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You can contact us by leaving a comment on the blog or through our web page Guest Book which documents three of our winter trips to Mexico - with lots of pictures.   Moving On 1

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Geromio said...

Hi very nice pics. BTW,I'm curious to know if the Jayco came leveling jacks. My old model C didn't have any. I had electric jacks installed. Couldn't be without.

Geromio said...
A very good friend of mine just purchased this small 29' class A Thor motorhome.
He had a class C before, but now they are very happy with their new toy.
I hope you's are feeling well. I enjoy reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello,our old Garmin had the added on Mexico maps and the new one has Mexico included and we have ever only updated online with no problems with either.

Tioga George said...

Hi Carol & Bill,

I've exciting news. Next week I'll be a Full Timer again! 😀



Debbie and Chip-Your New House Sitter said...

Hola..."ran" into your blog when I was searching for information about neighborhoods in Mazatlan. We are full-time, live aboard sailboat cruisers here in Marina Mazatlan and it seems like we have a lot in common. Thank you for your lovely blog posts!

Anonymous said...

Hi was wondering if you ever tried or heard of creama de peyote for your knee,couple of years ago a girl in Lo De Marcos told me about it.My knees were acting up so went and got it from the market and faithfully rubbed it in every night,it smells a bit like kerosene but honestly it worked.Altho it might come under the "home remedy"category that us immigration asks about

Anonymous said...

Hi do you ever go to the mountains to get away from the humidity?Patzquaro in the Michoacan is cold in the am but gets hot during the day and has all those interesting little towns to visit with all the different crafts and Morelia is very nice as well
Heather PS I am the one that mentioned the peyote creama that the huichol Indians sell

Tanvi said...

Hi Bill And Carol,

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Unknown said...

I just read your post about maybe having too many pics. Love your pictures. I'll never get to go there, so this is how I see the world.

Teaspoon said...

I was curious as to how your senior community works,do both husband and wife have to be over 65 or just one? Thanks

SandyM said...

Carol, how can I send you a picture of a BIG ROOSTER. Up close he does not look so great but back a ways he looks quite festive. Just wanted you to have a look see. SM

Joe said...

George Tioga passed away in San Diego CA

Don said...

Wondering how you learned Geo's daughter was the one who shared/posted on his passing --- can we get any more details (and if we can help, or in any way contribute to his memory)???

Joe said...

Hi Bill and Carol we enjoy your blog and regarding to your June 17, 2019 blog "Had a couple of pretty sunrises that one or the other of us was up for. Bill has been getting up around 3 a.m. so he can work in the garage before it gets too hot." Anyway have you consider install window swamp cooler(Evaporative Cooler)in garage? or cut garage wall and install swamp cooler. so Bill can work anytime inside garage. swamp cooler need to connect to water line and big garage door or side door must close(open about couple inch)and to feel cool must stand between swamp cooler and garage door/side opening. once installed, feel like standing at San Diego CA Beach. moist cool air blow in and we had AC refrigeration(AC) in our house but stop using AC 30 years ago and use one window mounted swamp cooler for whole house. Wal Mart/Home Depot has swamp cooler. need to make stand for swamp cooler, we use four 4" x 4" cedar wood for stand in coffee can with cement and 2x2 around we have swamp cooler similar to this, Home Depot 5000 CFM Evaporative Cooler. we use one speed motor(cheaper than 2 speed)

Ronny Alfred said...

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mexinvest said...

Hello,, would like permission to repost some of your adventure in The Mazatlan Post

Unknown said...

Hello Carol,
I would like to thank you and Bill for showing Elizabeth , Pam and myself the real Mexico when we were visiting my brother Mark. The two of you are great tour guides. We appreciate you taking us to all the small towns that we would not have seen if not for you and Bill. With any kind of luck and God willing we will see you next year. All the best and be safe.