Sunday, November 17, 2019

It was worth staying here for me.

Oh boy we should have left here a couple of days ago. Weather from Tropical Storm Raymond is moving in. Woke up to this this morning And it is only going to get worse. Started to rain about 10:30 and is supposed to continue for days. We have the furnace on to cut the chill and the dampness. 
Although tomorrow the weather report says showers and shows just cloudy skies. 
Hope so as we will be on the road for 240 miles! To stay overnight in a truck stop. But there is a good restaurant there named Elba. 
We haven't left sooner because we are hooked in to the RV park's cable and can get NBC. If you've been reading this a while you know I am  a NASCAR fan. Especially the #18 M & M's car. And he made it into the final four racing for the Championship.  Can't miss that. Bill says he is sure glad the racing is over for the season. Not really a fan. 
BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! I had to restrain myself - wanted to scream and jump up and down - but I sat still and just squealed. 
Last night we returned to the restaurant Tourquesa. The restaurant is upstairs with about 5 patio tables and 5 tables inside. The kitchen is downstairs so the waiters have a lot of up and down the stairs during the day.
We both had chicken mocajetes. Very very good. 
And this morning we went to another favorite restaurant for breakfast. Chihuahuas. 
 Love their mural. 
Yes we do have plenty of food in our refrig and freezer. But don't like to cook if I don't have to. This morning's breakfast came to US$11.50 Both had coffee and eggs. I had bacon and toast with mine and Bill had ham and tortillas with his. 
Just rained off and on during the day, never real heavy. Hope tomorrow is the same as we'll be on the road. 
Strange - when I use Internet Explorer the whole page comes up in Spanish. 
Also get lots of ads in Spanish on the other browsers. 
Our last night in San Carlos enjoying the sunset again. 

Next blog should be from somewhere else further south. 


SandyM said...

Beautiful sunsets - thanks for sharing. Safe travels

Kathy Tycho said...

Was cloudy here in Maz yesterday and supposed to rain..never did. Wed/Thurs thunder showers. Still really warm and humid. Safa travels.

Carol and Bill said...

very very humid, I'm dripping. Bill enjoys it. we are in los moches for the night. hope it doesn't rain until we get to Maz tomorrow.