Sunday, December 31, 2017

Where did 2017 go?

Ring in the new year bell

Here is a short video of the guy getting the coconuts down. Right after I quit filming he knocked one off. If you make it full screen it is easier to see.

We pretty much just stayed home today. The traffic in town is 

The moon coming up

And the sun going down. 
The end of the year.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Lots of people in town

Strange weather here for a week or so. The last couple of days have been really cloudy and below 80 degrees. Here's the forecast for the next week. So it will be warming up a little and the sun will be out more. I'm sure the zillions of tourists here will appreciate that. 
Speaking of the tourists, according to last nights news there is 100% occupancy in the hotels here. People are being turned away. 
Driving is a zoo with lots of cars from other Mexican cities and states all trying to figure out where they want to go. Bill says no more going to town until after the 1st. But actually it will still be busy until January 6th - Kings Day. School is out until then. 
So rather than sit around and be bored I took a walk this morning. The cool breeze and lack of sun made it nice. I crossed the street and went to the beach to walk somewhere different. Looking north on the beach. Hardly any one out yet.
 Looking south towards town. You can see the haze in the air. 
A few birds picking at the sand. Sand Pipers?
 A lady with fruit and bread in front of one of the hotels. She didn't have many customers. 
 Want to buy some ocean front property. Looks like someone started building then stopped. It is for sale. 
 Or how about this one. All ready to move into. 
 It amazes me how the  pelicans can fly right above the waves and not get wet or pulled under. 
 One of the few people I saw on the beach. He was fishing. 
No more pictures as I forgot to change the camera battery. Walked a little further than this. Until I saw a dirt road leading from the beach back to the main road. Took it. While cutting through the field I saw a jack rabbit. The first one I've seen here in Mexico. Walked the rest of the way home on the sidewalk. Was out for almost an hour, 2.5 miles - around 6000 steps. 
Had to sit and rest and cool down after I got home.
Then we went out for breakfast and to the grocery store. Again traffic was a nightmare. 
Why - when there are several empty spaces does someone pull in right next to another RV? Three kids and two dogs. There goes our piece and quiet. The machinery is done until after New Years day so we were going to really enjoy the birds. Not now I guess. How long can you bounce a ball on the cement patio? Bill is grinding his teeth. 
It is cool enough that Bill decided to make another tortilla. Here he is at work. All the vegetables are chopped, sliced and in the pan.
 Adding the eggs, parsley and seasonings.
 He has two pans in his hands one with the semi cooked tortilla and an empty one. He will flip them.
 Tortilla is in new pan. I'd have it all over the floor. 
 Finished product. Just in time for dinner. 
Sure glad he likes to cook and that he is an excellent cook.

Friday, December 29, 2017

A day of remembering

John Richard Sirimarco
May 1965 - December 29 2006
He was about 17 in this picture. Always had a beautiful head of hair.

He wished no one a last farewell,
nor even said goodbye. He was gone before we knew it,
And only God knows why. 
They say time heals all sorrow, And helps us to forget,
But time so far only proves how much we miss him yet,

Back to roaming around Centro yesterday. What was this coming down the street toward us? Why it is a big pig! Asking for donations for a children's cause. Good thing it wasn't a real hot day. 
Just another picture of my favorite building. The tile around the windows, doors and balconies came from France when the building was built in 1847 by a powerful French merchant. Now it needs a lot of TLC. 
And this building was a German general store. Built in 1904. It is empty inside. 
This is the way it looked in the early 1900's. As the years passed 2nd stories were added to a lot of buildings. 

The side of the store. 

