Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Another day trip

Another day started out very nice. The work in the "used to be jungle" around us continues. Many small critters are looking for new homes. He was a little over a foot long.
They continue to clear the area to the north of us. Right up to the fence line. The only plant life remaining is the palm trees. It is illegal to take them down. They can only be removed to be replanted somewhere else. 
I thought the houses in the background were further away.  We're also getting a lot of sounds - read loud music - from the surrounding areas. I guess the brush kept it somewhat muted. By late afternoon the wind really picked up and came from the north east - right across all the dust. 
To get away from the noise and dust we decided to take a day trip. A couple of other RVers had never been to La Noria so we invited them along. Too many of us for the jeep so they followed us in their car. Our plans were to go to La Noria, the tequila distillery and to Puerta de Canoas. We were there just a couple of weeks ago...
Just as we arrived n La Noria we noticed the blacksmith shop was open so we stopped to visit with him. I didn't take many pictures but a few years ago I wrote a long blog on him. You can read it by clicking here.  The information about him is towards the end of the blog.
The inside of his shop. It has been in the same place for over 100 years. It was his great grandfathers. The old ceiling. Some of his tools hanging on the wall.
It is a very small shop - seems cluttered to me but he knows where every thing is. The tree stump the anvil is on is rotting away. Notice the bench to the left. 
A close up of one section of the bench. Looks like there are brands burnt into it. 

The old walls, roof and just the top of his forge.
The bricks on the right side of this column are wearing away.
From there we continued on to our friends leather shop. The sign out front. There is quite a bit about him in the above mentioned link to an older blog. 
Lost of work in progress here. Belts and pieces of leather for saddles. 
A stack of saddles waiting to be picked up. 
A closer look at the one on top. All hand made. Design is stamped in with metal tool. 
Putting a name on a belt. 
Thought I heard a horse so went outside, yep he was on his way to pick up a sack of grain. 
On his way home.
It is 8:00 a.m. now and the bulldozers and trucks are starting up.  At least the wind isn't blowing right now. But to continue with yesterday. 
Back to La Noria - it is now 6 at night - late getting my job done today. Oh well, I'm on vacation right? Just up the street from the leather shop is the place that makes tortillas. They use a big machine. Behind the lady you can just see the big silver bowl on top of the machine, the dough is put in it. Measures it out and drops it on a conveyor to be cooked. She is weighting out the tortillas and packaging them. 
 That is a puffy just cooked tortilla about to drop on to another conveyor belt to go to the lady.
 A little store that according to the green sign also sells ice cubes. 
 School just got out. Girls in their school uniforms.
 This time we stopped by the little church. It has a new paint job. The first time we saw it it was pink and blue, then tan and brown.
 Interesting style. Very geometric.
 Inside sat a bell. New? No idea. 
 Leaving La Noria on way to tequila distillery. A few ways to trim the high weeds growing next to the road. Grazing.
 Men with machetes. There were two men one on each side of the road. 
 Or just let it burn.
And I'm going to stop here and post or I won't get it done today.
Tomorrow I finish Tuesday and write about Wednesday. We went downtown for a bit. 


SandyM said...

The taste of a fresh cooked tortilla right from the conveyor belt is so-ooo good. Rex once asked if he could buy one tortilla and the lady got quite a chuckle from that question and then handed him one straight from being cooked. Oh it was so good. Like the new paint on the church. Thanks for sharing your day.

Carol and Bill said...

they really smell good too.