Thursday, October 20, 2022

Moving along

Writing this from Gila Bend, AZ. A short driving day, only 130 miles. We spent one more day in Quartzsite, yesterday. And did nothing all day. Read, watched TV and napped. I thought about taking a walk, but it never got beyond the "thinking about it" stage. 
So this morning because we weren't going to leave until after 10 o'clock I did take a walk. Got in 4500 steps. Also discovered there are a whole lot of bunnies here in Quartzsite.
Also some really neat yard art. A big metal painted pig. 
A little wooden building 
Kind of looks like an old wagon back there. I love the huge ocotillo!
Another wagon and birds and a butterfly. 
Not sure I'd want to live across the street from this, but it is kind of cute. 
Some metal work flowers.
And these guys. 
Here is a bull pulling a plow -Not sure what he is made of, kind of looked like paper mache. 
I almost missed this one. I could spend all day walking around here. You can't help but smile. Did manage to get in 4500 steps before I got too hot. 
Stopped at a Pilot/Flying J on the I-10 for fuel. Took 35.6 gallons - good thing we didn't have to go any further. Gasoline was 4.09 and with our RVRewards Card we got 10 cents a gallon off. Well we should have but they refused the card...WHAT. So Bill used one of his cards and they gave us the 10 cents off any way. Called Pilot when we got settled in and their explanation was. "You haven't used your card since March. You have no balance do you?" NO. "Oh, well in March they froze a lot of cards. There I've taken care of it. It will be fine now." 
No explanation why they "froze some cards." So tomorrow morning we will find out if it works or not. Hope to be in Amado tomorrow afternoon for a week. 
It is still warm down here, got up to 91 in Gila Bend today. But cools off nice at night. Taking advantage of this parks wifi and getting a few things done. So bye until ... 


Nancy Kissack said...

It's kind of interesting to hear about all the bunnies. In Tucson, there were practically none. I usually see dozens, but only one this year.

Carol and Bill said...

Maybe the coyotes were hungry