Sunday, December 3, 2017

New restaurant for us.

A little scare last night - neither of us could get into our bank accounts - finally dawned on us that the banks site must have  been down. No problem this morning.
At 8:00 our friend Roberto and his family came and got us to go with them to a restaurant. We are following them here.
Heading down the old main road south through Mazatlan. Lots of traffic. So glad there is now a bypass. We were remembering when the particular area was under construction and we had to take the Alfa over a very narrow dirt detour. 
One of the walls surrounding a cemetery. 
Quite a ways south of the city, just beyond the prison and just before the road to the airport we turned off the highway to Restaurante Campestre. 
Into the parking area. 
Walking towards the restaurant - eleven little piglets. So cute.
Bacon and eggs.
This tree is over 300 years old!
Roberto, Bill, Robrto's son, wife and daughter.
Part of the restaurant is outdoors under the huge tree. We decided to eat outdoors.
More of the tree. We picked the table right there. 
Mother pig coming to visit. She went right up to Bill to sniff him. Guess she knew he doesn't like pork. 
Babies found her, they came squealing. 
Time for brunch. All eleven are there. Lots of pushing and shoving and biting to find  a good place. 
Bill had sat down first in this chair and about fell on his behind. Lots of chicken walking around too. The kids there loved to chase them.
Had an excellent meal and lots of good visiting. 
When leaving Bill got out his drone to show Roberto. 
When bill went to start the car it wouldn't start. Finally got it going - we were just about out of gas. Barely made it to a gas station another kilometer and we'd been walking. 
Then on home for the rest of the day.
Got a call from John and Shirley they made it to Aticama fine and were settling in there 
Bill played with his drone for a while, I read and then we watched the championship game for the Mexican league. Felt good to just sit. 
No plans for today as the road in front of us will be closed until sometime this afternoon as the Marathon runners will be on it. 


Grandma on the Road said...

After having my ATM card de-magnetized when I arrived in London in 2003, I would have been without cash for 12 days in England, but I had wisely brought along $500 in emergency, old-fashioned American Express travelers checks. Traveling alone meant I had only one ATM card and could not get my bank to send another. It was very scary, as you need cash for a few things, so as redundant as AmEx may be in these days, I will take some when I go to London next April!

SandyM said...

Our local bank does not sell American Express Travelers checks anymore. We wanted five hundred just to have in case......our ATM cards gave up. Do not know if you can get them at an American Express Office but sure wish you could. Great group picture under the tree, Carol, and like the other group picture of all the piggies and their mom!