Friday, July 22, 2022

This and That

 Our weather for the next few days. Lucky for us the numbers have been revised some. Today it will only be 114, at least humidity is only 8% so the feels like is only 112! And Monday and Tuesday it will be 98 and probably raining. Sounds good to me. 

Still working on the same box of puzzles, some of them are taking longer than usual to do. This one was fun and a challenge. Had to work onit for a few days. 
A couple of days ago when there was a chance of rain we had some pretty sunrises, too hot to go out and check sunsets. Bill caught this sunrise. 

I saw a recipe on line for rosemary bread. Sounded interesting so thought I'd try it. You mix all the ingredients then it has to set for 18 to 24 hours, then you put it in a pan and let it rise another two hours then bake it. and the recipe got thrown out. Did not taste good and did not cook well. Crust was like concrete. Oh well, something different to do. 
This is the puzzle I'm working on now, have been working on it for several days, I swear none of the pieces fit any where and every where. I take more pieces out every time I sit down than I put in. 
Have finished, almost - just hand work left, another Christmas wall hanging. I've decided I'm gong to add some trim to the trees. But need to go to Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's for something to use. Something to do next week. 
The lantana that the birds ate all the flowers off of has come back quick and fine. I hope they got belly aches from it and stay away from it now. 
My weird cactus that I got in Mazatlan years ago and smuggled back and forth across the border until it got to big to fit in the cupboard has died. It just couldn't take last winter. We've been trying everything to save it, but really looks bad now. Don't think it will make it. 
A different lantana plant, both flowers are on ONE plant. 
Another bush in the back yard that is blooming. These delicate flowers get blown off every time the wind picks up, but it keeps getting new ones.
This was yesterday morning! AC came on a few minutes after I took the picture off the TV. 
A picture from satellite of lake mead and the river. Sure used to be a lot bigger. 
And that is it from Sunny Las Vegas! I guess Bill will get his CAT scan Monday, at least no one has called to say he can't. And of course it is clear across town and will probably be raining...
PS I finished the puzzle of the cat, finally. For some reason it just all came together for me - did have to move a few pieces that were in the wrong place. 


SandyM said...

Sorry for the loss of your Rosemary bread! I have a pot of Rosemary on my deck as I like the looks of it growing. It is, I think, a strong spice but very good in meat marinates and some stir fried veggies - not too sure if I like it in bread although I have eaten it used that way. Cooking and baking is trial and error for me😊😊😊
I hope the test Bill has Monday will give you the answers you need and seek. Good change we will be in Mazatlan for a few weeks this January/February….hope you are, too.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - I've made other types of bread with rosemary in it and they were good. I think the yeast wasn't any good.
No test for Bill; the insurance denied the procedure. So now guess we have to wait to hear from doctor.