Friday, July 28, 2023

Plugging along, still HOT out

 Not much has been going on around here, still very, very hot out. In the last fifteen days we've had ONE day under 110 and it was 109. Been up to 115 a couple of days. By middle of next week though it is supposed to cool off, one day predicted to be ONLY 100. Sure hope so. When we get up around 6 a.m. it has been 90+ already, the coolest it's been at night for a long time. And next week we are supposed to get some rain. I met my girlfriend for lunch the other day and after when I got to the car it was so hot I couldn't open it with out using my blouse to hold the handle. The steering wheel was super hot too. UGH

Another picture of the big Sphere just a half block off The Strip. People are complaining about it interrupting the flow of traffic 'cause cars slow down (and some stop) to watch it. Also in the strip area a lot of the streets are getting repaved for the Formula One race in November, Guess pavement has to be super smooth. So that has been a mess, glad we can stay away from that area. 

I happened to be looking out the kitchen window when I saw a furry tail go under our shed?? To furry to be a rat. Stood there for a while and this little kitty peaked out. The minute I moved it went back under. That was a couple of days ago and haven't seen it since. 
Been keeping busy with a puzzle. My neighbor got it from his daughter and he wants to fix it so he can frame it. They asked me if I would do it for them. So I'm working on it now. It is very different to put together. 
I building it on a cutting mat so he can transfer it to something stable to take it to his house to glue and coat it. So the design on the cutting mat is distracting. I did the easy part first of course. 
The is very little difference in the colors of the pieces left and they are the weirdest shapes I've ever run across. Makes it a challenge to do it. Hope to finish it in a couple of days. 
Then I'm going to try something new. Went out and bought a Diamond Dotz kit. The cheapest one I could find. Not sure I'll be able to do because of the way my hands shake. But going to try. Just the butterfly gets the little "diamond dot" pieces put on it. There are 28 different colors of the dots. 
Some of the colors. You get a pen type thing, add wax to the tip of it and then pick up the "diamond dot" and place it on the canvas. The canvas has a sticky surface that the dots hopefully stick to. It might be fun. It might be a challenge and it might just end up in the trash. 
Did any of you see on Facebook the one Jenny Sheppard's mother did. It was huge and beautiful. That's what got me wondering if I could do it. 
We got out and about a couple of times this week. Bill developed tendinitis in his wrist. Bad enough that he went to urgent care. Got anti inflammatory pills and was supposed to get a brace, which he refused. It is getting better slowly. 
And our son came over and picked up our RV from the dealership and brought it home for us. The dealer called and said pick it up or pay for storage. Okay! Been there since March to repair the damage from the bucket that went under it. So now it is here in the storage lot. The management is still diddling around about how to secure the RV lot so nothing else gets stolen out of them. They are talking now about putting in big sliding gates. Better then a chain. When it was stolen last year we had a good steering wheel lock on it. Didn't matter. Police said the steering locks and the wheel locks were not much of a help. 
Not much else going on around here. Bill gets another eye shot next week. Thank goodness they are working. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Rain in Vegas

 Yes we actually got some rain here in town. Where my friend lives in the south side there was up to one inch of rain. Stole these from on line.

Here at our house we got drops. Big drops but just drops. You can almost count them. 
Big old black cloud over us. Some lightening and a couple booms of thunder. 
We were actually in the sun, but the Wetlands was under the cloud. 
Sound on - the pitter  patter of rain drops.
I thought for a few minutes the wind might blow the Palo Verde tree over. Gusting up to 50/60 mph. When these Monsoon rains move by we get what they call "outflow winds" sometimes really strong. 
Got a nice surprise from our youngest son who lives here. He sent three girls/women over to clean the house. I was just getting ready to mop the floors. Yippee!
Happy Days. 

Monday, July 17, 2023


 Meant to do this yesterday afternoon, but got too hot to sit at computer. I think I've mentioned that the room with our computers is a west facing room, so get lots of sun from noon on. Also the AC floor vent is under Bill's computer desk - so very little cool air comes out of it. Also the energy company can control our thermostat so during peak energy user hours they raise the thermostat 4 degrees. Today I'm going to remember to lower it 4 degrees, just before they raise it...We will have at least ten more days of 110 plus weather - lovely.

One morning early before it got too hot Bill made another batch of Milanese. We freeze it then use the small pieces for sandwiches and the bigger ones for meals. 

He makes a lot at one time. 
The 2000 piece puzzle I started on July 7th - this was a few days ago. It is as long as the table is wide, but at least got part of the table back. 
Hooray! July 15 - it is done. Longest it has taken me to do one. 
I was sure one piece was missing, in fact it actually was for a while. I finally found it on the floor about four feet from the table under a piece of furniture. And I wasn't looking for it when I found it, I was sweeping the floor. 
According to TV forecast we just might get some rain this afternoon, sure hope so. Speaking of rain/water - three of our six geraniums have kicked the bucket. So just empty planters out there. Just might stick some artificial flowers in them until next inspection. 
We are pretty much just being couch potatoes when it is this hot.  So not much going on. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

2000 pieces

Been a while I know. Unless I get to the computer early in the morning the room it is in gets too hot for me. The AC vent is under Bill's computer desk so not much cool air gets out. And it has been quite warm here. But not as warm as it is going to get. The TV forecasters are saying Sat and Sun MIGHT reach any where from 115 to 120. I prefer to think this forecast is closer to right. We'll see. Needless to say we won't be out and about much for awhile. 

