Friday, December 1, 2017

In the heart of Centro Historico

Had to run into Centro yesterday and there was a cruise ship in so some entertainment in the Plazuela. We stopped to watch the dancing for a while. They were doing a variation of the Sinaloa Deer Dance. 

A very short video of them. Some people are clueless about other people filming things.
While Shirley and I watched Bill was at the watchmakers a block away leaving off his favorite watch which was not keeping accurate time. Hope it can be fixed. He was also checking on his other watch which has been there for a couple of weeks. Hope to get them back next week. But...
Also wandering around watching some Christmas decorations being put up. A blog or two ago I showed big evergreen walls at each end of the plaza and wondered if they were for Christmas. Must not have been as they were gone. Guess they were for the fashion show. The gazebo being decorated. 
This was one big long piece - not sure where it was going. 
Putting the lights on the big tree. 
Meeting with the old parking lot attendant again. That was the parking lot with the big white gate - it is now closed and will become a small hotel - someday. 
Right now he is supervising the interior construction of this pretty building. It has been empty for years, but now is being converted into a hotel - someday. 
The old original ceiling in one of its rooms. 
We walked up to the Mercado Culinario,the bakery, where they made the quiche that Bill ordered. It was supposed to be ready after 11:00.
Some of the bread still for sale, it goes quickly. No cinnamon rolls, they were all gone. 
The quiche wasn't ready. Seems like the girl who baked it burned it so she had another one in the over, would be ready in about 15 minutes. This is part of the old building the bakery is in. Has the original floor tile and some of the tile on the walls. 
I would have like to see it years ago. Wish it would be restored.
Through the bakery to the other side is the restaurant we ate in the other morning. Now I know the name of it. 
The beautiful old building is across the street - a couple of years ago the outside was completely restored. Some work was being done on the inside - then it stopped. So I went over to see if any more work had been done. Nope - This is the archway in the front of it. The sidewalk is falling apart. The ceiling is the original building. The wooden doors are beautiful.
One of the door with etched glass.
Another one of the doors. Looked inside, nothing done for a couple of years. 
What a shame, this happens so often, something gets started and never finished. 
By then the quiche was ready to be picked up and we came home.
Later we went out to Torres across the street and had prime rib for dinner. Very good.
Today John might get his truck back so they will be leaving soon.

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