Friday, July 29, 2022

We had a real gullywhomper last night.

 We finally got rain last night. About one inch in less than an hour.  But before the rain lots and lots of cloud to cloud lightening. So much it almost looked like day light outside. And a couple of bangs of thunder that literally rocked the house and rattled the windows. Don't remember ever hearing thunder that loud and long. Turn up the sound, that is just wind blowing, no rain yet. (took the videos with my new phone)

The winds got so bad and the lightening nearer so went in the house. Took this one from inside. Now it is also raining. Really raining, sounded like some one was machine gunning the roof. The wind blew the chairs back about three feet. knocked over one planter and moved both rugs. 

Some damage around town, power out, streets flooded and trees down. One of the hotels on the strip had its parking garage flooded. People forget that the monsoons can cause a lot of problems. Especially if they also deluge over the mountains, all the water dropped on them comes right down to the valley. 
And we are supposed to have more of the same tonight. 
This morning sunrise. Up at 3:30...One really nice thing about the monsoon weather. 
Just one of the many puddles in the street.
Been working on my wall hangings. This is the fourth one. Still need batting, backing, edge binding and quilting. 
Decided I'd trim a couple of the trees. I need to learn how to use a glue gun with out burning my fingers and getting strings of glue all over.

Also finished another 500 piece puzzle. Again one where a lot of the pieces are cut exactly the same and fit where they don't belong.
Watching races today and still playing with getting my phone set up. Sure enjoying the cooler weather. 

Thursday, July 28, 2022

A big change in the weather

 What a difference a few days make. From over 111+ to below 100. Hip, hip, hooray! BUT, of course there is always a BUT  - now we have humidity with dew point between 50 and 65. In Indiana they called that "Air you can wear." Yep. Even sticky inside. Check out the days of maybe rain. Almost every day. I like that it is cooling down at night. 

This was yesterday evening. A big storm hit the valley. We did not get any rain but lots of lightening and thunder. And about a mile from us an intersection we go through all the time had 3/4 of an inch of rain. A couple of the main roads by us were shut because of standing water. 
We go through Boulder Highway and Galleria every time we go to Walmart. Only a few minutes from us. And we didn't get even one drop!
Up early this morning, glad I was. This morning's sunrise. 
Still pretty a half hour later.
I got a new phone, mine wouldn't hold a charge any more. The clerk at Verizon set it up for me. When he asked for my gmail password, I didn't remember it. Heck I didn't remember I had a gmail account. So he used a string of numbers and told me to change it when I got home. Fine - except that changed the password on every thing on my computer that was associated with google. Like the blog etc, etc. Muttered a lot that afternoon. Then I was trying to set the phone up the way I wanted it. Got some apps on it and got rid of some apps. Then got stuck, afraid to touch a few things. So back to Verizon the next morning. Clerk was very patient with me in answering questions and helping me. No more new phones for me...I still have to change a few things. Some how I got my AOL email on the phone, don't want it there. 
We've been getting out some the last few days, Big deal - grocery store, JoAnns for material, Denny's for breakfast and Verizon. Our big excursions. Oh, yes, can't forget the pharmacy. We lead such an exciting life. 
I was working on my 4th Christmas tree wall hanging and though I was so smart, not reading directions. Completely forgot the most important step, cutting all the strips on an angle. So did a whole lot of ripping. All those pieces were sewed together and pressed. Rip, rip, rip. Then I had to vacuum because the threads I'd ripped out managed to get all over the floor. And I tracked them all over the house. I have it all resewed now. Will work on it again tomorrow. 
We have not heard from Bill's doctor about him not being approved for the test. I called but no return call so far. Guess we will find out on the 12th when he has an appointment. 

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Very short blog

I finished the hand work on the third Christmas wall hanging. Now I want to go shopping to see if I can find something to "trim" them with. Today probably will start another on.

Spent most of yesterday watching NASCAR - it passes the time. And there is another race today. Might bake some cookies. I freeze them and only eat one when I absolutely need one. Like Friday evening. 

Friday afternoon around 4 o'clock got a call from the doctor's office. The insurance denied the CAT scan. Doctor's office could give me no explanation. So now we wait to hear from the doctor. Very upset by this. 

Today it has cooled down some, only going to be 104 with clouds and maybe some drops of rain and wind. Next couple of days might be below 100 with rain and wind. Sounds good to me. 

Friday, July 22, 2022

This and That

 Our weather for the next few days. Lucky for us the numbers have been revised some. Today it will only be 114, at least humidity is only 8% so the feels like is only 112! And Monday and Tuesday it will be 98 and probably raining. Sounds good to me. 

