More About Us

More About Us 

We have always loved to RV and travel. Many, many years ago in the early 1970s we bought our first RV. It was a 24 foot Class A Pace Arrow motorhome. We bought it right after we had returned from a week long auto trip in our Ford Country Squire station wagon with our five boys, my Mother and our dog. What really made up our mind was the night we were trying to rent a motel room and they wouldn't rent to us because "there were too many of us." Well that and going into restaurants with five boys and five different attitudes about what to eat. 
Motorhoming simplified things.
Also we wanted to be able to get away on weekends and I wasn’t about to go camping in a tent and cook meals over a wood fire. Sorry – no way. So we compromised and got the home/Hilton on wheels. 
Over the next few years we made several modifications to it as we used it in and around Southern California. 
Then we loaded it up and took off for over a year on an adventure. We drove it to South America. Argentina in fact. All the way down the almost non-existent Pan American Highway. Through Mexico, through all but one Central American country – we missed Belize. And across into South America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. 
From Panama to Colombia the motorhome took a boat and we took a plane. And by then the motorhome was being called a casa rodante -  a house on wheels. 
You can read all about that trip in our book "ALL THE WAY TO ARGENTINA" available in hard copy for $19.95 or as an Ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and Smashwords. It is really quite a fun book.

Since then we’ve almost always had some kind of RV, usually a motorhome with one 5th wheel thrown in for a very short period of time. 
After I retired in 2002 we bought a 40 foot Alfa SeeYa diesel motorhome and we tow a 2005 Jeep Liberty named Willie behind it. . Since then we’ve spent most summers traveling the US and one summer in Alaska. We have taken the Alfa to Mexico for several winters. After coming home this year we decided to downsize. We now have a new Jayco Class C 29'
We have been spending winters in Mexico since 2008. You can visit our web page for some of our adventures Or follow along with us on the blog. 
After retirement we moved from the Los Angeles, CA area where we'd lived for 40 years to Las Vegas, NV. After taking a trip to the Eastern US we decided to move from the desert to the forest and rolling green hills of South Central Indiana. After a flair up of allergies due to the beautiful greenery we moved again. Back to Las Vegas, NV into a +55 community.
We still keep busy with our hobbies, travel and the enjoyment of life.

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