bill really likes. It is an Argentine food and can only be found in Argentine restaurants. The other day when we stopped at the Argentine restaurant over on the other side of town to buy the empanadas they didn't have any of the sandwiches. So this morning Bill called them to find out if they were making any today. Yes, they were but they wouldn't be ready until about 1:00. So just after noon we hopped in the car and drove across town.  The outside of the restaurant. They have a small patio out front but it was way too hot to eat outside. [This sentence is for our son - it is located at 5190 Valley View - open from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.]
We went inside to pick up the sandwiches. They have an extensive Argentine and Mediterranean menu - both eat in and take out. 
They were in the process of making the sandwiches so we decided to have lunch there. The decor is mostly Argentine soccer.
We sat way in the back by ourselves. The tables are separated and masks still required to enter the restaurant. A few other people were in there.
Ordered our meals. I had beef milanesa with a garden salad and Italian dressing and ice tea. It was very, very good. Lots and lots of food, in fact it is what I'll be eating for dinner tonight too. 
Bill had Milanesa a caballo - chicken milanesa topped with two eggs. He likes his eggs VERY hard. He also requested his salad be just lettuce and tomato and his dressing oil and vinegar. By the way caballo means horse. I asked him why it was called that, best he could explain the eggs are the person and the meat is the horse?!?!?! Okay. Said it was the best he's had since Argentina! Will also be eating it for dinner tonight. 
So the sandwiches we went over there to get. Here they are. Why are they so special? Well they are made with very, very thin bread that has had the crust removed. Triple decker. Inside is mayo, very thin slices of ham, cheese, tomato, and lettuce. He had one the minute we got home, says they are like mama used to make. 
We also brought home more empanadas. Guess we will be going there again.
On the way home we needed gas. On the west side of town all the stations were showing $3.69 a gallon. WHAT?  I remembered we'd be passing a Sam's Club so why not stop there. Good idea - $3.05 a gallon. No wonder there were long lines. In front of us. 
Next to and behind us. People are weird. There is no shortage here. Why did the prices go up so quickly? 
So this is the fourth time I've written this same blog. Every time I've tried to post it Google tells me there is a problem. I've been fooling around with it and hope it works this time. If not - well tomorrow is another day. 

Monday, May 10, 2021

Mothers Day Sunday

Monday morning. Will try to get this done and posted before I go walking. Did not get many steps in over the weekend. Tend to be lazy the whole day if I don't get out in the morning. 
Walked into the computer room yesterday morning to see this...Bill made me the sunflower (all carved wood) two years ago. The note and jasmine he put up for Mother's Day. 
 And he also cooked me a whole package of BACON - just for me. I've been saying I wanted to go to a restaurant to get some BACON since we got home from Mexico. He will only eat turkey bacon - not the same. And no I didn't eat all of it. Still have some left for a BLT today. 
He spent most of the day updating the software in his drones. They are a full time job. Here he is out back calibrating the GPS - or something. Has to spin in a circle a couple of times to do it. As you can see it was a beautiful day yesterday. For once no wind. 
Because didn't do much to write about I took some pictures from our yard. The flowers are exploding in our front door side yard. 
The cactus flowers are still blooming. This one is bright yellow instead of pink. 
Not a good picture but my ocotillo is getting new branches, a lot of them. 
Out back, the jasmine has so many flowers we can smell it with the doors closed. Wish it would bloom all year. 
Just looking across the back yard. All the lantana are getting really big and blooming. 
My weird little cactus is getting a new nub - it is about an inch and a half big. bottom left. 
Started a new puzzle. Watched a soccer game, well Bill did and I watched the NASCAR race. Liked the results of both. 
Talked to all of our sons.
Other than that not much going on over the weekend. Will meet the walking group in about a half hour, weather is finally a little cooler thank goodness. 

Saturday, May 8, 2021

More than 10,000

We've had a couple of busy days. On Thursday we had a home visit from a representative from our medical insurance. I guess once one reaches a "certain age" the insurance company likes to check things out. Like are we capable of taking care of ourselves and did we understand any medical conditions we have and if we knew why we were taking certain medications and how and when to take them. Rather interesting. I guess we passed inspection. Good to know we still have our act together. Just kidding. He told us that sometimes they find very confused seniors living alone. 

Yesterday morning again went with walking group. Got in just short of three miles before it got too hot to walk. So by the end of the day I'd racked up 11,600 steps! Today I'm being lazy - just walking around the house. 

Also yesterday we had appointments with the cardiologist. Our appointments were at 1:00 and we were done and leaving the office by 1:45. So glad there was no waiting in the waiting room involved. We are scheduled for echocardiograms and stress tests within the next few weeks. He does that every two years. Then we see him again on June 9th for results. Baring any unforeseen circumstances we'll be good to go for another couple of years. Surprised we are able to get things done so quickly. 

Went to a new Argentine restaurant we'd heard about on the way home and picked up some empanadas. They are delicious. They have a great menu so think we will be ordering from them quite often. 

Then home to watch NASCAR and the hockey team play.  And I finally finished the puzzle. Took me almost a week. 

Also doing more earring beading. I think I went overboard. Made these for me though - if I remember to use them.  Think I have enough?

These remind me of crocheted doilies. They are a little different then the original design because I made a mistake and didn't notice it until it was too late to undo it so had to continue with the mistake.  So they have a little different look. 
These don't have the outer row of beads, think I like them better. 
The original design when I was just learning. Every pair I made I learned more on how to do them. 
This morning just watched another NASCAR race while Bill was updating the software in a couple of his drones. Pretty much a lazy day.