Friday, November 29, 2019

And the sun came up

By 5:30 yesterday it had almost stopped raining and the water was starting to go down a little bit.
We were tired of wringing out towels all day but also hungry. So I actually cooked Paella for dinner. Sure tasted good. 
Every towel we had and a couple of our fleece throws were soaking wet - some on the shower floor others still under the window. We took a garbage full of them to the laundry this morning. Will get them back all nice clean and soft.  Then we went to Home Depot and got some window sealer. Just need to do it before it rains again. 
About the rain - the worst in 30 years. Over 10 inches of rain. Lots of areas were under feet of water. All public transportation, was stopped. Almost every one was closed. The planned Thanksgiving dinners at restaurants were cancelled  until today. .Part of 15D between here and Cuilican collapsed.
Lots of pictures here  
But here is this mornings sunrise reflecting in Lake Las Jaibas. 

Rafael wading through the water to the electrical box to check things out. Water is up to his knees.
We were surprised at how quickly it was going down. However this section is still flooded as I write this tonight. 
The bags are our wet laundry waiting to go to laundry. The patio is drying up. 
A beautiful blue sky with pretty clouds
However it is going to be humid for a while. HOY is today, goes to Tuesday. 
To enjoy the morning we went across the street to Torres restaurant and enjoyed the blue sky and big waves. 

After our errands we came home to wait for the TelMex man - and he actually came and we are up and running. Will be able to post some videos and now watch TV from home. 
Had to run a whole new line from the pole. 
So now things look good. Dry and Internet what more could we ask for. 

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