Still working on the same box of puzzles, some of them are taking longer than usual to do. This one was fun and a challenge. Had to work onit for a few days. 
A couple of days ago when there was a chance of rain we had some pretty sunrises, too hot to go out and check sunsets. Bill caught this sunrise. 

I saw a recipe on line for rosemary bread. Sounded interesting so thought I'd try it. You mix all the ingredients then it has to set for 18 to 24 hours, then you put it in a pan and let it rise another two hours then bake it. and the recipe got thrown out. Did not taste good and did not cook well. Crust was like concrete. Oh well, something different to do. 
This is the puzzle I'm working on now, have been working on it for several days, I swear none of the pieces fit any where and every where. I take more pieces out every time I sit down than I put in. 
Have finished, almost - just hand work left, another Christmas wall hanging. I've decided I'm gong to add some trim to the trees. But need to go to Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's for something to use. Something to do next week. 
The lantana that the birds ate all the flowers off of has come back quick and fine. I hope they got belly aches from it and stay away from it now. 
My weird cactus that I got in Mazatlan years ago and smuggled back and forth across the border until it got to big to fit in the cupboard has died. It just couldn't take last winter. We've been trying everything to save it, but really looks bad now. Don't think it will make it. 
A different lantana plant, both flowers are on ONE plant. 
Another bush in the back yard that is blooming. These delicate flowers get blown off every time the wind picks up, but it keeps getting new ones.
This was yesterday morning! AC came on a few minutes after I took the picture off the TV. 
A picture from satellite of lake mead and the river. Sure used to be a lot bigger. 
And that is it from Sunny Las Vegas! I guess Bill will get his CAT scan Monday, at least no one has called to say he can't. And of course it is clear across town and will probably be raining...
PS I finished the puzzle of the cat, finally. For some reason it just all came together for me - did have to move a few pieces that were in the wrong place. 

Saturday, July 16, 2022

We finally got some rain - after 180 days without.

 Actually we have had rain here at the house a couple of times, but the OFFICIAL rain meter is at the airport and it hasn't had any rain until Wednesday. An intersection we always go through on our way to WalMart, just a couple of miles from the house got 3/4 of an inch of rain Thursday. In fact the mall by there lost power for three hours. And here is our rain. Not a whole lot but more drops then I wanted to count. Actually it did rain more about 10 p.m. and steady for a while. You know you live in Vegas when you go out to count the rain drops. 

Looking to the south of us towards Henderson. Some lightening and loud thunder. Guess they were getting a real storm. About 4 in the afternoon. 
About 7 p.m. I happened to look out back and see this pretty rainbow over the Wetlands east of us. 
The sky looking north was a strange orange color with the setting sun and clouds. 
One of the lantana plants in our back yard. It used to be covered with yellow flowers. The darn pidgins have been eating the flowers. They have never in all the years we've lived here done that before. Stupid birds. 
They are working on the edges of this one too. 
Yesterday afternoon got some aggravating news. a medical test of Bill's that was supposed to be done the 18th has been cancelled because doctor's office does not have approval from the insurance company yet... Got a hold of them "they who make the decisions" and was told they don't have to make a decision until the 22nd!!! So test has been rescheduled for the 25th. Sure hope all the paper work is done by then. Want to find out what is going on and if something needs to be done. If our doctor would call "they who make the decisions" they would make it sooner, but wouldn't you know doctor is on vacation. 
Bill continues to feel good and I continue to feel mean. Don't know if it is the being cooped up here or the heat or just my natural personality coming out. I feel like I want to do something different...what I don't know. Maybe because one of our sons is in Greece and the pictures are amazing.  Travel itch maybe, but with doc appts can't go any where. 
Next week we have a contractor coming to fix a couple of boards on the front of the house and one of our windows where the paint is peeling. Try to get things done before Inspection time again.  Today I walked in the house, need to do something as two of my LOST pounds seemed to have found me again. Darn them. It gets boring quick to walk in a circle around the rooms. Every once in a while I have to change directions 'cause I get dizzy. Only got in 5000 steps, but still have some time to do more before plopping on sofa to watch TV. Also started another wall hanging. Managed to cut one piece wrong three times. So stopped working on it. 
Rained in a few places in the valley yesterday, but just in the mountains today. Still hot 108+ for the next week.  

Friday, July 15, 2022

Interesting week or so.

