Saturday, December 30, 2017

Lots of people in town

Strange weather here for a week or so. The last couple of days have been really cloudy and below 80 degrees. Here's the forecast for the next week. So it will be warming up a little and the sun will be out more. I'm sure the zillions of tourists here will appreciate that. 
Speaking of the tourists, according to last nights news there is 100% occupancy in the hotels here. People are being turned away. 
Driving is a zoo with lots of cars from other Mexican cities and states all trying to figure out where they want to go. Bill says no more going to town until after the 1st. But actually it will still be busy until January 6th - Kings Day. School is out until then. 
So rather than sit around and be bored I took a walk this morning. The cool breeze and lack of sun made it nice. I crossed the street and went to the beach to walk somewhere different. Looking north on the beach. Hardly any one out yet.
 Looking south towards town. You can see the haze in the air. 
A few birds picking at the sand. Sand Pipers?
 A lady with fruit and bread in front of one of the hotels. She didn't have many customers. 
 Want to buy some ocean front property. Looks like someone started building then stopped. It is for sale. 
 Or how about this one. All ready to move into. 
 It amazes me how the  pelicans can fly right above the waves and not get wet or pulled under. 
 One of the few people I saw on the beach. He was fishing. 
No more pictures as I forgot to change the camera battery. Walked a little further than this. Until I saw a dirt road leading from the beach back to the main road. Took it. While cutting through the field I saw a jack rabbit. The first one I've seen here in Mexico. Walked the rest of the way home on the sidewalk. Was out for almost an hour, 2.5 miles - around 6000 steps. 
Had to sit and rest and cool down after I got home.
Then we went out for breakfast and to the grocery store. Again traffic was a nightmare. 
Why - when there are several empty spaces does someone pull in right next to another RV? Three kids and two dogs. There goes our piece and quiet. The machinery is done until after New Years day so we were going to really enjoy the birds. Not now I guess. How long can you bounce a ball on the cement patio? Bill is grinding his teeth. 
It is cool enough that Bill decided to make another tortilla. Here he is at work. All the vegetables are chopped, sliced and in the pan.
 Adding the eggs, parsley and seasonings.
 He has two pans in his hands one with the semi cooked tortilla and an empty one. He will flip them.
 Tortilla is in new pan. I'd have it all over the floor. 
 Finished product. Just in time for dinner. 
Sure glad he likes to cook and that he is an excellent cook.

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