Sunday, December 10, 2017

Got 1 and 1/2 errands done/

As I write this I can hear the machines working on the used to be jungle behind us. These were taken with the drone. This is the area to the south of us where they are not clearing. Thick jungle look. See the waterway.
 Right behind us where they have cleared out the brush. Now they have equipment in there picking up  the piles of dead brush.
I was asked yesterday if we planned on spending the whole winter here or if we were going to go to Aticama for a bit. Before we left home we'd talked about going to Guadalajara, Guanajuato and Hidalgo. We haven't been that far south in quite some time. And let's face it we aren't getting younger. But it seems like we get here, get settled in and plans to travel just kind of slip away. So guess we'll take it day by day. 
Much to my surprise when I looked at my memory card from the camera this morning I discovered it took more pictures from yesterday's performance by the children then I thought. So here they are. The opening number - the whole group singing Feliz Navidad. 
 I think this was introduced as the Rooster Dance. Very good dancing by these girls. 
 Waiting for their turn.
 Lining up to do the Pumpkin Dance.
 With their partners.
 Forget what this one was called, the older children performed it. And then my battery died. 
Sat out in the sunshine to warm up and watch the birds eat Saturday morning. Not the way I'd want to eat my breakfast - upside down!
The chakalakas waiting for me to leave so they can steal all the bread. 
 Eating in peace for now.
 And then we set out to do errands. Get money from ATM, pick up Bill's watches [haha] and pay for yesterday's lunch. First stop the ATM machine. It had money and it gave us money. One done. Then to Centro - 1st parking lot full, 2nd parking lot not open, So back to 1st lot, got okay to park here if we left keys. No prob.
 Outside of parking lot were men digging up the BRAND NEW sidewalk! WHAT?
I just like the colors of the buildings. Actually the rose colored one is just walls, it is the parking lot. So many of the buildings and shells of buildings are getting new paint jobs.
Walking through the Plazuela Machado we saw this group of dancers. They were going to do a video.

We continued on following Bill to the watchmaker - 2nd errand. But of course stopped to talk to the man up on the scaffolding replacing the coving on this old building. Can't wait to see it finished.

On thee way to the watchmakers I noticed this home has been completely been redone, Looks great.
The watch repair man was open, but only one watch was ready to be picked up. Well one is better than none.
Heading back to the plaza we stopped to watch the old parking lot - that is now closed for good - being repainted. Some of the loose plaster had been taken off, but no undercoat or patching. Just painting. 
Back at the plaza Bill tried to pay for the meal we had the day before. Still couldn't as the cash drawer was still locked. Will try again next time we go there. 
The dancers were now in the gazebo getting ready to dance. No music though, just the choreographer counting the beat. 

On home for the rest of the day.


peachland said...

Cracks me up,it is so Mexico,does make you wonder has every one been on honour system for last 2 days lol.The other question is where is the manager?
Do you ever put out 1/2 oranges on the sticks for the orioles,they love them.Every year something changes and the pace of Mexico changes to and then the above happens to remind you it is still Mexico!

Carol and Bill said...

we can't put any fruit out for the birds this year - the bees are so bad they just cover it and chase me away. we still haven't paid for our lunch!!!