Saturday, November 30, 2019

The housing development next door

Finally we have our Internet so I can post the drone video of the housing development surrounding us. Many, many houses. A couple of park like areas with swimming pools. It also shows the area to the south of that is just getting its roads in. This will be private homes built by the owners. Not chicken coops like the ones to the north and east of us.
To view this in full screen which is much better click here 
Yesterday afternoon we went over to Torres to have an early dinner. Just as we finished eating the Salvation Army Children showed up to perform their lovely dances. Not good pictures as we were inside behind them. But...
Getting ready to start. 
Such lovely children. 
The sunset behind them. 
Their first dance. 
The second more complicated dance.
Lining up to be introduced. 
Wish this was better but. Hopefully they will come to Las Jaibas again this year. Love to watch them. 
Well nuts. One of the reasons we wanted out Internet working was so we could watch DishAnywhere. Well we can get the DishAnywhere to work on the laptops with no problem. Picture and sound, but when we use the HDM1 cable to hook to the TV all we get is picture, no sound. What happened  between when we were here in the spring when it worked and now?? GRRRR...
Took all our wet dripping towels into the laundry. They charge by the weight - hope they weighed them after they were washed and dried, not while they were soaking wet. 
All the water is gone, whole back area is now muddy but no standing water.  Glad it went away so fast. 

Friday, November 29, 2019

And the sun came up

By 5:30 yesterday it had almost stopped raining and the water was starting to go down a little bit.
We were tired of wringing out towels all day but also hungry. So I actually cooked Paella for dinner. Sure tasted good. 
Every towel we had and a couple of our fleece throws were soaking wet - some on the shower floor others still under the window. We took a garbage full of them to the laundry this morning. Will get them back all nice clean and soft.  Then we went to Home Depot and got some window sealer. Just need to do it before it rains again. 
About the rain - the worst in 30 years. Over 10 inches of rain. Lots of areas were under feet of water. All public transportation, was stopped. Almost every one was closed. The planned Thanksgiving dinners at restaurants were cancelled  until today. .Part of 15D between here and Cuilican collapsed.
Lots of pictures here  
But here is this mornings sunrise reflecting in Lake Las Jaibas. 

Rafael wading through the water to the electrical box to check things out. Water is up to his knees.
We were surprised at how quickly it was going down. However this section is still flooded as I write this tonight. 
The bags are our wet laundry waiting to go to laundry. The patio is drying up. 
A beautiful blue sky with pretty clouds
However it is going to be humid for a while. HOY is today, goes to Tuesday. 
To enjoy the morning we went across the street to Torres restaurant and enjoyed the blue sky and big waves. 

After our errands we came home to wait for the TelMex man - and he actually came and we are up and running. Will be able to post some videos and now watch TV from home. 
Had to run a whole new line from the pole. 
So now things look good. Dry and Internet what more could we ask for. 

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Where is Noah when you need him.

It is raining in Mazatlán. I MEAN RAINING. Things are floating away. I expect to see the Jeep leave any minute now.
Started to pour heavy about 2 a.m. and it is now 10:30 and it actually stopped for about 15 minutes. So quiet. But is supposed to continue heavy rain  until sometime this evening. 
So I'm not kidding about Noah.
Oh ya, the TelMex lineman. I think I saw him float by on a life raft but he couldn't get it in the park. 
So here are some pictures from Lake Las Jaibas Resort. 
Bill has been up since 2:30 more about that later. He is finally taking a nap. Here he is unplugging all the Christmas lights before POOF!
 This was about 7:30 this morning.  You can still see part of the Jeeps back tire under the wheel. And check out the little bougainvillea on the right. 
 Looking in front of us. The block wall acts just like a damn dam!
 Water is getting a little higher. 
So why were we up so early. WELL let me tell you! When we bought this lovely Jayco coach one of the selling points was the windows - the "they will never leak" windows. BS. Well I shouldn't say that only one of them leaks, the escape window in the bedroom. Let me tell you when it dries up that window is going to be so siliconed to the coach no one will ever get out of it. Both inside and out. Every towel we have is soaking wet from sopping up the water. I know the window is open, would you believe it leaks less when it is partially open. There are paper towels in the casing to sop up what rain splashes in there. When the window is closed a river flows inside. Jayco is going to get a long letter from me. Bill has used up all the silicone he had with us to try to seal the inside of the casing. It looks like it is holding as long as the window is open. We've - mostly he - has spent all night and part of this morning taking sopping wet towels to the sink, wringing them out and putting them back under the window. I am going to make sure we buy some "as seen on TV" Flex Seal when we find some. 
It is pouring again so got to go check the towels. Well they aren't getting any wetter. But now the wind has picked up and it is blowing cold air in the window. 
 The sewer hose is floating. 
 The neighbors patio is under water. Patio is about 3 to 4 inches above the ground. 
 How high's the water MaMa?  About 6 inches and rising. 
 He's going to float away unless it stops. 
Chair leg on patio. About two inches of leg is under water. And it just started to pour again.  
 The planters in the front of the patio are just barely sitting in water. 
 The ones on the back part are just barely not floating away. 
And so that is what is going on here. Talked to Bill's brother who lives in Tehachapi, CA and he says they have almost 3 feet of snow. And it is still snowing. 
We came back to Mexico this year to get rid of the bad feelings we got here last year. Well that doesn't seem to be working. I know I shouldn't complain about it, I'm warm, dry and have power - if it wasn't for that @#$*^n window it would be okay. 
More later, we might be stranded in RV for a couple of days. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Still waiting for TelMex

