Monday, July 17, 2023


 Meant to do this yesterday afternoon, but got too hot to sit at computer. I think I've mentioned that the room with our computers is a west facing room, so get lots of sun from noon on. Also the AC floor vent is under Bill's computer desk - so very little cool air comes out of it. Also the energy company can control our thermostat so during peak energy user hours they raise the thermostat 4 degrees. Today I'm going to remember to lower it 4 degrees, just before they raise it...We will have at least ten more days of 110 plus weather - lovely.

One morning early before it got too hot Bill made another batch of Milanese. We freeze it then use the small pieces for sandwiches and the bigger ones for meals. 

He makes a lot at one time. 
The 2000 piece puzzle I started on July 7th - this was a few days ago. It is as long as the table is wide, but at least got part of the table back. 
Hooray! July 15 - it is done. Longest it has taken me to do one. 
I was sure one piece was missing, in fact it actually was for a while. I finally found it on the floor about four feet from the table under a piece of furniture. And I wasn't looking for it when I found it, I was sweeping the floor. 
According to TV forecast we just might get some rain this afternoon, sure hope so. Speaking of rain/water - three of our six geraniums have kicked the bucket. So just empty planters out there. Just might stick some artificial flowers in them until next inspection. 
We are pretty much just being couch potatoes when it is this hot.  So not much going on. 


Ruth's Life is Good said...

That puzzle is beautiful. Love the scene with all the colors. Great job in getting it together!!

Nancy Kissack said...

WOW ... what a puzzle!! 106 here in Tucson and raining. How can that be? It's hard to stay inside all day long ......

Carol and Bill said...

Ruth - it was fun to do, but about 1000 pieces too big. They were all food trucks with a taco theme all over the place. In hands, being served etc. Kind of funny, even a can of spam.
Nancy - Hot, hot hot here too, up in the 114/5/6's It is driving us crazy not leaving the house, but just too hot out there. Am even putting in a grocery DELIVERY for tomorrow. It is 91 at 6 a.m. Never cooling down. Enough all ready.