Last summer Bill bought me several jigsaw puzzles. They were from 750 to 1000 pieces. He also bought one of 2000 pieces. I have done all of the other ones. Putting off the 2000 piece one until last week. Started it on Thursday. Here is the picture/guide of it. Quite busy lots of different things going on. 
After about three hours this is all I had done. It takes up the entire dining room table and the expansion leaf is in the table. I'm still missing one border piece. 
Over the weekend I fixed dinner, had to figure out how to put things so we could eat sitting at the table. I turned the placemats over so they were shiny side down - so the puzzle pieces wouldn't stick to them. Also moved a lot of the pieces to other places on the table. We managed to eat without disturbing too many pieces. For a while we will eat standing up. 
Took this picture yesterday, been working on it five days. Doing the easy parts first. Not an easy one. But keeps me busy. Every time I go by the table I try to find at least five pieces. don't think I want to do any more 2000 piece ones. 
Good news for both of us. Went to cardiologist last week and we both got good news. Every thing working good, come back next April. We asked about our last visit in September when doctor was mentioning Bill might need another stent. He told us body has the ability to work around and find another way to deliver the blood to the heart. So every thing is working fine. And this morning I noticed Bill was using his computer without having to use the magnifying glass. One step at a time I guess. His long covid even seems to be getting less debilitating. The extreme exhaustion is not happening quite as often. But still happening more than he likes. And it comes on very suddenly. Like a plug has been pulled. 
There is a new attraction in Vegas. A huge round black building just off the strip. It is called the MSG Sphere - look it up on line. Amazing. They lit it up for the first time on July Fourth. Here's some information on it. Well this didn't copy and paste very well but you can still read it. 

"Home to the tallest Ferris wheel in the US and the strongest light beam on earth, Las Vegas loves to break records. The MSG sphere is just the latest light pollution generating attraction for Sin City to flex. 

Earth’s largest sphere besides the planet itself doesn’t officially debut for a few more months but residents and tourists got a sneak peek to the attraction on Tuesday. As part of a July Fourth special event, the giant ball displayed a multitude of displays including the American flag, an eyeball, a basketball and even Earth itself. The Jack-o-lantern image for Halloween and a snow globe for Christmas shows how much fun the LED orb will bring to the city.

How big is the MSG Sphere? 

One block east from the Vegas strip, the record-breaking Sphere sits at 366 feet tall and 516 feet wide. In addition to being the largest sphere, the bowl reportedly also has the largest LED lights with 1.2 million lights the size of hockey pucks. 

The venue can seat nearly 18,000 people. "

By far the most creepy look is the giant eyeball. I wonder how many accidents it will cause once it is lit up all the time. See the Ferris wheel next to it. Gives an idea of how big it is. 

Check on line to see some of the other scenes it has. Amazing.
Probably won't be writing often until this weather breaks, not going to be doing much to write about. 

Monday, July 3, 2023

Hot Hot Hot

 Have been doing very little lately. Working on jigsaw puzzles. This was a 300 piece one but took a couple of days. 

Bill is now able to see the computer games well enough to play them. He also has backgammon and solitaire. We gave up trying to find a version of Risk that would work with Windows 11.  I think trying to download a couple of versions of Risk is what let the virus into the computer and caused all the banking problems. He is able to play Risk on his laptop that he can connect to a TV screen up on the wall. If he wants to. 
Another 300 piece puzzle. It was pretty easy. I don't try to finish them in one sitting, so they last a couple of days.
Bill has been cooking again. Made a couple of Spanish Tortillas. Sliced potatoes and onions, grated carrots, some peas and parsley. All held together with eggs. Very good and filling. 
The final puzzle of 500 from the multi pack box I bought a while ago. Also fairly easy. 
Now the only puzzle I have left to do is a 2000 piece one that Bill bought for me last summer. Waiting until I take the July 4th decorations off the dining room table before I start it. Think it will take up most of the table. 
Summer has arrived in Vegas. This was yesterday. Living in the east - lowest - part of the valley our temperatures are usually a few degrees higher. 
And it doesn't cool down at night. Later today and for a couple of days the wind is picking up too. Gusts of 35/40 mph. When I got up this morning at 6:30 it was already 90 out. Blow dryer any one? 
Getting cooler by Wednesday. Lucky us we have a doctor's appointment at 2 o'clock in the afternoon on Wednesday. The car gets so hot can't touch the steering wheel. Even when I put a towel over it. 
Our new thermostat has an eco energy saving feature - that is controlled by the ENERGY company. Went into eco mode yesterday - setting itself at 82. No way can I disable it unless I call energy company, then they will up the cost of electricity during the hours it should be enabled. Yes, Phil, I know you warned me. 
Bill got another cooking bug. Well no cooking involved but it was dinner. Stuffed big tomatoes. 
And here he is relaxing READING his nook. Finally. Thank goodness. Eye continues to improve. Doesn't get next shot until beginning of August. 
Nothing else going on around here.