 We've had an interesting week. Last Thursday Bill made an unexpected trip to the hospital. He wasn't feeling well - dizzy, breathing labored and weird feeling in chest. No pain in chest so he thought maybe he could walk it off. Well he couldn't, so I finally called 911. He wasn't scary uncomfortable, but better safe than sorry. And the ambulance got lost trying to find our street here in the community. And that's another story. Any way - they were concerned about his heart rate being so low even though we told him it was usually low. To make long story short they loaded him up and took him to the hospital. As I came out the door to get in the car to follow them the paramedics told me the ER would not let me in due to increases of Covid. And that before I went over there to call them to find out for sure. Well s*&%!  So waited a while wondering what was going on. Had phone in my hand when Bill called me. He'd asked doctor and was told I could come. So off I went. First thing they did was make sure he wasn't having a heart issue. Nope all enzymes were good. No heart attack. But because of low heart rate they kept him overnight. He had no serious problems, breathing regulated and dizziness went away. Just upset about not being allowed to go home. I was glad they kept him (but don't tell him that, wanted him there "in case.")  Come morning they were willing to release him. He was his chipper self. One thing we did learn, his cardiologist is one of the best in the city. Every one was impress Bill was seeing him. So that makes us feel good. 

Of course he drove home, but first made a stop at Albertson's for a few things. Was surprised when I passed the fresh chicken department. Shelves almost empty.

Got home, he continued to be fine, thank goodness. Next Monday he has CAT scan of heart and we should hear something by Friday. 
The other morning he was up early and happened to look in the back yard and saw a mother raccoon and two babies. When he went out the door with camera they climbed one of the tall pine trees in our yard. See the mother on the left. Can see paw of one of the little ones in fork of tree on right. 
They finally decided he wasn't a threat and came down. Mama first.
Then the babies. 
Good thing he didn't get wedged in there. The squirrel and cat on the right are wooden cut outs. 
There is a drainage ditch between our yard and the block wall, into it they went and took off to where ever they live, probably the wetlands. 
I had so much fun making the first wall hanging I made another one. Trying to use up material scraps. Only had to rip out a couple of seams on this one. Got a better picture. Laid it on kitchen floor and stood on a stool to take it. 
Just a little closer look at the pieces. 
Spent part of yesterday cutting a whole bunch of strips in case I want to make another on. Also started a new puzzle. And watched Bridges of Madison County in the evening. While listening to it rain. 
Just saw on the community Facebook page they are thinking about putting up a map of the community by the entry gate. Sounds like a good idea. Hope they do. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

We are still here

I have been in a bit of a downer for the last several weeks. But am now slowly snapping out of it. The last couple of months were hard. But I am plodding along. 

Summer has arrived in Las Vegas. Yesterday was 111 - at 10:30 last night it was still 104!  Bill went out to walk a little this morning at 4:30 and said he didn't go far as it was even too hot for him. Today in the area we live in the very lowest part of the valley on the far east side the high will be 115 or more. The strip will be around 112/113. If it would cool down at night it wouldn't be so bad. The AC runs day and night. The humidity is in the low teens and there has been a breeze. But in a couple of days we might get some tiny chance of rain, so it will get cooler, humidity will rise and the winds will pick up some again. I hope we will be under one of the rain clouds. Just for a change.

We are still getting visits from the bunnies and the road runner. I like to watch him running. Bill said he saw a coyote walking down the street in front of him this morning. It took off when it saw him. 
I have started sewing, making Christmas Tree wall hangings [yes hangings, plural or more.] They are challenging and fun to make. And I sure have enough Christmas material. 
this is only part of what I have 
A tree in progress. All the colored strips have to be cut out, then the white background strips in different lengths have to be cut and sewed to the colored ones. 
Then they all have to be cut at angles and then sewn together. I managed to sew about five of them together wrong...grrr...won't make that mistake again. This photo is actually the second one I am making. 
This is the first one done. I can never get a straight picture of something like this. Need to be on a step ladder to take it I guess. 
Another finished puzzle. The last one in a multi-puzzle box. The dark blue water took a while to finish. But that is the whole point of them to spend time doing them. 
So had to buy a new  box. Wish there were a few more of the bigger ones. Tho I did the small 150 piece one I have marked in red and took me a couple of days just for the part on the top that is boxed in red. The pieces were all the same color and most of them fitted into several other pieces, until I went to add a new piece and it wouldn't fit. It ended up I had one piece left and one hole for a piece but the one I had didn't fit there. I looked and looked for where I had a wrong piece in - no where. Studies the hole and the piece for a while. Then turned the piece over with picture side down and it fit the hole perfectly...go figure. Did I mention this boxed set was very cheap - only 11 dollars, guess you get what you pay for. 
Now I'm working on the 300 piece one of the muffins. I really miss being able to get out in the mornings and walk. Don't want to go to a mall, too many people there and have to use too much gas - which is still around $5.50 here. 
Been watching The Crown on Netflex. Pretty interesting. Being a princess isn't as much fun as it sounds. 
Other things going on here but will leave them for another time.