Wednesday, November 20, 2019

For all our friends who aren't here this year.

This is a post for all our friends who couldn't make it to Mazatlan this year. First part is mostly about the RV Park. As I said we are staying at Las Jaibas RV Park, it is in the north end of Mazatlan. Lots of public transportation available if you don't have a vehicle. Monthly fee is very reasonable around $16.50 US dollars a day. Includes all hook ups even electricity. Bill says the restrooms are immaculate. There are over 100 spaces here. We stay in the very back. There is WiFi but only in very front spaces and the office. We have our own dedicated Infinutum Internet line. Well we will when we go to town to have it turned back on - another way of saying pay them. 
The camera is pointing at a couple of empty spaces. There are usually two RVs here. That won't be here this year.  
 Looking at the north wall and empty spaces. We do have a neighbor though.
 Looking at the back wall. The houses built right up next to it. I don't think they are occupied yet. The wall needs a big mural on it. 

Our poor plants didn't have a good summer. But Bill is now giving them TLC. Besides the banana plants there are two bougainvilleas there. One did okay the other...
 The two in the back. Again one did okay but the other...
 Early this morning Bill getting ready to hang some of his lights on the awning.  
 Only those of you familiar with the park will get this one. The owners actually made an improvement. A load of gravel on the entrance to the back section. Also another load around the front and south side of the office. WOW.
 There is a new cell tower. Again on the RV Park's property, but way in the front behind a convenience store.
Remember the wall that got built and then had to be torn down because the house was supposed to go there? Well guess they meant it about the house. Sure looks funny. Makes me want to go up and knock on it. 
 There usually is an RV here. The gnome looks lonely. The cactus is growing like a weed. 
 And yes the chkalakas are still around and loud. 
 Now for everyone else. This morning we kept another tradition - going across the street to the Hotel Torres for breakfast. It is as beautiful as ever there. Ate in the palapa next to the ocean. 
 AND THEY HAVE THEIR WONDERFUL WAFFLES BACK. As good as before. Of course I had one. YUM. 
 Had some company at our table. Finally gave them a couple of jellys to keep them on their side of the table. 
 Looking out the open window at the ocean. 
 Looking north, see the rainbow in the cloud. I guess it is raining hard north of us. Schools closed in city of Cuilican about 100 miles north of here. 
 One of the resident iguanas sunning himself
 Decorated for the holidays
 See the clouds building to the north. 
 We went to the big supermarket Soriana to get Bill some bread. They are all ready for Christmas. 
 A cake, I think it is a little creepy. 
 These chips are either 25 or 31 pesos a bag - so is 2 x 67 a good deal? I think not. 
At home for now, waiting to see if it rains or not. It is pouring and some thubder. Guess it will be like this for a couple of days. 


SandyM said...

Thanks for the up-date on the RV Park - it does look kind of empty. Give the bougainvillea some fertilizer and they will come back and grow like crazy. Breakfast at Torres is always good and the view is excellent. Yep, creepy Santa cake besides it is way too early for him. Still hoping we can get back to Mazatlan for a visit this season but only time will tell.

Eulaione said...

Beautiful photo of ocean and clouds! I enjoy your blog and always look forward to your updates.

Doug and Nancy said...

It looks like it will be WAY better than last year. If only they would/could plant a few trees around the perimeter it would make it look a bit better. It's funny because if a person had never seen it like it was before with the forest there on all sides, it really doesn't look bad, right? We are REALLY missing being there this year!!!!!! And we don't want to hear any talk about this "maybe" being your last year!!!!!

Kathy Tycho said...

Don't have wired internet yet so posting pictures on my blog isn't working. I did a facebook post which works fine with pictures of the big rain yesterday.

Carol and Bill said...

Right now I'm using our old TelCel MiFi - got 8 GBs of data on it. Went to town today and paid our TelMex Infinitum bill until end of March, it is activated and we can connect but can't get on the Internet - Limited it says. Rafa will check little box that bulldozer broke last year, some wires might have come loose over summer. If not will return to TelMex tomorrow.

Carol and Bill said...

I'd like to see a mural along the wall, beach blue skies and palm trees. When chickens get lips something will be done. It doesn't look bad, just weird. The roads coming down were almost good - just terrible in a couple of places. Remember we are getting to be old farts!

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you so much, I enjoy sharing the beauty and different aspects of Mexico.

Carol and Bill said...

There are four of us in the back and the front is maybe 1/6th full. A couple of regulars and some travelers. Lots of boats in storage in the front north side.

Carol and Bill said...

Meant to add hope you can make it here before we leave.