Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Busy Day Today

 Didn't get quite as cold last night and today was prefect in the high 70's.

We decided to get all our paperwork for Mexico done. So jumped in the Jeep and headed south. Our first stop was in Nogales to get our vehicle insurance. Then headed across the border. Paid our first toll on the Mexican roads today. Even before the Mexican customs. While passing through customs we stopped as Bill wanted to know if we would have to unhook the car from the motorhome to pass  like we did last year. He was told that we would not have to unhook. Had that verified by an officer. But we shall see. Then on to KM21 to get our Tourist Cards 56 Pesos each. To get the TIP for the Jeep we had to have a copy of Bills Tourist Card to go with the copy of the registration, his drivers license and passport. Also, of course, had to have the originals of all of the above. So while he was in line I went to the copy kiosk and got copies of both our cards and an extra for agent. I like copies of our cards and passports.  It only took about 10 minutes to get all our paper work done, but were there for about an hour. Lots of people in front of us missing some of the required documents. Oh well, it is all done now so when we cross on Friday we will just drive right straight through. On the way back we stopped at IHop for lunch.

Yesterday I washed all the sopping wet towels from the bathroom floor. I gathered my laundry, soap and quarters and headed to the laundry room. Only to find that the machines didn't take quarters. They took a card??? Looking around I discovered the machine that dispensed the CARDS. Put in five dollars (the smallest bill it would take) and get the card. But it only took me a dollar fifty for the wash and a dollar fifty for the dry. Three dollars. No refunds from the machine...Guess I'll go to the office tomorrow to see how that works. Using the card machine one can add money to it but not get a refund. Sign of the times getting more complicated.  

Tomorrow we'll start getting everything ready to travel again. And start thinking in Pesos again instead of dollars. Looks like the weather will be nice for at least a week. 


SandyM said...

Excited for you and the trip to Mexico. Traveling Mercies all the way to Mazatlan

Doug and Nancy said...

Super fun times coming...

Grandma on the Road said...

Had that problem with a card in Florida at a private campground once. Except card cost $10, but they suggested I sell my card to another resident before I left! I was only there three days, so having to go through all of that was a serious pain.

And that was about 6 years ago.


Contessa said...

Thank you Bill for checking that out at the first toll booth. It helps knowing that. What a pain about that laundry card. I used it once in Edmonton and it was no fun figuring it all out. Now that you mention it I guess today is our first laundry day since being on the road. We really enjoyed the heat during the day yesterday but it sure is cold in the mornings.

Goof luck with the RV Teck. Is this the same person you have used in the past? Does the RV door open when you are driving? That would be super scary.

Janet said...

Belated Birthday wishes to Bill! A rest, an overnight , and Mazatlan will be in your sights! Safe travels.