Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The last few days

Been busy doing not much of anything the last couple of days. First off we did go to the Christmas dinner here at the RV park. It was very well attended. Not very much food was left over. 
 Yesterday the mechanic was here to put in a new gasket in the transmission. Pretty soon the whole car will be new. Piece by piece. Also discovered it needed a new fan clutch. 
 Sat out and watched the birds a while this morning. It is the first time this year that I've seen these guys. I remember them from last year. Always seem to come in pairs.

 The big shovel is filling the dump trucks as quick as they can dump their loads and get back. Lots of dust being stirred up. At least no wind.
 While the car was being worked on I decided to take a walk. Weather is cloudy and cool so it sounded like a good ideal. I love this plant. Wish I could grow it at home. 
 I've mentioned before there is a lot of construction going on up at this end of Mazatlan. Adding a whole new tower to the yellow building. Notice the rust colored area right in the middle of the existing building. The white and brown building to the right is the Park Royal - for you Mark - only 2000 steps from the RV park. I hate walking by these cranes. And it was moving.
 The rust colored part in the last picture. Don't see any safety equipment of any kind on these guys. And they are way up there.
 5000 steps and I'm back at the RV park. Still working. They what ever they were doing then the mechanic took the Jeep to a place where a weld could be repaired on the tail pipe. It has been making a ticking noise. 
While they were gone Bill and I WALKED - yes walked - across the street to have lunch in the restaurant. When we got back the Jeep was waiting for us. Then made a quick trip to drop off laundry. So far today have in a little over 7000 steps. Better than what I've been doing. 
Now to read a new Elvis Cole book. 


Mark said...

It won't be long now. Thanks for the picture, closer than I thought..

Mark said...

Won't be soon enough. It is -8 Farenheit but -20 with the windchill. Bill would perish here...

Carol and Bill said...

it is 68 here and he has the little heater running and I just want to open the door.