Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The Hunter Moon

 Got outside in time to see the Hunter Moon rise the other night. First time this year there was not a completely cloudy sky. One little cloud it had to pass behind.

Almost through

Sure was pretty 
Our whole yard is a mass of flowers and flowering bushes
And our whole house has groups of full bags all over it. 
Bags empty, worn out. More to do tomorrow.


Nancy Kissack said...

It was a beautiful moon and I love your pictures. Yup my house looks just like that ... bags and boxes everywhere as I stack up things to go to Arizona.

SandyM said...

Carol your photos of the moon are just beautiful and so are the the blooming bushes and flowers. I find all of the packed bags exciting as I think I know what will happen next…..into the RV and soon you will be “Back On the Road Again”. Excited for what comes next and the blogs you will write along the way.

Janet said...

Safe travels, will be keeping an eye out for your posts!

Contessa said...

Great moon photos! I'm still sore from the lugging and unloading. I am always surprised at how much I can stuff into the RV.