Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Two cruise ships in town

Since the weather has cooled down and the humidity has dropped some it is fun to get out and about. For  the next week it is only supposed to be 82/83 during the day, cooling down to low 70's at night.
I've printed out the cruise ship schedule and Monday there were two of them in port. It is always fun to go to the Golden Zone - where all the tourist shops are [read - everything priced in US dollars.] Even going along the main road we began to see the tourist trolleys. 
We got an early start so we could find street parking where we were going. 
 And here we are in the middle of The Golden Zone. And we managed to find parking in the street right in front of where we were going to have breakfast.
 The food is good and the tables have a ringside seat to tourist watch at Lucky B's. 
 Right across from this jewelry store. At least five or six clerks standing outside ready to grab tourists. Also a girl, you can see her sitting down behind the sandwich sign.  Taxis and pulmonias one after the other pulled up to the store and stopped and let out their passengers. The clerks would rotate, in and out of the store with buyers and lookers. The girl would go up to the drivers and enter something on her clipboard, either their names, numbers or amount of passengers. If money was sent and merchandise sold there was a tip in it for the driver. 
There are several jewelry stores in this few blocks and all had different taxis and pulmonias stopping at them. 
OH NO - look what is setting up across the street. Look at the size of those speakers. Guess we'll be leaving soon. Nope - the owner of Lucky B's went out and had a talk with the young man setting this up. Soon all the equipment was going back into the pick up that brought it. 
And then the buses started to roll in. This is a "Hop on Hop Off" bus. It is only available to cruise ship passengers costs about US$ 35 - 40.
Hop on and off the open-topped double-decker bus at your own pace, spending as much or as little time as you like exploring at each of the three designated stops.
The Hop On-Hop Off bus circuit begins 30 minutes after the ship docks and runs approximately every 30 minutes until two hours before the ship's departure time. You may get off and reboard the bus at any of its three stops in town at any time you like during the day. If you sit on the top level, you can enjoy the open-air view, or ride downstairs in the air-conditioning. Either way, you can sit back and listen to the informative commentary of your guide as you proceed through town. A route map with sites, shops and restaurant information will be provided at each of the designated stops.
The bus' first stop is in Mazatlan's Historic District, the heart of the city's commercial and cultural life. Much of the 19th century architecture in this central zone has been beautifully restored, and you can stroll its charming cobblestone streets, stopping at some of its many sidewalk cafes and bars and exploring such sights as the beautifully restored Angela Peralta Theater, lovely Machado Plaza, the double-spired cathedral, and stately City Hall.
When you are ready to move on, just pop back onto the bus for the short ride to the city's bustling seaside Golden Zone, or Zona Dorado. Here, you will find beaches, golf courses, luxurious shops and hotels, waterfront restaurants and trendy nightclubs. The Malecón, one of the longest seafront walkways in the world, starts in the Golden Zone and runs 13 miles along the coast. It is a perfect place to stroll and people-watch.
When you are done with fun in the sun, jump back on the bus for the ride to the third and final stop, where you can see cliff divers in a small oceanside park, called El Clavadista by the locals. Leaping from a nearly 50-foot-high platform into just a few feet of water, the divers must time their jumps perfectly to synchronize them with the incoming waves. Admission is free, but the divers perform for tips, so don't hesitate to show your admiration for their daring!
When you've had your fill of thrills ? not to mention sea, sun, shopping and sightseeing! Then reboard the bus for the short ride back to port.

You could take a pulmonia for 200 pesos - about US$ 11.00
 And here is a Fun Bus - same deal with ships and hotels. 
 One of the many taxis stopping in front of the store - a pulmonia right behind it. 
 After we finished eating and tourist watching we decided to play tourist. First we headed to Michael's - the store where we bought the tiles for our window boxes. Had to go under the ladder the gas guy has to go up to supply the restaurants tanks. 
Visiting with Teresa in the store. She sold us the tiles and last year the parrot. Didn't see Bill looking at anything yet this year. 
 Then we went over to Pancho's on the Beach. It is a long passage way lined with all kinds of shops. From junk to jewelry. 
 Mural on the side of Pancho's
 The aprons the staff wear. Really look at it. Read the words that are there not what you expect to see. And check out the hours. 
 In front back out at the street. Music all the time. 
 Across the street down another long narrow passage way lined with shops. We went to the small jewelry store where Bill stops every year. All the jewelry made here is made by the three young jewelers who own it. They do really nice work. 

Always lots to talk about. They are always interested in Bills experience. 
 The shops next to them. 
 Back out front - even more buses. 
By then it was getting really crowded in the area and warming up. So we headed home. 

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