Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Another month already.

 I have finished my w all hanging and it is hanging on the closet door - This picture is of the finished hanging and the photo that inspired it. At the time of this pic the photo was the back ground on my computer monitor. That's why it looks so blah. the light was wrong for taking this photo. I left out the man and the horse on the far right, but added a couple of chickens. 

A better pic of the finished product.
Weather is finally turned nice. The temps during the day are still in the mid 90's but it is cooling down to low 70's - high 60's at night so it is nice and cool in the mornings. So my friend and I are walking again. Been getting in 2 1/2 to 3 miles a walk. Mostly we've been going out in the Wetlands. They are really green with all the rain we had during August. Just liked the reflection of the cloud in the pond.
They are still putting up new information about flora and fauna in the park. This particular pond has a big orange Koi fish in it. Of course, not native to this area. Some one must have dumped it there but it is thriving. Same with some of the turtles. Probably started out as pets. 
Lots of different things blooming. 

This tree interests me. Such a strange growth. When the clumps die they turn brown and look like huge spiders on the ground. 
Just one of the paths we walk. All the bushes are taller than us now. 

Saw a road runner as we neared home one morning. 
I keep playing with jigsaw puzzles. This one was interesting and fun. 750 pieces. Didn't take too long to do as each butterfly was easy to pick out the pieces. 
Went out to breakfast and the market this morning. Wow - gasoline is back up to $5.89 a gallon. What happened, last week it was way lower than that. 
We are starting to get things for the winter trip. Half the laundry room is full of stuff that will go into the RV. 
When we went out Sunday morning we noticed our big front yard hole was filled in and the rocks spread back over it. No idea when they did that. Sure glad they didn't have to break the driveway up to fix the pipe. And glad it was managements problem, not ours. 


SandyM said...

I love the chickens in the wall hanging! Photos of the wetlands are interesting and pretty as is the road runner! Nice post and thanks for sharing with all of us.

Doug and Nancy said...

Wall hanging turned out absolutely beautiful!!!

Nancy Kissack said...

Love your wall hanging. Takes talent to do that from a picture. Fuel prices are up again in Tucson too. That is definitely a weird thing hanging from the tree.

Kathy Tycho said...

Love the wall hanging and El Quelite too!

Ruth's Life is Good said...

WOW, your wall hanging is incredible. I am always amazed by the things you do. You are so talented.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy, we almost always seem to find something different to see in the wetlands. Thank you for comment on hanging.
Doug and Nancy - thanks for comment.
Nancy K - thanks, they are fun to do. We found a cheaper station for gas today thank goodness. Most art 5.89.
Kathy and Ruth - thank you. I might bring it with us this year for color in RV.

Grandma on the Road said...

That funny looking tree is a Screwbean Mesquite, and the pods are edible! I first found several of these trees at Ash Meadows near Pahrump. Some people call them Corkscrew Mesquite. Here are a couple of articles about it.