Monday, December 18, 2017

A few days put together.

Well a couple more from Guadalupe Day. This girl was honoring the Virgin - she'd probably arrived as part of a procession. 
 Even adults dressed up. 
Friday the sun came up and the sky was clear. Yippee. Now everything outside needs to dry out. From all the brush clearing behind us we can really smell mold in the air. Hope it doesn't bother Bill. Come on sun dry things out quickly. And no more rain.  
 Started our day by going to Torres for breakfast. Couldn't resist this scene. 
 The ocean was really calm and must have been warm, lots of people out swimming. Looking out the window in the restaurant.  
Trying the "food" setting on my camera. Bill is having a burrito for breakfast. Enough to feed three people.  
 I had another PERFECT waffle. They make the best waffles I've ever eaten. 
 From there we started our search for an oven thermometer and a pizza stone or terra cotta tile for the RV oven. Hopefully they will help me keep from burning things up.
No luck with finding the oven accessories. Just got blank looks. Even went to Home Depot. So guess we'll be on a treasure hunt for a few days. There is a big store in centro that sells everything for the kitchen. And we'll try the bigger Soriana that used to be a Mega that caters to Gringos. Some of the Christmas cupcakes in the bakery department.

Saturday was another delightful day. My 2nd job, putting the bread and fruit out on the tree. He was waiting for me. And he let me know he was waiting. 
 Being sociable for once.
 Such a pretty bird. 
It was so pretty we took a ride out along the Malecon way to the lighthouse. The new bubble lights. All along the Malecon now. The lighthouse on top of the hill. 
Newly paved street, sidewalks and trees. Part of the sprucing up project. 

When walking not only do you have to look down but you better look everywhere. One of these could put your eye out. Does their electricity work?
Setting up his drone, getting ready to play.
Refer back to prior post for drone pictures. Walking around the area is full of hazards with all the remodeling. Putting in new light in the sidewalks. Up till now there have been big holes where thesed canister lights go. 
 Managed to snap a quick picture from the car of a wedding at the Cathedral. 
 Now that the buses are back running on this street it is always grid lock on the main street by the Central Market. 
 Lots of foot traffic too. Getting shopping done for Christmas. The guy in the white tshirt is selling peanuts 
 Sunday was another nice day. We went out to lunch with our good friend Angelica. Got caught up on her doings for the past few months. 
And then we had a pretty sunset - taken from campground. 
So far no plans for today. 

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