Well today we went back to the TelMex office and were assured that the lineman would fix our service today. It is now 5:30 and dark and starting to rain and we are still waiting...
Watching the worker lean over the side of the house to paint it. They are still working in and on the houses behind us. 
The mechanic came yesterday and changed the oil and filters in both vehicles and replaced a valve in the air conditioner in the Jeep. So we now have a cool car to ride around in. 
The mechanic is the one in jeans. He brings his helper and his wife with him. The helper does most of the work. 
So we spent the rest of yesterday waiting for the TelMex guy. Finally gave up and went out to dinner at Panchos. I was craving Puntas a la Mexicana. 
My dinner. Sirloin pieces, onions, green peppers and tomatoes in a delicious sauce. Not spicy. With rice, beans and guacamole. Bill had a Ceaser salad. 
This morning we went to Centro to go to TelMex again. Some kind of performance was going on in front of the government building. Mostly children performing. This group was doing a dance from CATS.
Stopped for brunch at Torres. Three iguanas out on the rocks. They were freaking out the kids using the slide into the pool. 
Starting to see more Christmas decorations around the hotels. 
Not much to write about when sitting home waiting. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Our garden is growing

Well we woke up to pounding rain on the roof. Lasted about 5 minutes now it has cleared up.  
Monday we sat around all day waiting for the TelMex lineman. Hopefully he will show up today, along with the car mechanic.
Just a couple of observations. While eating dinner at Torres the other night I noticed a sign on their tables. The sign said they are now eco-friendy so they still have take out containers  but will cost the customer 8 pesos each. Wonder if they went back to good old cardboard or some high tech material. 
Was watching TV this morning and Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse were speaking Spanish. Just seemed weird. We get about seven Mexican over the air channels.
And the HUMIDITY is back in force. And looks like it is going to rain here hard starting sometime Wednesday. 
 Back to Sunday evening at the Plazuela Machado. Beautiful building all lite up.
 Looking down a side street. The lights in the sidewalk pointing up the buildings makes for great pictures.

The  Angela Peralta theater.
 There is a new art gallery jewelry shop across from the theater.
There were a whole bunch of children all dressed up, guess they were performing at the theater 
At the Italian restaurant in the Machado. Our good long time friend Angelica  met us for dinner

Sunrise Monday morning. From the campground. 

Our new hibiscus bloomed overnight. So pretty. 

My banana nut muffin from the bakery we went to the other day. The I can't believe it's not Butter container is form the US. We use it all the time. And it is available here in Mexico. BUT the Mexican version is so much better tasting then the US version. Going to take a bunch of it home with us. 
Hope we never have to go into this building again. The Marina Hospital where Bill had is gall bladder out in January. 
Dropped off the laundry. They told Bill they'd been wondering when he would come in. 
There is one intersection that we go through all the time. This is the north west corner. 
The south west corner.
We were there to get more dirt and two pots for the hibiscus and plant food. Looks just like home. Know where to find everything. 
South east corner of same intersection. 
Our other hibiscus and my plant - and the neighbors gnome. They aren't here this year and he looked lonely. Will put him back in their space when we leave. In the meantime he is safe. 
Today we spend the day waiting...for the lineman, mechanic and rain.