We were on our way to the bakery. It was noon already so I didn't think there would be any cinnamon rolls left, but Bill said "Let's check." And we got the LAST one. There it is sitting on the tray. So good. 
Walking towards the plaza to have some lunch we passed this unique building. Can't find any information about it. It has a cafe and art gallery in it now. Looks like it is going to get some needed painting. 
Oh Boy! I want one of these! No. Not the statue the ladder. Just kidding of course. 
Nothing much going on in the plaza while we ate. Just lots of tourist going by in pulmonias and trolleys. They waved and took pictures of us and we waved and took pictures of them. 
Walking back to the car we passed this street side cafe. Actually more of in the street cafe. They even had entertainment. This cart has been here ever since we've been coming to Mazatlan. Must have good food. 
Interesting roof on this pick up. Guess you do what you have to do to keep dry. 
This house was built and never occupied. For the last two years someone has been restoring it. The bottom half is all replastered, all new window grills and the stairs fixed. No idea what is going on inside. See the guy up on the scaffolding. See the ladder with the plank leading to the scaffolding...
At least he has a safety harness on. Still a lot of work to be done. 
Out for breakfast this morning and the fruit seller came by. I love his sun glasses. 
Wonder where they can be bought? Wonder how things look through them? 
After going to grocery store we stopped at a little nursery and bought some plants for our patio. We can't take them home but will enjoy them here. Now to get some ceramic planters that we will be able to take home. Another day.
Day has remained cloudy and cool but very humid. Will be like this for a couple more days. Bill is playing with the drone trying to track where all the dump trucks are going from the field next door. No other plans for the day.  

Thursday, December 28, 2017

A busy Thursday in Mazatlan

But I'm going to start out with Wednesday's sunset. Very pretty coming from an overcast day. 

Thursday morning I managed to get in another walk. Only 3500 steps and 1/2 hour. The mechanic was here again so instead of sitting around I went walking. This time doing some work on the RV. He installed a second house battery. We got it at home but had it installed here. 
After he left we headed for Centro. Forgot that there would be a zillion tourists in town. They'll be here until January 6th Kings Day. Saw license plates from all over Mexico. The have opened another couple blocks of the Malecon. Still a lot of work to be done here to finish it up. 
 We were going by right at noon. Taking advantage of their lunch hour. 
 I want to talk a little about these photos. They are not the best quality but they were taken out the window as we drove down the road. And the day was one of those glaring overcast days. So anyway. 
Looks like he is saying, "Hey, what am I supposed to be doing anyway?"
 And here he comes right down the street. The already very narrow street with lots of traffic. 
 Completing more of the geometric center dividers. Filling the frames with the Styrofoam pieces.

A wire support goes over the foam. 
 Then the cement.  

These big sun shades are going up all over. Wonder what will happen during tropical storm season.
 And a lot of these poles with the circles on top. Lights maybe. Still more work to be done in this area. 
Downtown around the government building a lot of new plants are going in.  
 And a new mural in the courtyard of the government building. 
 Our first stop was for Bill to pick up his sun glasses. He had new lenses put in two pair. 
Stopped at watch maker again, watches still aren't ready. Bill told him he wasn't in a hurry but...
Walked around more after this. Tomorrow's blog. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The last few days

Been busy doing not much of anything the last couple of days. First off we did go to the Christmas dinner here at the RV park. It was very well attended. Not very much food was left over. 
 Yesterday the mechanic was here to put in a new gasket in the transmission. Pretty soon the whole car will be new. Piece by piece. Also discovered it needed a new fan clutch. 
 Sat out and watched the birds a while this morning. It is the first time this year that I've seen these guys. I remember them from last year. Always seem to come in pairs.

 The big shovel is filling the dump trucks as quick as they can dump their loads and get back. Lots of dust being stirred up. At least no wind.
 While the car was being worked on I decided to take a walk. Weather is cloudy and cool so it sounded like a good ideal. I love this plant. Wish I could grow it at home. 
 I've mentioned before there is a lot of construction going on up at this end of Mazatlan. Adding a whole new tower to the yellow building. Notice the rust colored area right in the middle of the existing building. The white and brown building to the right is the Park Royal - for you Mark - only 2000 steps from the RV park. I hate walking by these cranes. And it was moving.
 The rust colored part in the last picture. Don't see any safety equipment of any kind on these guys. And they are way up there.
 5000 steps and I'm back at the RV park. Still working. They what ever they were doing then the mechanic took the Jeep to a place where a weld could be repaired on the tail pipe. It has been making a ticking noise. 
While they were gone Bill and I WALKED - yes walked - across the street to have lunch in the restaurant. When we got back the Jeep was waiting for us. Then made a quick trip to drop off laundry. So far today have in a little over 7000 steps. Better than what I've been doing. 
Now to read a new Elvis Cole book.