Monday, October 31, 2022

First and second days in San Carlos

Long blog lots of pictures. Hello from San Carlos again. The first full day we were here we didn't do much. Just relaxed. Looks like the weather is going to be perfect while we are here. Going to leave Friday morning - how far we are going to go - no idea. We've already changed our plans once so...

Here we are in Totanaka RV park. This is "our" spot. Park in same place every year, coming and going home. The water pressure here has always been terrible, just drips and dribbles BUT this year that has changed for the better, much better. A new big water tank with a big powerful pump. There also is a Fiber Optic Internet line. Along with all the older wifi. Looks like there are new signs for the park and some other improvements. It is US $26 a day if you pay for a week. He charges in Pesos not dollars. Peso exchange rate for US dollars is around 19.82 - changes a little every day. 
Bill wanted to get a couple of keys made so while he was in the locksmiths shop I took a couple of pictures. Pretty pottery in a gift shop All of these little stores are right in front of the RV park.
Then I walked across the street to look at the beach.  The improvements they made last year  still look nice. 
And that was it for the first day. Sunday we did a few more things. Went back to La Palapa Griega for lunch. Again there was entertainment. Looks like they have something every day. Saturday it was The Country Boys.
We were there about 2:00 and the place was empty. But a lot of the tables were reserved. 
The three piece band showed up and got set up. The female singer - she had an interesting voice and more interesting make up. Had to really zoom my camera in to get a picture of her. 

I took this because of the clouds. We were heading back to the car. Both of us really full. Bill had fish with lemon and capers, potatoes and green beans, I had a BLT and fries. 
A little vendors stand. The white dress is all hand embroidered front and back. Would have bought it but it was muy grande - way too big for me. About US$30. The other items are aprons. All embroidery. 
Just scenery cactus and mountains. This is a very pretty area with the desert and sea. 
We are on our way to a look out point. Lots of rugged mountains around here. 
Desert, Sea of Cortez and mountains. the mountain in the back ground is the other side of the mountain in the header picture. 

At the look out point are three dolphin sculptures. There are 21 of them around town. Hope to be able to find and photograph all of them before we leave. Some info about them. 

"Dolphins of San Carlos: A Project of Hope” (Delfines: Un Proyecto de Esperanza)

Artist Lucia Apodaca is the project leader of this beautiful addition to San Carlos. Her goal is to contribute to and enhance the natural beauty of our area by installing these works of art at various strategic locations around town.

Each dolphin art structure is sponsored by a business, organization, or individual, and then is designed and painted by a talented Sonoran artist. The 3 meter long sculptures are made of fiberglass and sit on an iron base.

Lucia chose the dolphin as the emblematic animal to represent San Carlos & Guaymas because they are seen regularly in our local waters, and to her dolphins represent hope, harmony, and protection.

The first one I managed to get a picture of as we drove by it. Bicycle parts make up the stand. 

Up at El Mirador - the look out point. There are three dolphins here. First one. 

Second one. 

Third one. 

Well look at that. A man has brought his drone up here and is making videos of people who want them.  100 Pesos about US$ 5.00 Of course he and Bill had a long talk. 
And another person with his drone. Another long talk. The same drone Bill has cost about double  here than what Bill paid. 
Just another look at the scenery.
This vendor is selling boiled corn on the cob.  See it in his hand. He is inserting a stick to hold it.
And this case is full of cups of fresh cut fruit. About US$ 3.5 a cup. Looked good, but too full to get one. 
A year ago this area was an empty beach. Now all kinds of  homes are being built here. 
And the first time we came here in 2007 where all these white houses are was a huge RV park. Then a year or so later it closed and the land was empty for years. Two years ago it was bought and turned into a housing development. 
Last nights sunset. This is looking East.
The sunset over the beach.  End of a perfect day. 

No plans yet for today. 

Sunday, October 30, 2022


For those of you crossing at Nogales truck route here is some info. Not many changes from last year. From the RV park (DeAnzo RV) in Amado we took the 19 south to the International Border. Be sure you have purchased insurance for all your vehicles before getting to the border. 
Exit four is the exit to take.
The Truck Route 

The new overpass has been completed Big yellow sign follow it. If you miss it - don't worry you just end up on the old road. 
Reaching the border. If you are in any kind of RV  Motorhome, trailer, 5th wheel take the truck lane. There was no one on the US side to check anything the day we went through. On the day I took the pictures we were in the Jeep so went through the car lanes. 
Into Mexico. Stay to the right of the double yellow lines, they are for oncoming traffic. 
Getting close to the first toll booth. 
Toll booth
After the toll booth be sure to stay to the left of the little divider. And slow down, there is one part that is very narrow.
See what I mean. You go between the post and the divider. Yes with your RV
Going into Mexican Customs again narrow and two mean speed bumps / topes. The first one in this picture will launch you into space if you hit it fast.
That car is at the second one. 
In an RV you want to go to the RIGHT to the bus lane - there are two of them.  Usually a couple of marines will come out and ask you to pull over. This year they wanted to see our registrations for both the Jeep and the RV.  We were told they WERE NOT making flat towed cars unhook and go through separate like they did last year. 
On down the highway. A couple of Topes where there were vendors beside the road. Slow down. 
When you see this road going off to the right (DO NOT TAKE IT) you are getting close to KM21.
Getting closer. 
See the tower - almost to turn off. 
This is it - easy to miss as it just looks like a dirt pull off. Before the sign. Slow way down - very rough to go through. 
Pullinto the lot, there is plenty of room to park a big rig. 
Your first stop is the little building in the center with the double doors. You will get your Tourist Cards there. However you will probably have to stand in a line to the right under the roof. They only let two or three people in at a time. 

After you get your tourist cards FMM - need passport to get them. You pay for the Tourist Cards when they issue them. Stop at the copy shed to make a copy of the tourist card of who ever will be getting the TIP for the vehicle. We use a credit card - it is in Bill's name. For us the paper work for the Jeep  is in Bill's name. To get that you need copy of driver's license, Tourist Card, registration and passport.  You also will need the ORIGINAL of all of those things. If you are getting a 10 year permit for your RV you need original registration and copies of all of the above. We were in line for about 45 minutes as a couple of people in front of us, didn't have what they needed and had to keep running back to vehicles and copy place. Our paper work was done in 7 minutes when we finally reached window. 
Safe travels, hope this helped. We are now in San Carlos at Totanaka.